Morgan. Morgg. Morgy.
16 years of ageee.
Gator Don't Play No s**t.
I play guitar, bass and french horn. (eww)
Straight ; Whoa, believe it.
No matter what, just smile. c:


Yolo. < 3

Morgan; is (simply put) the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has a stunning body, beautiful face, and her eyes will make you stop dead in your tracks. She is also the funniest and most charming woman on the face of the earth. Is likely seen roaming around with the luckiest man on earth, who will always love her, no matter how humble she pretends to be.

From ; Leon
when some one actually means It the words "I love you" hold so much passion.
when i say them I want the girl I'm saying it to, to feel special let her feel what i feel when she says it to me I want her to feel like I mean it an dbelive it love when I say it and wanna hear it all the time I want her to understand that ima telll her everyday so she doesn't forget and a lot to let her no that its a feeling i never wanna lose something i cherish and that shes that person I hold dear to my heart one of those few people that keep a perminate place in my heart.. in my life when I say it i mean it so I want you to know... I love you, with all my heart and everything in me... and nothing can change that or the way I feel about you
True: Listen to me... and when I say this... I mean it. I didn't take any of this from anyone you wont find it online you can go check that up there and what i'm about to say.. you are the light of my life the one that keeps the dark away my love for you grows with each waking day and my heart yerns for your love.. your all i see and ever will my light my all... with you my light, the darkness fades

Hey hey thar AJ here! Morgans Mann lol So i love this girl a lot, i cant explain how much she means to me. I trust her with my life and intend to be with her forever because no other girl makes me feel the way i feel about her. Shes funny and makes me laugh, shes easy to talk to, and she just completes me. We plan on kicking having Childbearing parmesean everyday, and yeah thts pretty much it lol IM PROUD OF YOU MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!! Love you too much :]

Psh, this hoe made me write a hack -__- There's not much to not say about this girl. her goofy a** can make you smile with her dumbass jokes. She's an overly amazing person. If i had to pick one word to describe her, it wouldn't be "beautiful". Because it's not a good enough word to how ******** gorgeous she is. She deserves the best in life, and i hope you get it morgan <3
from chris.

From : Mike
hey bud xD lolz hope you still pulling through -fists pumps- life is beautiful even in worse times
gotta look at the bright side of things and never let darkness consume your thoughts and if you let it through when you think bad thoughts it will happen

this is a little advice from your friend/ and beloved dutch ;]

take care friend

there will always be battles between light and dark, its up to you and everyone else to decided the outcome of those battes, light and dark can maifest its self in many things you may not see it but some people do, your friends for ex. they will always be there well most of them can but there always there to be by your side and so you express your situation to them and they can solve or someone else can solve it, you have control of your life dont let anyone tell you cant do anything but some things we dont have the power to avoid like natural disaturs for instant cant avoid it, laws cant avoid it, some have loop holes to go around but your eyes have to catch so you can use those loop holes to your advantage, and never pretend to be what others expect you to be you can be whatever want, you need control, motivation, the will to make difference

hehe isnt that a mouthfull hehe
well thats some stuff i know ;p i might send more but you can never know what might be usefull in these msgs hehe


Hacks By Aaron
This girl right here is amazing shes my best friend and i love her to death no one better hurt her shes my world and my life but shes taken right now i love this girl more than anything else in the world the only one in front of her is Jesus him self and i cant say enough about you Morgan you are just amazing in every way and you amazing to me every day we talk i dont know what i would do with out you. your beautiful in both way inside and outside and you know you can always come to me for anything. well I LOVE YOU MORGAN <3 <3 <3 YOUR MY WORLD
As i wirte this im into tears because i love this girl so much shes mean the world to me and i miss her even when shes gone for one second i cant stand not talking to her. Shes amazing in every way to me and theres no one i wouldt want to be with but shes taken which yes has killed me inside and yet i want her to be happy i love Morgan more than anyone could ever love her shes amazing to me and wonderful and beautiful in every way possible i miss her every day i dont talk to her i never wanted our true love to die Morgan and i know its my fault and im paying for it now all i want is to be back in your arms holding you tightly never letting you go i would die for you Morgan if it meant you could live a better life if it meant you could go to Heaven. I have cried every night im without you Morgan you mean that much to me your amazing to me i dont care about the other girls they can just go do something else bc they never will hold my heart bc it belongs to you Morgan and only you Morgan you hold the whole thing your the key thats need and im willing to wait for you forever i enjoy being with you and everything I LOVE YOU MORGAN FOREVER AND ALWAYS <3 <3 <3 <3Morgan i know i have hurt you 8 times and i know you have forgaven me but i dont know why you dated me 8 times and all of them ended up the same im glad you love me so much bc i love you so much to you are my everything and always will be no matter and i know your happy for me and im happy for you even tho it hurts every once in a while i cant believe how much i miss you i cry every time we dont talk and i cry my self to sleep hoping one day i'll get another chance with you but i dont know if i ever will i know i did you wrong in so many way but you still love me i dont understand why you do i love you to death dose not matter if were dating or not im always here for you and no matter what through anything and everything i'll always be here for you I LOVE YOU TO DEATH MORGAN NO MATTER WHAT FOREVER AND ALWAYS <3 <3 <3

Lookieeee. >:3
Alright sit down hoes and bxtches, and get some paper and a pen cause im only gonna say this once, alright? So this be the SexyDorkRubberDuckieMagicalUnicornBuddie hacking my bestie MORGAN ;D Yup that be her name, remember that ok? goood ;D Well she saw the earth on July 22 so remember to get her something [; We met around 2002 and she still hasnt changed ;P She is a really fun person to be around and she is a interesting person. She always makes those little random conversations into a major topic ;D Sometimes, she should calm down xD but then she wouldnt Morgann ;D This person can make those rainy days into those ones with the sun [; Which are called SUNNY DAYS genius' ;d Oh jeez, once she starts talking, you better listen for a good 4-5 hours because she is very talkative [; mhmm you best be listening to this hack tho D;< DONT MAKE ME COOME THERE ;D And oh yeah, you mess with this girl, imma kick yhu'r a** ;D So dont even start talking shxt behind her back, cause she'll know [; And another thing ;D She is really a caring and nice person once you get to know her. You can tell her anything and trust her with it because she aint like those other hoes who are spreading it all over the world D;< . BYEE Morgan ;D Hacked on: August, 19 2010