I'm 15. I am emo and if you gotta problem with it then get off my profile. I can be nice, or mean if you get on my bad side. I guess you can say im quite the man (: lol. im just kidding. No haters here. My names really Austin but i like to be called Joe. If you don't know me. Then don't try to be acting all cool cause then someone's a** is going to be kicked! You can live with the fact that i'm probably hotter den yu ;P Lol. We should all blow out da candles on December 28 WOO! xD My ex. April Was a whore who cheated on me and i found her laying on my couch making out with my BEST friend. Ever since then we as in me my ex and my best friend never talked to eachother again. Every once in a while i see them together making out in an alley or something I just don't care bout her anymore though. I have friends. People who care about me. A good girlfriend right now. And she won't mess that up again for me, Ever. I'm going out with a girl my age. Her name's Rachel. I love her to death. ILY. I don't online date so don't ask me. I will have No further confersation with you. So get off my profile