What Am I Like?

I guess there isn't much to say. I am in love with music. I can't put down all of my fave bands mostly bcuz there are just too many. I like to take pics... not be in them. I am Bi, u don't like it then I don't care. You can kiss my a** for all I give a damn. It takes awhile for me to come out of my 'shell' as ppl call it, but once I'm free I'm told that I'm insane. lol. I do write stories on Quizilla, you should check them out:

One Change Is All I Hope For
Working on 17.
Crimson Red ~ A vampire love story
We're working on Ch. 6 //_^ this one has really taken off...

By: Punktigger

I like to change things a lot so if my pro isn't the same next time you come by well then I'm sorry lol.