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Yuushi Datenshi Report | 05/21/2011 4:45 pm
Yuushi Datenshi
I haven't been on here for a while and I just wanted to say hi heart
Hoe My God Report | 11/16/2010 7:49 pm
Hoe My God
Whyy?... I don't hate chu~~!
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 4:19 pm
flippin dweeb
Yes. <333
But I dunno where I can watch it.
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 3:57 pm
flippin dweeb
I wanna watch the Rugrats Movie. D;

It's the cutest damn thing everrrr.
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 3:24 pm
flippin dweeb
Oh, okay.
Then I don't have to inform you. :3

Have you ever watched the Rugrats? >.>
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 3:12 pm
flippin dweeb
... Wow. o.o
I'm texting, watching Spongebob, And talking to my Faja.
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 3:08 pm
flippin dweeb
Watcha doooin'?
flippin dweeb Report | 11/13/2010 2:27 pm
flippin dweeb
Hiii. ; w ;
Metro_Cupcake Report | 11/11/2010 6:29 pm
hey there :] i saw ur pic in a pyp, i was wondering if u make signs?
Absolutelyundecided Report | 11/10/2010 7:43 pm
;D <3
Oh my,
well thank you <333


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Hiya! c:
Well, let's start with the basic information shall we?
~I am the proud owner of the name Jake.~
~I am 15 years of age.~
~My date of birth is April 13th~
~I am in fact gay so if you are homophobic I am sorry to hear that.~
~I am single; but only looking for friendship of course.~
~I am 6'2" w/ brown eyes and often dyed hair.~
~I have 1 sister, no brothers.~
~I love to play soccer and baseball.~
~I play piano, drums, and violin.~
~Music is my life.~
~I currently reside in South Carolina.~
~In few weeks time I am moving to live in California.~
~I am in my second year of High School.~

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Another Irish Drinking Song


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