Alright, I am -name and address withheld.- But you can call me a few things:
~Dumbledore (Inside joke, sorry. =P)
My birthday (Five days before my moms! In different years of course...) is July 16, 1995. So I have a ways to go. Yes. Thirteen years old. The dreaded age of the teenager.
A few of my hobbies:
~Playing Piano
~Playing Violin
~Playing Guitar
~Writing (I hope to be a famous author one day.
Now, if you were to walk into my room at any given moment, I would usually either be singing, dancing, practicing my instruments, or writing. I love animals, and I have a malti-poo (Half maltiese, half miniature poodle) Named Reggie 2, and my little sister has a black cat named Luna. (Figures.) Okay, I think that the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice are amazing, and you should read them. If there are anybody who is (or isn't) a Twilight fan, you should read the Vampire Chronicles, starting with Interview With The Vampire. They're amazing!I make random youtube videos, and I have friends almost as strange as me. I am a very fun person to hang around, and I can be a bit loopy. If you don't believe how strange I am... you should probably talk to me first. If I'm not on gaia, feel free to IM me anytime:
AIM= UsOfLesserGods
But tell me who you are first, cuz chances are I won't know.
Other than thaaat....
I have big brown eyes, short short brown hair, and I am average weight of a thirteen year old. (Look it up, cuz I'm not saying.)
Wow... I guess that's all about me... Huh. Well I love The Interview With The Vampire Chronicles and... MUSICALS!!!! Ah yes...
~Eyes: Hazel
~Skin: Porcelain doll pale
~Hair: Short brown hair in a disarray if whispy spikes (If that makes sense... Like Alice's from Twilight... It's a long story)
~Height: 5'2.5"
Now the BIG thing you need to know about me:

I'm different... deal with it.


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My not-so-secret diary

My not-so-secret personal life on gaia and in the real world, stories/novels, and a couple poems. Maybe even some songs i have written with the chords/notes.

In my journal, i'm probably gonna post wat is going on in my personal and gaian life. also, i might keep one of my story's that i am writing in here, and a couple poems, if you are interested in that kinda thing. Also, if you have any ideas for a sto



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Hello there!! It just so seems that we have many things in common! Is it alright if I send you a friend request??

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yo whats up
x Johanna Barker x

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x Johanna Barker x

x Johanna Barker x

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x Johanna Barker x

Welcome to Gaia
x Johanna Barker x

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x Johanna Barker x

x Johanna Barker x

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x Johanna Barker x

Mui Nitemare

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Mui Nitemare

Thank you so much^^

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it is fine so is your other account Love Thy Hippie? and hi do you like my avi ?? i like yours ! biggrin

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hey girl i a haven't typed with ya in a long time how are ya???????? i like ur avii it is cute !!! so how are ya girl?
-Mother of iDroplets

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-Mother of iDroplets



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