Hi! My name's Wyn and I'm fairly new to Gaia. smile I'm an artistic sort and I'll probably be releasing some adoptables, after I acclimate myself to this game!

Speaking of adoptables... You can adopt me! Be my Gaia Big Brother or Sister! I need help learning the ropes and welcome any help and/or donations you could give me. biggrin


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Into the Dark: A Journey in Gaia

Once upon a time, a young woman named Wyndolyn found a magical world known as Gaia. Being so unaccustomed to her new setting, Wyndolyn fumbled her way along, relying on the kindness of others and her own determination. This is her story.


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You haven't logged on in awhile? Come now... and your avatar is dead-pirate sexy.
Slorfae Lafyre

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Slorfae Lafyre

That's quite a wishlist! surprised
http://www.tektek.org/dream/ is a quite popular site for creating dream avatars. It'll help you get things organized and it's quite exciting to look at the avatar that someday will be you. whee

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Haha, you just joined and already have a Gaia profile and lengthy wishlist. Welcome and good luck!
General Sherra

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General Sherra

Hey, welcome to Gaia!



I User Image from the Heartbreak of Dial-Up.


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(PM me for details!)


I...am a pirate! I hold up Fat Merchant Ships in the Fishing areas and poke their Prosperity-Swollen Bellies with the Wooden Sword of Justice whilst robbing them of their Excessive Wealth! (And, rum.)

Yarr! I be an Eleventeer (111) Pirate!
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o/~ Yo ho, yo ho... A pirate's life, for me... o/~