Ayee.! This Be Ciara Hacking This Gurls Page
I Dunt Really Kno Much Bout This Chick
But From Wat I Kno She Pretty Chill
Ndd She Has An Awesome Pro<33
I'll Be Adding To This Later! --- x-E L M O S-B C H
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Hey guys this Be Klely aka Lola err Kekko
well iblew the candles on March 10
Im Nawt Mexican but ilove themm GUys biggrin D
Ilove Haters cuz they make me famous
so if u are dnt worryy im glad to hate you too<3
well ilike to play sokker biggrin D
Sokker Freak biggrin
well this is all i qawt to say
BYEE biggrin D

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Okaay Puees ;; Thiss Girly is Coo To Kickk iT Withh , Shee Knows Howw To make Anybody Daay qoes Baad To qood(: She Been My Bestiee Sincee Thee Daay We Mett , i Lovee This Girl Like a Mi Own Hermanitaah . ii Couldnt Ask Anybody Bettah Than Her , She Sweet && Down To Earth Hyna ;; i Dont qehtt itt How Pinchez ' Pendejos vatoo'z Wouldntt Wantt To datee This Girly Riqhtt Heree . ? Theey Dumbstiicks Hoez . Shee My Cookiee Jaarz && im Heer Pinchee Weedy(: Well i Better qoo Oritaa Befoee i Saay Moree Nicee Shiett Boutt The Girly(: Lovee Yaah Lolaa <3 Alratos Pendejos & Pendejas xD
-->Laady Smileey Aka Daissy<--

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yo dis is Eric hacking x-NennahBae3 profile.

She is nice, funny, and has a sexy personality...(don't take da sexy part wrong).
I think she is a cool friend to hang out wit so even if u don't kno her, add her.
and add me too.