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Hi there, my name is Megan.
I escaped the womb on 6/24/1992
I'm absolutely in love with ❤ Brian Dustin Roberts ❤. :]
I'm vegetarian.
Love is love no matter the gender or race. ☮
I have the greatest friends in the world; Kellie, Blair, Katie, and Pattie. ☺
I can't imagine life without music. ♪ ♩ ♫
I love to cut/style hair, ✂
and I love to draw or do anything artsy.
I can't stand ignorant people,
as well as the judgmental, fake and shallow ones.☠
I love meeting new people, so feel free to message/add me. ✉ :]
I have a formspring : http://formspring.me/MegannUhmazing
Facebook: Facebook.com/MeganUHmazing
And a youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/MeganUHmazing

Birthday: June 24th
Bloodtype: A pos
Hobbies: Art, Music, Reading.
Piercings: Lip: 2 Ears: 3

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"i've been thinking about my own actions, in fractions. a compound fracture defining factions. be it jew or anglo-saxon.
no, i don't read maxim. muchless take advice from maximum meat heads with phallic spasms defining themselves by the females that have had them in bed.
we all said the same things. our faces beet red from the shame of the sheets that we stain when we're teens.
use oxiclean. such a pain. what a shame. mr mays and his amazing beard are finally dead.
and since we're on the subject of factions and sides; mr. jackson and i had some very intimate times. im kidding of course. but here's why i lied.
due to media. our proper paparazzi propaganda properly yet maliciously said some pretty harsh things until he died.
of course we wont take blame for the quote: stress, the pain. the toll it takes on our brains to comprehend rational thought. remain sane. by society's standards anyway.
but point being. i find myself seeing more folks just feeding their heads with a meaning none other than bringing the peers they envy down to the level they're fiending failure.
oh help her helter skelter. we're feeling paralleled, possibly insecure. i have an idea! lets frame her. in a picture of course! why would i murder?
we're all insecure, insubordinate, passionate towards our incompetent world. our mother.
we trash her, dig her up. melt her down into items, possessions, vanity. how proud! a species of self-destructive swine. a sow. a doe. a deer. a female deer. we've been killing these things pretty much all year. i mean what makes US different? we run. we fear bullets and noises. difference: we're the ones pulling the trigger on each other for beer money of course.
a battle inside. suicidal and why? move to seattle and cry. the ratings go up with each person that dies.
my ratings go up with each person that lies about the size of a certain prized possession i pee with between my thighs. oh! you got me good! thanks for the hype wink drama-sticky situation "got me in a bind" can't walk down the street much less to the side without hearing about my piece and how they want it inside their lips. normally i'd give the tip but my hearts been beating quick for this gorgeous little chic. you probably seen her pics cause this sticky little p***k can't keep his nose up out her business.
so pay no mind. i'll pay no time behind a childish fool obsessed with other people's lives. continue to talk. continue to cry. continue to hate the things you deny. i for one will not be so biased. ignorant towards the people that try to stand out and live their lives.
a guide. guidance. guide me to the light. i'm beginning to think im the only one who tries to be myself, not a lie. no fear inside for passing judgements and social strife.
judge only MYself. MY life. the decisions I make. promises broken. to break. emotions. fake. fakes for their sake, i'll be ending this early. not too late. we've taken the bait. a master debate. i my own master debating my fate. masturbating a mate to make children we hate while draining our funds towards city and state. i say let them make a statement. no wait....

we should probably pack our bags, back track. and within that get back to the fact we're being led astray" -Jakewolf

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The awful truth

. . .Not like anyone's going to read it anyway.



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Bearded Senpai

Report | 06/24/2015 11:23 am

Bearded Senpai

Happy birthday smile
Spellman Witch

Report | 03/21/2011 2:31 pm

Spellman Witch

4laugh you are totally cute in real life! you look like a doll.
Alien Reaper

Report | 09/22/2010 8:00 pm

Alien Reaper

Hey how have you been?

Report | 09/21/2010 7:43 pm


You're welcome ;D

Report | 09/21/2010 4:05 pm


I sent you an invite through a message it should work

Report | 09/21/2010 3:50 pm


Join? My Guild heart
Within Enigma

Report | 08/25/2010 12:31 am

Within Enigma


Report | 08/07/2010 4:40 pm


Nice to meet you too. :]

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Hey, I'm Jay. :]
Within Enigma

Report | 07/15/2010 6:47 am

Within Enigma

Hey what up?
Nice pro btw :]