This is me...Don't like? Then leave;;

My name is Jayde and I drew my first breath of air on June, 27 _____ at 3:05 in the afternoon. As you can tell my age is not important. I get older as days pass, But I'm as young as I ever will be again.
I have said words I can never take back,
made wishes that never came true,
made mistakes that couldn't be fixed,
and faced reality straight on when I could have been dreaming.
I'm human, but most importantly to me, I have a name.
I live my life regardless of anything. friends fade away, break-ups occur, rumors are told, secrets are given. Of course people take that as a serious issue in life. they tend to 'want to die' over the littlest things. But why?..
After a while you learn the difference between holding a hand&falling head over heels in love. You begin to learn that kisses don't always mean something, promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made and sometimes goodbyes really are forever..

Whose She?. She's My BestFriend, Try Sister.
She's Been There For Me Through Everything&&Anything<3.
&&So I'll Be There For Her When She Needs Me..
She Makes Me Smile When Im Depressed. She's Really Fun
To Be Around&&She's My Mexican Jumpin' bean<33. I've
Known Her For Like.. A Year Now&&We Have Been In Fights.
But They Were So Stupid.. &&We Survived Those Fights,
Thank God. I Honestly Don't Know What I'd Do If I Ever
Lost This Girl. When She Crys, I Cry. She's Happy, I'm Happy.
Make Sense?.. She's One Of The Only Reasons I'm Still
On This Shxt Called, "Gaia". Ahaa. Well Jayde's An Amazing
Girl. &If You Hurt Her.. I Swear I'll Be On Your a** Once She
Tells Me She's Sad. Aiight?. So Don't Hurt Her.


Shes My BestFriend.....
I Love This Girl <3
She Loves Kissing My Nose hahaha...
She Very beautiful....
I Meet Her In Rally She Is The Best Friend Ever
And If Any Body Mess with Her Betta
Be Dead or Dying
Love From; Clay(: