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Felkyr Report | 09/03/2012 8:15 pm
If you every log back into gaia send a PM my way and I'll give you my email addy.
Felkyr Report | 12/08/2011 7:25 pm
I started some of the work for you. Made a forum to banish old threads to. I cleaned the general and drawing forum, they're ones I was most sensitive about, feel free to go to your hearts content on the rest ^^

Tenko72 Report | 11/23/2011 10:10 pm
I saw the announcement. I'm so sorry.
Felkyr Report | 11/13/2011 7:07 am
Chibi your comments make my profile look neat. And color-coordinated.

Felkyr Report | 11/12/2011 3:04 am
You're kind to forgive, I'm not usually that lucky.
Oh yeah, I didn't think about that. Definitely can't submit stuff if I'm co-judging... a criteria should make it easy even for me. wink
Ow yeah it's getting pretty warm. My cousin comes form Canada. She's been here, I think 2 summers now, and hates it. She really just hates most things about the climate and the people, I think. Though each time I see here I think she's adapted a little more.
Well when I say hot it's just that most the week it's around 35*C and that's a shock from a winter, always is, but it can get anywhere as bad as 50*C in the summer, but I think that's only happened 2 or 3 times while I've been alive. And it's normally very dry, annoyingly so; but this year has had more frequent humid days (a few that are over 60% which doesn't normally happen ever). Explination for the change in climate? I think it's noticable becuase this place was pretty baron a few hundred years ago, the town hasn't been here very long at all, but it's the quickest expanding place in Aus I think (in terms of land being used, not population), so I think more plantlife and more people and more things built over the top of the dirt kinda makes things a little more humid..
Not sure what most of that had to do with your question but I just felt like talking about it. You're the first person on gaia to comment on my location in any way.

Felkyr Report | 11/11/2011 7:39 pm
Firstly. I just went over the guild forum.
I'm sorry for my outburst 1-2 weeks back (whenever it was). Not really my place to say anything like that. I'm no writing critique nor am I a leader, evidently.

The seasons thing seems like a good idea. Especially if you leave old ones there closed when you're done with them people will read them and be like "oh look what I missed out on" and will work as an addiction tactic. But personally, you ask me if I think holding a competition will generate any interest... No, I don't. I think you'd be lucky to get more than 5 people participating. But feel free to prove me wrong. I probably will, depending on how long it's open for I'll enter both drawing and writing if you accept multiple entries. -Judge... I'll judge for the drawing submissions if you get any, but not for anything else.

The avatar will turn out fine. You've always had this ability to pull items I didn't even know existed together and make it look brilliant.

Felkyr Report | 11/11/2011 7:14 pm
Your current avatar looks pretty good.

Itsuki Emi Report | 12/03/2010 8:16 am
YES! You are cute >w< I love your Christmas-y theme!
Madly.Loved.Cupcake Report | 11/27/2010 8:47 pm
I like boots. I’ve got the tundra, but those are really my only kind. I really need to spend some money on more shoes xD I don’t mind expensive, gives me something to do… xD Aw, well thank you! And I do like the heartstring idea, I’ll look into it. Only problem is the colors. Burnt red and brown. Not a lot of the darker colors…or maybe that was just me and my quick look xD
Madly.Loved.Cupcake Report | 11/27/2010 8:01 pm
Ugh, I know. I tried question the gloriana’s lace once….I will do that…and maybe more! ;]

…your asking me for advice on your awesomeness of avatars?! 0.0 I don’t think I’m qualified for that. xD No but seriously the one you have is really great. The colors and everything go really well together, and its cluttered but isn’t crazy. I’m a simple avatar kind of gal but yours is one that I’d like. I don’t know how you do it. xD

..speaking of, do you have any suggestions for shoes for mine? It’s driving me crazy, I wasn’t going to go with shoes but I thought I should have, plus I had wanted more white in my av….I dunno. It’s just something to suffice my wanting to change while waiting for an item to evolve.


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