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Hello,Hello! ^.^ hehe my name is Min-hee,i'm a young adult who is working in her aunt's floral shop.I'm a amateur in being a florist. ^.^ Is it fun working with flowers and plants?Sometimes,it's interested how much they change and how many different kinds there are. hehe. ^.^I've always had a dream to be a florist eversince i was little. I still even have my garden outside i take care of everyday. I work about 6-8 hours per week, So i'm alittle exhausted when i get home. Even though i get home late i like to help around the house with cleaning and cooking.Cooking is also one of my favorite hobbies. ^.^ I enjoy getting home to cook a meal for my family everyday.

One of my favorite interests is the amazing beautiful japanese nailart. They are incredibly beautiful,aren't they? ^.^

Nicknames : Minnie Mouse , Minmin , Mama , Hana.
Relationship Status : Taken.

Youtube : xMinhee
Other Gaia acc : 4MINUTE Jihyun

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I'm taken in real life by the guy behind the T.O.P avatar.

It has now finally been one year,since the day you asked me to hang out because we had no dates . To be frank i'm amazed it has got this far and lasted this long,not because of our little arguments we have from time to time,not because i nag at you,not because you annoy me ,but it being that in this one year i have got to know you and find out that you are an amazing person,the sweet guy no one else sees and being that i feel happy that when i'm with my friends and i see you approaching walking up the street i get to point out and proudly shouting "There is my boyfriend!" <3

I love you , Jason. ^.^ 2011/2/14.

You've definitely stole my heart. <3 두근~두근~ <3

-Its Ya Boy GD-
Jaesu,You are the best friend that i always worry and concern about out of all my friends.
I just want to let you know as much as you probably already know that i'm forever going to be here for you no matter what.
Sometimes,well alot of time i don't agree with the choices you make in your life,but i just have to know that even though i wouldn't do that it's your choice and not mine. ^.^
Although you may not see it but i see the changes in you. ^.^
I remember a year/two years ago that you were the person i constantly worried about when i didn't know where you were or you hadn't been online or you hadn't texted me. >.<
I'd find out you were out drinking and getting wasted and staying out late walking the streets alone and that i would worry about you so much that i would risk my safety by trying to find you even if it was 3 in the morning! Aigoo... All you use to do was give me grief and yell at me why i bothered finding you. Wasn't it so obvious why? You were just so naive then...~.~; All you worried about were girls,girls and partying. You never realized that your friends and family should of been one of the first priorities, instead you were pushing the important things away.
But it seemed that once you finally got in your head what i was trying to say to you all these years i could see a changed person....perhaps a boy turning into a man? ^.^ hehe
^.^ I see you as a little brother and treat you the same as my own actual brother.
Now living in your own unit! Being settled in a relationship ^.^ hwaiting Jaesu! I love you alot and i just want you to know that. ^.^

-2 N E 1 Bo m-
Sooyeon my best girl friend! hehe ^.^ Coffee is our number one choice!
Forever and always~! hehe
Lately i've been really worried about you and your health on how hardworking you are and busy you are. T.T I want you to try and get a break from work and talk about it to your father.
I hate that we don't catch up alot lately and i miss our coffee breaks we have. When are you going to finally hit on waiter?!?!! hehe
It's obvious he wants your attention everytime you pop in there. >.<
Go for it! You should know now that the 'Older man' isn't going to give up his love just for you... T.T You can find better!
I know you've had it hard and i just want you to know that i think you're an inspiration to me on how to continue working so hard and being optimistic. ^.^
I'm sure if anyone else knew your story that would look up to you too.
Stay the strong woman that you are! ^.^

xMBLAQ Thunder
Ahh my little brother,what is there not to say about you?
I guess i'll try my best not to acciently say anything you would class as being 'embarrassing'. hehe
Our parents kept it anonymous on what younger sibling i was going to soon be a older sister to and be pestered with! hehe just kidding on the last part...maybe.
Then i found out when you were born that i was having a brother. To be quite frank i wanted a sister at the time,but now it doesn't bother me i'm happy to of had a brother. ^.^
You annoy me alot when you have a bad day at school and you come home with your attitude and take out all your stress and frustration on me. I do though understand what you're going through,i have been there.But i just want you to know that i will not be your punching bag to verbally abue.If you need to talk in a sensible manner then being the role of the older sister i'm here for you.
You'll forever be my little brother! and i'm here to anything for you! I love you very much.

x 2NE1 CL
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My darling Jennifer! hehe You are the type of person that walks freely doing whatever and what anyone thinks,you don't care. I think that's how we became so close BEFORE i started dating your brother. hehe
With you fun times never stop~ I'm sad we can't hang around as much,but i do see you from time to time more than anyone else. ^.^
As a older sister i am always here for you. Let me know if Jason is giving you any trouble at all. hehe

x 2NE1 Minzy

-Strong Baby Seungri-

Seongji!!!!!!!!! My little sweet friend you are. ^.^ Are you really thinking of going to college? huk! That's such a big opportunity that i hope you succeed and actually think of doing.I'm really sure you'll do so well! >.< You are a bright smart kid and you need to use your skills on good things. ^.^

You know i really think...well i've been thinking about this for along that you should really start focusing again on your ballet. ^.^ I seen your tapes when you were younger and you were so talented!!!!!!!! >.< omona..
I want you to know that i think that you shouldn't let anyone judge you in a way that it makes you feel that you shouldn't be who you are. ^.^
Because you are a beautiful sweet young man that no one should take advantage of this includes your current lover.
Yes Jaesu,please take care of this boy as much as i take care of you! >.<
Hwaiting Seongji! ^.^

-Taeyang Needs A Gurl-

-Smiling Angel Daesung-

iTeen Top Niel & iTeen Top Chunji

iTeen Top Ricky & iTeen Top L.Joe


Lee IU Jieun & 4MINUTE Hyuna

-B2ST Dongwoon-
Ahhh! Dongwoonie you are the most cutest person i've come across on being on gaia. >.< Our conversations were always so big like a paragraph talking about our daily life.
I hope you are doing well lately as i never get the chance to talk with you anymore which makes me sad as i miss you so much!!!! T.T

iSuju Leeteuk


You seem like a sweet young girl. I like that we talk. hehe! We haven't in awhile and i wonder sometimes if you're okie dokie. ^.^
I felt really happy the time you talked to me about your problems it felt that you could trust me even though we don't know each other in real life. ^.^
I like to feel like i'm a mother or a older sister to everyone so if you're feeling down and want to express how you feel i'm here for you! ^.^ I hope you're doing well now. Hwaiting! ^.^

W e l c o m e ~ ^ . ^

x 2NE1 Dara

My profile is still under construction with my about me! ^.^

Cosplaying : Etude House CF.


Welcome to my profile! ^.^

Annyeonghaseyo!! ^.^ I'm thankful that you are all viewing my humble little profile. hehe ^.^
I'm cosplaying the mascot ,fake maknae and the Queen of Me2Day Miss Sandara 'DARA Park from 2NE1. hehe

{Just thought i would point out that this isn't the real Dara. ^.^;; I have many blackjacks jump on my page asking if this is and it isn't. ^.^
So please don't get upset with me when i tell you i'm not the real Dara. T.T}

What can i start of with? Fashion?Clothes? hehe Alrighty!
Right now i'm collecting alot of t-shirts with different variety of colors....I just want to try out a school girl style. T.T
When i wear girlish outfit or style....i feel kind of weird and i seem to feel like i've lost my confidence. I prefer wearing like the boyish style. hehe ^.^

“I refused immediately when my stylist gave me a skirt. (laugh)”

On stage as you can see..I wear much more comfortable clothing with sort of a boyish style going with it. hehe ^.^
Featuring my unique hairstyles~! I'm probably known for having the different crazy and unique hairstyles ... hehe ^.^
Whenever i see a knit cap i'll buy it straight away! They are just so *.* nice and everything. >.< I actually buy alot of shoes but i never wear them out because i'm worried they'll get ruined or dirty and they are just too precious for that kind of thing. T.T height i'm only 5'4....T.T I'm very small but it's okie dokie! hehe To estimate how tall i am i'm about 4 of my own heads if my heads were like bowling bowls and you could put one on the other. T.T....hehe but i'm the same height as Christian Bautista~ ^.^ hehe actually not to mention but you should really hear or listen to The way you look at me....i love that song. ^.^

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This special person here in the picture up above is my youngest brother;Cheondoong/Gaettong-ah hehe he's from one of the coolest bands MBLAQ! hehe ^.^ Please please support them. ^.^ It will mean so much to me and to him.
When i search on naver/internet and my brother comes up i squee and fangirl about him....becoming very crazy. hehe I'm a very big fangirl of my brother and i try to be the best supportive nuna to him. ^.^
As much as i love my Big doong that i wish he could also introduce me to a nice man hehe i also love little Doong.
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I'm quite afraid of animals especially big ones but because of Dadoong i am working on the fear. hehe ^.^ I like taking care of Dadoongie
Actually Dadoongie has it's own me2day...You should check it out - >
But anyways, they are both so cute? hehe Cutie Doongies. >.< These two kids make elder nuna smile so very much.They mean the world to me. Both of them can make me so happy anytime even if i'm exhausted hehe ^.^ gaettong-ah hwaiting!! Little Doong hwaiting!!
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I actually like fast food restaurants. >.< Even though i know it's not good for the body but it's so good~!
Do you know what i love more than anything???? Dried mangoes. *.*............I could eat them all day~ hehe but i also have a love for cinnamon rolls too~ hehe so good...ahhh i feel hungry now talking about food! hehe ^.^

To iSuju Leeteuk's cosplay group.
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To all you wonderful kids,
You are a amazing part of this amazing big group we have. ^.^ I just want to thank you all for all the hardwork you've put into these cosplays for the past two years. ^.^
I love spending my days and nights with you on here when i have the time.
You are all fun,happy,cheerful,funny,bright kids that i know i'll have a laugh everytime i come online.
Since i'm the mom of the group if you need to at anytime come talk with me i am definitely here for you! hehe ^.^
Love you all and i just also want to say that i'm happy to be apart of the group. ^.^ Hwaiting!~~~~~

Check out the 2010 korean pop cosplay christmas avatars here -> Click. Can you guess who is who? ^.^ hehe

Me and IU have adopted a Cheonji! ^.^

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Thank you! ^.^

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"Some people wonder why she does those kinds of hairstyles when there are other pretty hairstyles that she can do, but the truth is, that’s 2NE1. Though my sister can be pretty when she is alone, since it’s 2NE1, she can pull off those looks. And just cause she does those hairstyles, doesn’t make her less pretty."
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