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Name.- Valerie Aka neenee
Age.-14 ; Set Foot On Earth.- Feb 14th
Ethnicity.- Asian; Cambodian, Thai, Viet.
GPA-.-3.6 College Prep Level.
Orientation.- Bisexual. Yes.
Old Users- Ticklepickle123, iiMsDork, T00 C0NCEITED, x-iGotKhmai-x SDG, xDTeAmoAntwunx3.

DadS- Tarique, Jp Mob City, And Ryan ; Mom- M1Z G0DDESS ; GrandDaddy-xx_DAG_MOB-CITY_DON_xx
Tevin , XxAznStunnaxX , Lil Azn Jr , X_BABII_JOKER_ 3LLO_X, x3-Carloz_Wita-GaNg-x3, XX_NIGHTMAR3, XxDCOLOMBIAN_SW4GG3RXx, coogi jr_MMOB CITY, II MiZzCoOkiE II , waitFoo, Kikiangel101, iBangYuliaHard -FBI-
Carmel_Jr_GMob iiSolo Gurl ,

Hates- Niggas who think they got game. and can take advantage of me for the hell of it. To all my ex. I hate most of them. And Chicks who phony a** hell. Like Shica d**k hopin' On my mans d**k. back n fourth.

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Me and my real lifetwin. [were fraturnal]
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