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Birthday: 01/21

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Whats good ? (:
Well my names Destini.
Im 16. Birthday is on January 21st.
Im taken. (: 8.23.10 ♥
I live in Houston, Texas. Dont hatee ! Lol.
Im bi, gotta problem ? Gtfo ♥ (:
I play Xbox Livee. Ohh yeahh ! What a beast ? ;D
I LOVE Hello Kitty, Eminem, and Lil Waynee ! ♥
Wanna text ? Just ask for my number. Dont be shy. I dont bitee..hard. (;
Well youu wanna know moree ? Pm/Comment.
Im outt ♥

Well, this is her husband on her page, Im going to make this clear, short&simple cause my feelings can't fit on here. She's MINE NOT YOURS so GTF. &Yeahh she does bite. Hard. I would know. But don't get any ideas, cause, she won't be biting anyone else but me. So GTF

Messagee? (;

Comment? (;

Tradee? (;

Sex is a Sensation
Caused by Temptation
A guy sticks his Location
In a girl's Destination
To increase the Population
Of the next Generation
Do you get my Explanation?
Or do you need a Demonstration?