I suck at these things, but here goes... I enjoy reading and writing. I'll admit, I'm a bookworm, and my poor bookshelf is about to run out of space. Last time I counted I still have thirty more books to read, but anytime I go to a bookstore, I always find myself buying "just one more" or adding another to my wish list. I also like to write poetry and short stories when the inspiration hits me.

I've been a gamer girl since the age of five. I like First Person Shooters, RPG's, racing, fighting, puzzle, and some sports games. I own a Sega Genesis, N64, PS2, Xbox, and an Xbox 360. On my computer is an N64 and SNES emulator. I also play Xbox Live.

My current computer games are: MechWarrior, The Sims 2 and 3, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft.

I like to play role-playing games. Pen and paper, text based, PC/Video game versions, table top (like DnD), and LARP'ing. I've been playing RPG's since I was eleven.

Anime, Manga, and Cosplay. I. Love. It. I'm not ashamed to say my very first anime was Sailor Moon. From there on I've watched anime like Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Code Geass, Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, SaiYuki, Full Metal Alchemist, and Ouran High School Host Club. My manga collection is a little small at the moment, but I'm determined to wipe out the anime and manga section at Barnes and Noble ^_^. I've been to three conventions so far: Dragon-Con, Momo-Con, and Anime Weekend Atlanta. I've cosplayed to all three and am hooked on it.

Music. Can't live without my music. It helps me relax, inspires me when I'm writing or drawing, and also expresses my mood. So, it would take me all day to list the bands I like, buuuuut I will list my favorite genres: Metal, rock, electronica, techno, rave, industrial, screamo, hip hop, pop, jazz, classical, reggae, J-Pop/Rock... I'll listen to pretty much anything except for country and rap.

Along with music, I looooove to dance. I'm currently training in American Tribal Style belly dance. I also want to learn Tribal Fusion belly dance, fire dancing, pop 'n lock, tutting, ticking, and roboting. One of my favorite dance groups is Poreotics.

I used to do martial arts. The art I trained under was Hon Shin Doh, Okinawan open-handed style. Unfortunately I've broken my left ankle twice and have had to sit out for a while, but I want to find a new dojo in the near future.

Different cultures and languages interest me. I'm currently learning Spanish and Japanese. I also want to master Russian, German, Chinese, and French. Certain types of history catch my attention, too. Such as: Templar Knights, Egyptology, Irish, British, Scottish, Greek, Roman, and Oriental. Mythology, astrology, and astronomy are more points of interest.

I love crazy hair styles, make-up, shoes, clothes, nail polish, Lolita fashion, and visual kei.

Four wheeling, going swimming, rock wall climbing, ice skating, jet skiing, playing basket ball, hockey, volley ball, and soccer are lots of fun.

I have *very* eclectic tastes.

I like to revert back to my childhood by watching cartoons and coloring in my coloring books. I'll proudly admit that there is a 120 box of Crayola Crayons and four coloring books on one of my nightstand shelves. Sidewalk chalk and Play-Doh still amuses me, too. I also still enjoy Legos and Nerf guns. I'm a big kid at heart.

I can be moody and sarcastic, but generally I'm a bubbly, warm hearted girl. There are times where I'll want to go out and socialize, and others I like to be a homebody with my books and games that I play to myself.

I'm random and like to make up/use funny words. I'll crack a joke where possible, and yes, I will throw out the occasional "That's What She Said."

I'm not afraid to speak my mind and will give you an honest opinion if you ask for it. I can be a little sensitive, but over the years I've grown a stronger backbone. I always tell my friends, "Life is random, so am I. Don't question the chaos that is me."


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