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A diary of recent club games and the results! Hehehehe~


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Welcome to Hinamizawa.

I’m Mion Sonozaki, heiress of the Sonozaki family. While you're here, lets drop the 'Sonozaki'. Just call me Mion or even oji-san, okay? I get treated differently for being a Sonozaki here...

So, the club games? Obviously, I’m the leader - the best role their is! And nope, we don’t just play childish games, so you can stop with that, hehe! If you’re going to win, you need real skill! And of course, the leader is the most skilful! Club Rule #2, you must do whatever it takes to win! Kei-Chan soon found that out when he joined us. My school locker is filled with amazing games and a few embarrassing costumes, hehe! Don't tell anyone, but...I secretly buy all these costumes with Kei-chan in mind. W-what?!...It's only natural, he almost always loses!! I love creating punishment games so if you have any awesome ideas, send me a message or post a comment. Mostly, I win and get to do whatever I want to Kei-Chan but the others sure are getting good. Especially our little ‘Trapmaster’ Satoko and ‘Kawaii Mode’ Rena!

I'm sure you've heard about Shion?...Everyone in Hinamizawa talks about her. We're twins, but Shion is the outcast. Of course, I feel really bad...knowing that she's really the older twin, and that I'm not supposed to be the heiress. But that's our past, and Shion doesn't mind. Actually, we agree that our roles kind of suit us better this way. Despite all this, we're very close and I always confide in her. She can be so embarrassing sometimes though and she interferes with my club games occasionally, leading me to call her 'Stupid Shion' and her retorting with 'Stupid Sis'.

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49Stories Report | 02/16/2018 6:52 am
love the anime!
The Nekomimi Report | 02/01/2015 11:09 am
The Nekomimi
Happy Birthday~!
iHanyuu Furude Report | 06/12/2014 5:42 am
iHanyuu Furude
Hau au au...

R-Rika's been doing that a bit too much lately to me in my opinion, nano desu.. gonk

Now that summer's here, I think spicy food and wine is more often on the menu, nano desu..!
iRika Furude Report | 05/24/2014 11:27 am
iRika Furude
I look forward to it every year, nanodesu~!! emotion_kirakira
I also look forward to seeing all of you in pretty kimonos, nanodesu!
Uohh, as long as everyone has fun, that's all that matters. emotion_yatta
iRika Furude Report | 05/16/2014 1:41 am
iRika Furude
Mii~ I've been great, nanodesu! whee
The summer heat keeps reminding me that Watanagashi is creeping up on us, nanodesu~! -poses hands like cat paws and makes scratchy gestures-
I hope Mi-chan has been doing good, too, nanodesu!! ♪
Yangire Rena Ryugu Report | 05/12/2014 11:02 pm
Yangire Rena Ryugu
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Kidnapping?! Eh, no...it's not like that hauu~ redface Gomenasai~~
Can't I take Rika and Satoko-chan home after club games, can't I, Mii-chan? emotion_kirakira heart
Really? 4laugh Rena can't wait to go treasure hunting! Hauu~ I haven't seen Keiichi-kun for a while...
Do you think he's okay? kana, kana?... heart
iRika Furude Report | 05/11/2014 4:17 pm
iRika Furude
Mii! Good afternoon, Mi-chan~ 4laugh
iHanyuu Furude Report | 05/11/2014 3:19 pm
iHanyuu Furude
Hau au! Mion! 4laugh
Yangire Rena Ryugu Report | 05/08/2014 2:39 am
Yangire Rena Ryugu
Hauu~? Rena would love to go treasure hunting after school!! heart heart
I can't wait for club games today, Mii-chan! whee Rena has been practising and practising!~
I'm going to take the kawaii losers home with me, hauu~~
*giggles* You can't stop me, Mii-chan!! 4laugh

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Yangire Rena Ryugu Report | 05/07/2014 1:50 am
Yangire Rena Ryugu
Yep, i'm okay *smiles* emotion_bigheart ...doesn't that mean you're at an advantage every game, Mii-chan?~
Rena will definitely try my best, hauu~ that is so mean for Keiichi-kun though, you're expecting him to lose...
But, Rena enjoys watching Keiichi-kun have the punishment game too~ emotion_bigheart
Hauu~ Are the new outfits kawaii? are they, Mii-chan?...
Maybe Rika or Satoko-chan could lose today...they're so adorable hauu~ 4laugh

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