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Birthday: 10/17

About Me

Hiya! yum_pizza

Really friendly, I don't bite emotion_bigheart yum_puddi

I love to doodle, listen to music, watch shows/movies and anime. emotion_yatta

Discord:Fluffypillowz#0939 yum_puddi


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AnimeVoid Dragonlord Report | 10/21/2022 9:27 am
AnimeVoid Dragonlord
your welcome emotion_dowant
I LadyRanka I Report | 10/20/2022 3:39 am
I LadyRanka I
Your welcome home things have been well also been a long time
I LadyRanka I Report | 10/17/2022 3:50 am
I LadyRanka I
Happy Birthday Fluffy biggrin
AnimeVoid Dragonlord Report | 10/09/2022 8:14 pm
AnimeVoid Dragonlord
Fight me
AnimeVoid Dragonlord Report | 01/18/2022 11:23 am
AnimeVoid Dragonlord
Specialty Senpai Report | 01/02/2022 8:32 pm
Specialty Senpai
You're very welcome heart redface
Specialty Senpai Report | 01/02/2022 8:01 pm
Specialty Senpai
Kawaii avi as always Fluff 3nodding 3nodding
I LadyRanka I Report | 09/07/2020 3:43 pm
I LadyRanka I
I see well i still have you on discord lol
I LadyRanka I Report | 09/04/2020 8:10 pm
I LadyRanka I
Hi Fluffy dear i'm doing well havent seen you around lately hope you have been doing alright
I LadyRanka I Report | 10/17/2019 12:34 pm
I LadyRanka I
Happy Birthday Fluffy dear =) hope you have a great bday daughter


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