Username: •x-ArdentBrunette

Name: •Alaina Lynn

I Have Blown Out This many Candles: •18

What can you call me: •Alaina, Looloo(Lulu), or AJ

Gimme, Gimme!:
K-Pop, or music in general.
Books, Movies, or TV Shows.
Languages and different cultures.
Indoor areas and activities.
Long car rides.
Hoodies, sweaters, and jeans/jean shorts.
Cold weather.
Personal space.

No, Get Back!:
Math and Science.
Forced socialization.
When people tell me I'm short as if I don't know.
Most meat (ex.: Pork, steak, any kind of beef, etc.)
Bugs touching me or getting too close (Not bugs in general).
Most teenagers.
When people don't respect the fact that I can't do certain things.

Personality: • Intelligent, kind, and a little naive. I like to learn about anything no matter how useless it is. Music is my safe place. If I like something or someone, nothing else matters. Not origin, language barriers, cultural differences, or what anyone else thinks about it/them. I think animals and fictional characters are better than any real person. Although I'm not the best at approaching others, I'm always open to anyone who talks to me first.

Favorite Quote: • "Her soul was too deep to be explored by those who always swam in the shallow end." -A.J. Lawless

Motto: • "Seek what sets your soul on fire."•

Theme Song: • BTS- Best of Me