Hello. My name is Win.
I Am __ Years Old Young.
I'm a Volleyball player @ Lakeside Middle.
My Numbers
My Life Revolves Around The Love And
Care I Get From Friends And Family.
I'm Taken by Jeremy Montgomery <33
(Finally , !)
I Love Comments So Comment
The Hell Out Of Me . LOL.
I'm Burmese. So Keep That In Mind. My
Birthday Is On October 28. Get Me A Present!
I Seem To Dislike Red. But I Use Is A Lot.
&& Wannabes are People Who Tryin' Tuh Jockk My Swagg .
I'm Abnormal. And Hard To Get Sometimes. && iDance.
They Call Me Winnie. Make Up A Nickname For Me.
I Don't Really Care. I was Born in Thailand and Raised in FortWayne, Indiana.
And Still Residing There. I Like Using The Computer,
Talking With Friends, Making Friends, Laughing,
And a Whole Lot More. I'm Straight. BiPolar. Don't Hate.
I Have My Own Originality So Don't Steal It From Me.
It's Mine And Only Mine. If There's Anything Else You'd
Like to Know Don't Be Afraid To Ask.

V.I.P. List

Caitlyn, Jeremy<3, Alli, Hnin, YeYe, Tata, Ben, ,
Molly, Ally Hayes, Kristin, Lauren, Aaleyah

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