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Gender: Male

Elements that almost never change

He always wears a black leather collar. He has 2 tags that he wears with it. The first is a red heart with no inscription. The second is a silver circular tag with the inscription "Property of the FBI"
Note the inscription and tag were not the governments idea. In fact Strauss is very much against it.
He forgoes the circular tag when under cover.

He almost always wears his gold cateye contacts. The only times he doesn't is when he is showering, sleeping, or undercover.


Mother: Vanessa Halden-McGrath
Father: Denny McGrath
Siblings: Older Brother and twin sister. Brother, Liam, is a member of the FBI White Collar Unit in New York. He was briefly interrogated during Cairo's investigation, but had not seen his siblings in over 10 years. Sister, Willow, could not be located.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


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I am Matt, but this Account is all about Cairo, a criminal.

I especially like to use him in Criminal Minds fan-fiction. In his story, he was investigated for his crimes, which he believed to be more of a community service
(he changes the subject when anyone tells him he committed a crime), but cut a deal with Strauss by turning up information on several unsolved murders in the area, leading to the capture of a serial killing team of sisters. In exchange, he is allowed to serve his sentence as a consultant and under close supervision of the BAU because if his natural understanding of the way the mind works and his ability to read and almost predict a persons actions. He makes this deal because he became fascinated with SSA Hotchner during the investigation. He likes to shadow Hotch, and makes a point to call everyone by their first names, to show that while they hold his leash, he is still capable of his having his own thoughts and behaviors. He also refuses to follow any sort of dress code, opting to dress in his favorite "Cyber Punk" fashion that even Garcia thinks is a little wild.
He is extremely androgynous in appearance and very thin. He used this to his advantage, posing as an attractive female to lure men. He allows this persona to be utilized by the FBI in investigations when necessary.
In my story I eventually have him move in with Hotchner after Cairo's apartment is burned down. (He sleeps on the couch)
He likes to be very physical with Hotchner, but does his best to keep it to a minimum when they are in public.

Since I fell out of love with the series after season 5, I prefer to play him in the earlier seasons, him having been investigated shortly before Gideons resignation/disappearance.


His own personal interpretation of the "Cyber Punk" "Cyber Goth" and "Dark Lolita" styles, blending them together however he sees fit.

He wears vibrant, neon colors paired with black, his favorites being aqua and teal.

His favorite outfit features a PVC tanktop (black with a colored stripe down the center and a decal)with a black mesh shirt underneath. This is paired with a PVC skirt (colored with black ovals over the sides)and black or mesh leggings. His Boots are knee high PVC. (colored with black tongue and laces)

Additionally there are times when he becomes incredibly depressed and attempts to separate himself from the BAU (IE, if they are on an assignment out of state he will try to head back to Virginia or if they are all home, he will attempt to rent a hotel. Obviously this rarely successful due to his tracking anklet)
During these times he quickly and messily dyes his hair black (leaving several streaks or spots of blue-green), removes his makeup and contacts and dons a plain colored sweat shirt, pants and shoes (usually "borrowed" from Hotch or Reid) The result is a boring and easily missed young man with over-sized clothes.


stare I'm a boy damn it!
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Name: Luke McGrath. He does not respond to this name however.
Preferred Alias:Cairo Wolf
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 114lbs
Hair Color: Naturally Blond, dyed aqua or green. When depressed he messily dyes it black (leaving accidental spots and streaks of color)
Eye Color: Blue, but always wears gold "Cat Eye" contacts.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build: Thin with light muscle tone.
Distinguishing marks: He has small cartoony bat wings tattooed on his shoulder blades. He also has a corset piercing (6 rings) on his lower back. He also has a small birthmark the shape of California on his right ankle. Incidentally, he has never been to California.

Eyeshadow: He wears a streak of color across his eyes from ear to ear. It is a band of purple with light blue over his eyes, edged in blue. From temple going around the eyes onto the cheekbone are small circles and dots in all 3 colors. It is difficult to explain so I will be uploading a sample.

Eyeliner: Thick black eyeliner with a cats swoop in the outer corner.

Lipstick: Top lip is solid purple matching his eyeshadow.
Bottom lip has a streak of light blue in the center, color matches his eyeshadow.

His makeup is almost always on and always the same style, though the colors may change to better match his outfit. He has worn it so often and for so long that when not wearing it, his skin is lightly stained across his eyes. To compensate for this, when posing as a female, he wears extra foundation to cover the blue.
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