This is me and my mates in Anime form:
We made a club and decided we were going to make our own manga series but one of us had to move away, which screwed things up.

First off:
Jess' profile:
Name: Hiro
Animal: The Rabbit (Usagi)
'Label': 'Goth'
Eyes: Misty blue/silver
Hair: Black and Blue
About: Thought to be cold-hearted,people are scared of her, mistaken for emo. Tries to stay in the background. Likes to glare at anybody who says anything about her or her two friends. Affectionate, pleasant, talented, sentimental and doesn't like conflict or arguements.

Apperance: User Image

Ziggy's profile:
Name: Sakura
Animal: The Dog (Inu)
'Label': 'Emo'
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Black and Red
About: People always think she is depressed or over emotional. Can be happy when with Femke and Hiro. Likes to go unnoticed. She is honest, generous, loyal to her friends and faithful. Can also be quiet and Cynical.
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Erika-Lee's profile:
Name: Femke
Animal: The Cat (Neko)
'Label': 'Skater/ Punk'
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Black and Green
About: A somewhat loner, enjoys cycling, rollerblading but her favourite is skateboarding. Likes to be unnoticeduntil she has the chance to show off on her skateboard. Likes playing practical jokes on anyone even her friends. Also Likes 'disappearing' into her thoughts and many people don't like as it seems she is ignoring them so the pick on her. Sits alone in corners in class, and at recess when not with Hiro and Sakura (unless she is skateboarding). Sometimes mistaken for emo.
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Copy and paste this message to ten profiles. Got that? Now, in the next 5 minutes, press the f5 button, to refresh your page. You should have a blue gift-box getting high around your screen, flying all over the place. In which, there should be an Ancient Katana, or a CoCo the Kitty Plushie


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Happy birthday ^_^

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hai hows u??

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Happy birthday

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hiya hows u??
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well im glad you remember me now. anyway im great just got back from a camping trip, how are you?
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yes you do know who i am i was talking to you on MSN not to long ago my old username was the_deadly_alliance. Im Chris, hope that helps.
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Hey I love your person how much were your ears I really want a pair


E naymmo teth'd fyhd oui du caa,
Dra clnatit ib ceta uv sa,
Dryd e gaab mulgit ehceta cu taab,
Pid ed zicd caasc du kid du sa!