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About :)

Im Lexie.
Music <3
I dont want any internet lovers. Sowwy. ;3
I love meeting new people.
.Hmu. I dont bite (:

Aliciaaass Hacckk c;
Hey Lex. Hm how do i start this off.. WELL, Lexie your my bestfriend. I dont know what I would do without you. We've been through so much, your funny, you run into stuff for no reason, its crazy, and may i say, FUNNY ;3. You cry, I cry. Thats just how it works in our friend ship. You are very special to me. Its hard to fight with you. Even though we fight, Your still my Bestfriend. Our memories, are the best. Haha remember our camping trip, that night, the skunk? I could have died you aasss holeee xD
but anyways just remember im always here for you. No matter what. So boys, and girls who are reading this, get to know this girl, shes a great person, dont hurt her, shes been hurt too much. Well i could keep going but.. my fingers had too much excersise doing this! haha. xxx
a.k.a x-Fck it yolo
x-Fck it Yolo
Girly Gots Swag

My friend Alicia :)

My friend Chelle :)

Mine!!! <3