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The Name is Maggie.

Taken by Jose.Sexy.Outqoinq.Wild.Always down for anythinq.One thinq i hate is Sexy profiles to be on private so chanqe your s h i t.You best be clickinq one of those d a m n buttons below this. Adore comments so hit me upp.Love textinq so ask the hoe for her numbahh;<3

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&& Jose:
Where do I begin with him..
Well, he is my everything.
I think about him all day long.
I smile when he texts me,
I giggle when he calls.
I get excited whenever he says he
loves me, because, I feel the same way.
I honestly, couldn't see myself
with anyone else except him.
He is so special, and talented
and he says lame pick-up lines
that make me laugh.Little things
that make me love him more and
more.Jose, you are my love,
and always will be