Takenn hoee(:Swallow yourr shxt(:

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Profile Done By ;Yerr Boo♥ ilu soo effinq muchh anthonyy <3.

Learnn muhh bizz(:

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Sarahboobara Report | 01/30/2010 8:21 pm
Sarahboobara Report | 12/21/2009 4:43 pm
No that is honestly not true at all because i love you the most
Sarahboobara Report | 11/16/2009 4:49 pm
No you don't!!!!!!
Sarahboobara Report | 11/15/2009 3:39 pm
i know me too!!! i miss talking to you soooo much!! :'(
Sarahboobara Report | 11/12/2009 5:02 pm
Sarahboobara Report | 10/21/2009 3:50 pm
youre not on enough!
II TAYLOR II Report | 10/18/2009 6:57 am
iHavent talkin 2 u in yearz lolz
watz up
Sarahboobara Report | 10/15/2009 3:04 pm
well i probably will die now sad because i miss you to much!
Sarahboobara Report | 10/08/2009 5:18 pm
you need to get online before i die of missing you to much!
-d a y u m t a y Report | 10/08/2009 3:58 pm
-d a y u m t a y
loool; xDD

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Alriqhtt NiqqNockerz,thiss beeh Jennifer hackinqq intoo mahh Babess hot paqee.Hee been mahh boyfrann since 06|25|09 1monthh 2 weeks&a dayy<3,hes mahh aby daddeh.Lonqq monthh,bestt monthh of mahh life lol,anywayss ima bee his qurl fo a lonq timee,i loved himm since dahh moment i met himm,Andd all yew whoreefacess out there trynaa qet widd himm,DONT lmfao stopp dxckk ridinqq,causee he all minezz yuh cann look buhh yuhh most definately cannot touchh,qo finqahh yerselff when yuhh see how sexehh mahh babee iss<3.idqaf watt yuhh think cause FACT;;its meh and him,not meh and yuhh,i personally think he iss dahh sweetess thanqq alivee!;and im not just sayiunqq dahh to bee cornyy lmao.Buhh thenn aqain he hass his momentss rude-azz lmfao jk.[:He always knows wahh to do/sayy to make mehh smilee,Hee dead-shxt dahh sexiess thanqq alivee no effinq lie![:Likee damm just thinkk boutt dahh thinq i would lohvee to do to him lmfaoo.ilohvee talkinq to him onnn here i qet butterfliess in mahh stomachh [no lie].Hes dahh lohve of mahh lifee!Dahh music to mah sould,dah sunshine to mah dark cloudy days,the reason i smile&thank qod every morniqn;day;niqht for qivinq meh suchh an ahmazinq quy(: i'll never foqet dahh day i met himm.its amazinqq how muchh lohve i have for himm,he is like no ther hes,unique,oriqinal,one of a kind,and he dont qot a price cuase hes already owned;;by meh,its pretty simple i own him he owns meh<3.buhh if he had a pricee it wouls be out of this world,adn i would buyy himm in a heartbeatt<3i can talk about himm all day,he is smart[sometimes],cute,funny,charminq,handosee,adn all mine<33.He has dahh cutess smilee ever!,dahhz dah smilee i fell head over heels forr♥.qod ilohve him so muchho¬hinq in dahh world will ever chanqe dahh ilu honeyy[:i just cant live without himm,withoutt him i would diee :l He has has all mah lohvee[:i adore himm he is dahh best there is no other like him,he is like mah personal druq,he so sweet i think he qave meh diabetes,i just need him,i want him to be mine forever,anthony ever since i met yuh,mah world has chanqed dramatically i learned dahh everythinq will be okay,adn if its not okay it will never be dah end,boo i'll never quit on yuh i pinkyy promisee<3.ilu more dann a fat kid lohves cake [chocolate cake],me & yuh are tiqhter dann a fat quy in spandexx<3.Babee even touqht yuh dont always show how yuh feel,when yuh doo yuh make meh fel soo effinq special,like im on top of dahh world,people sayy "theres plenty of fishh in dahh seaa",buhh i just want to let demm know i have mahh own Nemo<3.Dont say we arent riqht for each other,the way i see it is,we arent riqht for anyone else(:Babee yuh have always been tehre for meh throuqh think&thin and i thank youu sooo muchh for taht(:Bitee mehh babee lmfao[:altouqht it is cruel when yuh take mahh cheetos and eat them ifront off meh :lHee helluh funneh,makes mehh lauqh when im downn,adn even if im not downn he still makes meh lauqhh,enouqh to piss mah pantss lolz.Lmfao mee&him bothh lohvee superbadd fatc his fav part is when seth says [she wants amhh dxck in and around her mouff lmfao].He qotss dahh spanishh bllod zoominq throuqh hiss vainss,te amoo babee<3.He was kinduhh shy when we furstt met lolz he had a crushh on mehh i could tell,buhh i was takenn,adn when dahh niqqa broke mahh heart he was tehre forr mehh adn thenn stolee mah heart,buhh he deff not shyy widd meh no moree[:He works alot dazz y he not on so muchh >:l buhh he deff qett dahh [$$$] 24 effinq sevenn niqqa[:Hee calls meh retarted cause i have mahh momenttss buhh deep down i know he loves mehh<3.Hee cann be a bit off a Fuhreakk<3.Never really heard him complainn bout shxt,i make him lauqh alot,especially when hoes try to qet inbetween uss and i tell dem to baqq of he lauqh caus ei madee a chiqq cry lmfao.His body? DAYUMMM helluh sexyy<3.i always have to behh dahh one to tell lonq storiess or shxt like dahh causee he wont start a convo.lmao.He claimss he lohvees meh moree;;Pftt he trippen;he knoes ilohvee him more dann enythiqn in dhah world,i would qivee mahh life so he can livee hiss,i would call it arquinq cause we like never fiqht and if we do its over stupid shxt like dahh littolist thanqs in dahh world,buhh then we sayy sorreh adn makee upp cause taht how qewd of a relationshipp we qott,most people say they want to find their perfect match,well i found minee,hes mahh princee charimnqq,supermann,spidermann,hess mahh whole packqee,mahh other half,adn soo onn lmao.i think about thiss kiddo everydayy twentehh fourr sevenn not one day he dont cross mah mindd<3.And on dahh comp i could just sitt here dahh wholee day and talk to mahh baeeyy adn NEVER be bored or qet tiredd,onee day me&him qunna qe married,adn livee happily ever after lol,He promisedd meh he aint like dahh restt,he owuld never hurt mehh,adn dahh imm his #1 priorityy,adn he owuld NEVER breakmahh heartt,adn i believee himm,he has mah heart;Just hope he dont tear it apart .[:Babee i swearr i will Nevahh do yuh wronqq,never hurtt yuhh EVER,baee i love yuh widd all mahh heart and i wont stopp lovinqq yuhh even iff el mundoo stopps movinqq,boo i will alway have yer baqq,always be there for yuh throuqht thick&thinn no matter wat im here forr yuh no doubt boo,ilysfm yuh dont evenn know,well ima end it likee thiss anthonyy yuhh are dahh fxckinq bestt i ever hadd,and i never wanna loose yuhh,ilysfm,i will lohve yuh forever pinkyy promisee baee-Yourr Amorr♥Te amoo<3[:1month 2 weeks adn 1 day(:Forever to qo,until of coursee yuh call it quits cause i'll never call it quits cause ilu baee<3.

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