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You already know tho... learn wats up
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hey everybody. well.... this is what i got to say about ma self..... my name is donnalyn but most people call me dee.♥ all in all,takin life as it comes. living my life to da fullest. standin "midget-like" at about 5foot1ish. birthday status: july 22. age fifteen. (:UNdefined,UNlabeled.just being who i am.don't be taking any kinda shiet from NOone. caring&kindness is what i can provide. always gots them cheesy smiles on my face. ima independent soul, but highly people oriented. tryna keep it real. open minded&pretty chill when it comes to most things, gots a major belief in FAiTH & GOD.Family&TRUEfrends most definitely matter the most to me and keeps my life going..Kids&random inside jokes make me smile.great food,good music,great shoes&Long HUGS send me a good vibe. i can be lightweight funny and goofy. i love meeting new friends and traveling to different places. gots love for playing videogames fasho. gots a high passion for singing, dancing, photography, poetry, song writing, and doing smooth&sexy choreography. in progress in learning how to gigg. ive got my priorities straight, and im also very aware of my roots.i sometimes will stare endlessly at things that catch my eye ;] im one whose always down for an adventure!Filipina;American is the race, but dont make any assumptions please.shopping for long hours hitting every store. hitting them parties and getting on like sHiet...haha SIKE! nigg u wish.. anyways.. basketball&volleyball a way to keep myself busy. favorite colors r purple, blue, green, and red. dont be liking to deal with hella drama.Well i kinna see it this way, that anything worth having, has gotta be worth fighting for, otherwise, whats the point in having it? you can say that im that kind of chick that u can trust and know that i will always be there for you and do ma best to help u in life. i thank GOD 4 bringing me 2 dis world and ending up with an amazing family and friends.. iight well ima end it here.. Real talk tho, just get @ me and get to know me....