Hola Mon! whats Upp? Anyways Your suposed to be shutting your mouths and shoving candy up you nose C; well here it goes <3 :
Im a Female that is single ( you could change that (; ) Im 1_ years old. Colors I love to eat Crayola ;D Muhhahahahah My name is your mom Jk Jk. Ask me in pm? RANDOMN PMS TURN ME ON OH BBBY C: <333333 RANDOM FRIEND REQUEST TURN ME OFF <///33
Food i want: Pizza, cupcakes, candy, dounuts, hmmmmm..... your moms enchiladas <3, Your famliy o: Jk Jk , YOU well anyways im getting hungry and i have to shove cake down my undies so i goota go pee too well bye? <3

Stalk me <3 ~ turns me on too <3