Fhuck With REAL People Not Fake, Not Two Faced Or Any of That Shxt Becausee They're Full Of Shxt..&& They Know It ;PUser Image

My SHiit ;P

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What Yhuu Needaa Knoee! ;D

]Meet Yuhr New Obsession Hoee
Name: Vanessa. . A.K.A Nessa !
Status: ....
Age: { Youunq }
BDaay:May 11
Lovee: mwah niqqas/dha bestiees/ tha sisters/&& dha bros
In Love Wiit: Wiz Khalifa [ Taylor Gang Biitches ], Mwah Chris Brown && Khalil
Hatee: Borinq Ass Nigguhs.. Who Cant Keep A Conversation,,Fake Ass Hoes,,&& Borinqq Ass People. &&; Peoplee Who Don't Got Yo Back Aftaa' Yhuu Have Theirs && FAKE ASS PEOPLE is a disease don't want to ghet dhat shiit lmaoo.
JEALOUSY: is a muthafhuckin' disease && ghet well soon biitch..
About Mee: Fun to Talk to, Once yuh qet to kno Me.
i Do All Types of Retarded Shxt, iCant Chanqe the Way i Think && i Cant Chanqe the Way i Am,, But if i Offended Yuh? Gud Cuz i Still Dnt Givee A Fhuck Biitch ..
One Thinq Yo Punk Ass Needs To Know About Me iS Dhatt I Aint A Fake Ass Biitch && i Aint Evaa Gonna Be && Im Real Biitch ! I Dont Hate On Otha Bxtchess {Dere is nuttinqq yu can hate on} Hatee Mhee Or Lovee Mhee Im In Yhur Mind Either Waay
One More Thing Yhuu Need To Know Is Dhat ii Do Mhee && Nobhuddie Else So Get It Right... ii might bhee a biitch bhut ayee at least im honest ;P
But Basically Dhaats It. .Juss Hiit Me Upp ! ;P Deucess
Fuuck Wiit Only Wit Real Niqqas/Biitches

Nigguhs Lookin' At Dhee Pro. <33

xxSwagger Bladexx
x-BSG Isabel
x-Ayoo Eddie
xl Bre lx
Pure Epic xDD
Badd Asss Super Girl
Show time love 23

Dha Broo SomeTimes He Ghets On Ma Nerves && ii Can't Stay Mahdd at Dis Foo' Anothher Thing Is He's A SHlTTALKER! Ugh Hatee That ;P But Yhuu Got To <33 Himm; In A Weirdd Way <33 WE <--yhu hear we not me we damn..have somee weird assz' conversations like wtf lol But uhm yeeah <33 dis nigguhh' lol idk why he dnt like me to call him that ;P

My Hoeees BACK! URG ii Missed Her Assz' ;P She's Just Lykee Me So Dhats Why We Dress Dha Samee && She's My Twiin And She Is Dha Best..she funny we're full of shiit but we don't givee a fhuck <33 her Her Punk Assz' Aintt EVER onlinee after she said she was! ;P

Dis Ghurl right here..she is mahd cool && she's just a nicee personn && likee even though we really stopped talkingg idgaf cuz ii got her back && iiknow she got mine..shes likee the sister iialwayz' wanted <3 But now iidnt need to think of her as a sister cause she is my sis! :D

Bree Is Dha Bestist Sis ii Eva Hadd && ii got her back && she ain't fakee and thats why were so closee unlikee dha otha sistahs i've had before..We Love To Fhuck With Peoplee Lmao Its Funn && She Always Gonee Be My Bxtch OR 4.5 Star Bxtch ;D && Dnt Play With This Bxtch Causee She "Runz This Shxtt" Lmao

Ma Broo! He Dha Beest! Everybody loves dis guy <33 [ Well uhh used to ] ii love him too in a broo ishh way lmao..he likes everyonee BUT noobs &&' he's just a cool nicee person..iidnt know his namee Surprisingly thouu xD He Might Ignoree Me SOMETIMES but this foo' yhuu gottaa love emm'! ;D <33

Dis Ghurl Is Dha Besttist Ghurl ii Eva met <33 dis hoee [ no homo dumbshiit ] We've Been SOO Closee She's Just Lyke Me a Good Tymee :D Shes My Hoee BIITCHES <3 Don't Fhuck Wiff Her..She Single SO Hit Her Assz' Uhp! We Dnt Care For BULLSHXT so dont try to start shxt okay? She can be a bxtch or she can be my hoee BUT imm her pimp soo uhm yhur punk assz' aint her hoee!

ii <33 dis looser :D Ma Sis we really don't talk a lot bhut anyway she's a cool assz' person and she's alwayss ma mainn sistah && ii got her back && iiknow she got mine too! Shes a real nice person [which iilove bout her!] <3

Me && Dis Ghurl Been Thruu SOOO Much Damn BullShiit ;P We Miight Ghet Mahd At Each Other Bhut Likee We Can't Stay Mahd At Each Other.. <33 Dis Ghurl

My Broo kindaa ishh lmaoo Hes Dha Best Becausee He Is Just A Nicee Personn && ii don't understandd how a person can bhee dhat nicee lmaoo he got my back && hes there for me when iineed help && he's just supportive..but he is really dha best guy ever! No Jokee Lmao ;D <3

This Girl Is My Condomm Bhudiee! Shes Here For Me When Shxt Gets Hard. <3 She jus a cool person too shez like my sister but ayee if dnt fhuck with her or she'll beat dhee shxt out of yhuu!

This Iz; Ma BOO! <33 ifly ~*4-23-11*~