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*~There's a place like no place on earth, some say to survive it you must be mad as a hatter which luckily I am~*

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Welcome! I love to write and I will be posting writings up on my profile weather or not you like it. If you like my writings then PM me and I'll do a writing for you of scene or person for 100 gold a writing.

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~*~Song: Digital Monsters ~*~

The sky was bright with the moonlight, a woman stood atop a landscape hill, gazing down and moved swiftly down in her loose fitting clothing. Her dark red hair shimmered in the moonlight as she ran into the town, music coming to her ears from the town square. She moved with her body low, arms out behind her. When she'd slide to a stop it would be at the square where many people danced to festive music. Silently she gazed around quickly, slipping to the side into the shadows, scaling up a wall to a roof, leaping out, her slender frame allowing her great speed, she tackled a man to the ground. The woman yelped as she was thrown off hard hitting the ground and glared at him as he stood, drawing a short sword.

Slowly she stood, watching him close and charged, he moved swiftly as well, stabbing his blade out at her. The people danced, not seeing them as a bright light came from her hands, blinding any who were to look, when it would fade the woman and man were gone, leaving only the guests at the dance.

~*~Song: Be Elegant and Dwindled Bible~*~

Inside a palace a woman stood, the princess, quiet by the thrones. She shook her head softly smiling gently to the suitors that came to try and dance with her in order to try and win her heart. She gently denied them each. When left alone as the music played and others danced she sighed, looking to the floor sadly. A man walked quietly up to her giving a pleasant smile to her as she looked up to see who's hand it was that came into her view. Seeing the handsome prince in a white and gold tuxedo she saw his kind smile showing out from under his golden colored mask that hid his upper face from her view.

Gently she took his hand and allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor. Her elegant blue dress flowed as they danced gracefully around the marble flooring. He held her hands properly and her hands were in the proper places as they danced to the violins and flutes and other instruments that played. Her green eyes couldn't seem to be shaken from his charming blue eyes. She could hear the music but when he'd move his mouth she heard no words but understood everything he whispered to her during their dance. She could feel her own mouth move but not hear her words but yet he knew exactly what she said and understood.

Her face had a light blush as they danced the night away in the palace. Eventually as things were quieting he gently lead her onto the balcony overlooking the gardens smiling kindly to her. Gently he picked a rose off the vine that had wound itself around the railing and softly held it out to her, giving a charming smile. She felt herself blush more nodding, softly taking the rose and gave a soft inhale of its scent. "You look marvelous tonight Princess." He stated in a quiet charming voice.

"Oh...thank you." she blushed in her soft reply to him, looking down then to him as his white gloved hand gently touched under her chin to bring her face up to look at him.

"The moonlight increases your beauty. Do not hide from the gifts the moonlight brings." He whispered softly, slowly getting closer to her and her to him.

"It's....hard not to hide from what you do not understand sir Prince." she whispered gazing into his eyes, her eyes slowly closing some as she felt her heart racing as they drew closer.

"Let me be your light in the moonlight of the shadows and darkness." he whispered softly against her soft red lips.

"Maybe I could do that." she whispered against his soft lips before they kissed softly in a true loves kiss. Gently her arms wrapped around his neck and his arms around her waist as the two held the kiss and each other, never wanting it to end.

~*~Song: Hall Om Mig Nu by Nanne Gronvall and In The Land of Twilight Under The Moon from .Hack//Sign series

White light small orbs floated up from snow white flowers, their petals open to absorb the moonlight in the never ending night. A soft wind blew across the green field. A couple figures stood, watching out over the land from under a tree about to bloom with pink flowers. "You sure this is the meeting place?" one asked being female, looking over with blue eyes to a man who nodded.

"Yes, it is the place. We will see soon if the connector keeps to their end of the deal." He replied and the woman looked ahead straight now and gave a nod of agreement. As they watched a figure wearing a tattered brown cloak walked towards their place, head down. The two watched this figure approach silently, their bodies at the ready to react. The person stepped calmly towards, never looking up.

The man watched and he moved shoving the woman to the side. "Move!" he snapped drawing a blade from his side. The connector had charged with immense speed and grace, having a blade of their own. The woman landed on the ground and turned staring at where their blades stood at a stand still, pressed so hard together the grinding caused small sparks to fly into the moonlight. Her eyes widened watching the two before she scooted back across the grass and flowers.

When the woman was back the man shoved the cloaked person back and charged, swinging down. The cloaked person moved to the side fluidly like water before swinging their blade towards the man's side. The man moved the two circling the other as they swung and dodged. "They're.....dancing?" the woman asked shocked as the two continued to fight, moving back and forwards, side to side, spins and dodges with jumps it looked as though the two were doing a dance only they knew of that none would ever be taught. She stood watching them still and gasped then sighed when her friend did not get stabbed as she thought.

The wind blew hard, making her wince and hold her head. The hood of the cloaked person blew off and up into the air, detaching from the cloak itself. There stood a woman, her hair long and purple, eyes a gentle yet deadly red. The man's eyes narrowed, seeing her pointed ears. "You're alive I see. Seems that poison didn't kill you off like we had thought." He told her in a cold tone. She moved her blade up her eyes never leaving his as they moved in a slow circle of the other.

"It'll take more than that to kill me. Just give it up. You won't win, I won't allow you to free the Shadow of the Moon on the Twilight Hour." She stated firmly, her voice firm and cold yet fluid like the beautiful flowing water.

"I'd like to see you stop me." He said adjusting his blade and stance. "There are many of us. We won't go down so easily. We will always live. We will always be around and when one falls another will raise to take the fallen one's place." He explained in a calm voice, his eyes locked with hers. She adjusted her blade hearing his words, having her blade face down and back behind her, the cutting edge outwards.

"So you will let your precious lord destroy the world you grew up on and turned your back upon?" she asked firmly, a furry in her eyes.

"I turned my back on? Do you naught remember who sent the other away?" he asked firmly. "I was banished, I did not turn my back on this place of my own will." He told her firmly before they both stopped, the wind blowing. The woman watched the two confused before after some moments of pause they charged the other, the fight resuming with clangs of steel to steel almost sounding like music as they hit the ground and ran to attack again and dodge.

As they fought the elf woman moved dodging the fake attack swiftly, stabbing her blade through his stomach. He coughed, his body resting against her blade that stuck out his back, gleaming in the moonlight with his blood dripping down to the ground. "No!" The woman cried, trying to run up to help him but her legs would not move for her, causing her to stumble and fall to the ground where she sat staring.

The elf woman withdrew her blade after twisting it, letting him fall forwards to the ground. "I'm sorry, but in order to protect those you betrayed I cannot allow you to revive the Shadow." She said in a firm but quiet tone, ignoring the woman who stared with wide sad eyes. Tears slowly fell from her blue eyes as the elf looked down at the dying man at her feet. She glanced to the woman silently for some moments before speaking. "Do not follow his path, follow your own. Do not go and try to awaken the Shadow. If you do you will be killed for betraying this sacred land."

The elf said firmly to the woman who stared at her not able to speak though she moved her lips to speak no words would come out for her. The elf turned her back to the woman, walking off away from them, keeping the item she was to bring them hidden on her person. When the elf was gone the woman reached out a shaking hand towards her friend, swallowing hard to wet her dry and tight throat. She got to her trembling legs and stumbled over, falling beside him and rolled him over quickly. "Leon! Leon! Please, please answer me Leon." she begged tears slipping down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry Flora. Go, go and report back or flee and hide." Leon whispered coughing making her shake her head.

"No don't talk like that. Leon please, please don't leave me." She begged but he watched her sadly.

"Don't worry, go and find shelter, don't worry about me. Go, be safe somewhere. I know the others are coming here now to see what happened and if I can be saved but I don't think I'll make it. Go before you are asked to join permanently." He whispered softly to her, gently reaching up to softly stroke her cheek. She held his hand with one hand, moving his head into her lap starting to cry.

"No, no, no, no Leon, you'll make it. You have to." She sobbed as he slowly closed his eyes as the sound of engines began to near from the distance. She cried, holding him close to her, begging him to live. When the others did arrive they quickly hooked him up to oxygen and life support, transferring him onto a pallet and took him into the back of a medical unit from her.

Flora stayed sitting on the ground, watching, her face tear stained, not able to take her eyes off the medical truck as they got him all set up. The grass crunched down under heavy steps, the clearing of a voice grabbed her attention to look at a broad man standing in dark clothing, his eyes cold and piercing yellow. "Report now Flora. I want to know who did this and what happened and if we have the Locket of the Moon's Eye." He stated in a cold tone.

Flora stared at him, slowly standing and swallowed, her body trembling. "The....the....connecter....she...attacked me but...he stepped in....to protect me then....she left...." she said struggling to get the words out. He grunted dissatisfied by her reply.

"Poor report Flora. Perhaps I should just have you shot dead right now to save everyone trouble and space. If you can't do a simple report you are completely useless to me." He stated without remorse or emotion towards her pain about what happened to Leon.

"....Sir...." she took a deep breath, swallowing and continued her sentence, "...I....I want to join and continue Leon's work." She stated firmly, making eye contact with the Commander. He laughed at her request and attempt to make it sound like an order to him.

"Why should I bother with a fool who can't even tell me what happened here?" He asked coldly laughing at her. She held back her tears, her fists tightening, anger entering her eyes and tone.

"I want to join to continue Leon's work and to get even with that elf woman who knew Leon. I want to continue his work to get revenge for him. I won't let you down." she said firmly. The Commander stopped laughing watching her then nodded, an icy cold death look to his eyes.

"Alright then, it'll be a deal. You may join and continue his work but if you fail me three times I get to torture you and rip that useless head right off your pitiful shoulders." He told her bluntly in his cold careless tone. She nodded stiffly, a chill ran down her spine at his conditions of her joining.

"Then it's a done deal. Get in the truck. I'll have one of my men inform you on all Leon was doing and then we'll just see where it all goes from there for you then, won't we?" he asked laughing as he walked back to his truck, getting in as she got into it as well but in the back, taking a breath, vowing to herself to not be killed by the Commander and to kill the elf woman for what she did to Leon.

~*~Song: Vandemon's theme and soundtrack #21~*~

The sky was clear, the moon silver and glowing. Guards were at the ready and fired, killing their prisoner targets. Inside this strong castle a young man sat, his hair long and pulled back into a ponytail. He smiled, the red red wine in his glass reflected the light as he moved his silver glass and sipped the wine sighing as he smiled after swallowing. "Such delicious wine, won't you come and share it with us my dear?" he asked politely, dressed in a black and red gentleman's coat and fitting pants and shoes.

He sat on his throne, looking ahead with elegant blue yellow eyes to a young woman sitting in a chair in front of him, refusing to take the wine glass a maid offered her. "I have no use for your wine." She stated in a low cold voice, eyes of green narrowed upon his royal being.

"Oh dear you are going to be one stubborn girl are you naught? Well, I suppose I shall have to enjoy this delicious wine without you then." He said sounding down then took another sip of his wine before gently setting the glass down upon the flat arm of his throne. His maid by him refilled his glass dutifully.

"I'm stubborn? You are the one who refuses to sign any treaty with us because you are nothing but a noble ass raised in the barn with pigs and cows." She snapped with anger, bringing a chuckle from him which brought confusion to her face. "What do you find so humorous?" she asked firmly.

"Oh nothing my dear, just your simple association between myself and simple farm animals." He replied pleasantly, smirking to her from his throne. He took a sip of his wine, closing his eyes. "Now, you are wishing me to sign a treaty that would give your people permission and access to some of my land and resources, correct?" he asked, leaving his eyes closed.

"That is correct." She replied with a nod.

"Then....consider your treaty....denied." He answered, smirking as he spoke those words that brought shock and anger to her face.

"WHAT?!" she snapped standing up quickly, dropping the silver wine glass to the floor, spill the wine into the carpet. "How dare you deny us?! You get the best of the best goods from us for your table and your back! Then you go and deny us a treaty when we did all you asked to show you we were no threat?!" she snapped stomping her foot hard. "I will not be denied and told no!"

"Oh? And what will you do to me for saying no to you my dear?" he asked stunned to hear her response but also enjoyment was in his voice. "Would you try and kill me?" he asked laughing. "But then that would ruin your life and destroy it." he laughed. Her body stiffened as she bit her lower lip, glaring at him.

"You must sign it. We held up our end of the deal now you must hold up yours." She stated firmly. He smirked to her causing her unease.

"My dear, I could easily have you removed. Let us take this into another two years to show me you mean trust." He said simply.

"No! Now!" she ordered. He opened his eyes and narrowed them upon her deadly.

"I am afraid you are in no place to order me, urchin." He hissed in a low tone. Best you leave while you can still see. It is getting dark." He informed her as his face left its cold murderous state back to a pleasant host face and tone. She blinked staring at him then looked out to see the sun had begun setting. "My dear servant, please show our dear guest out to her carriage." He said gently and the woman by him nodded curtsying a bit before walking over to the girl, escorting her out before she could protest. The man smirked watching her go, waving goodbye and when the door closed he chuckled. "That was fun." he said and took a sip of his wine.

Hey! ^_~* Welcome to my profile, as you can see I do writing. These are pieces of my work. As you scroll down you will see more. I love writing so I hope you enjoy and if you wish to try my skill at something you need described or wrote that is related to a story or scene for something then PM me ^-^ I won't charge 100 gold unless you are satisfied!

~*~Song: Castle in the Sky by DJ Satomi~*~

"Begin!" A young lord dressed in feudal era clothing shouted, watching as the participants began to do battle. He watched as men fought each other with swords, smiling as each was deemed a winner. On the wall watched a young female dressed in sexy ninja gear. She smiled and pulled out three small black balls.

She smiled leaping off the wall and into a tree, looking down and lit the fuses coming from the three black balls. Throwing them down the fighters paused then yelled as they exploded, shooting sparkles and smoke into the air. The young lord stood shocked and smirked, pulling his blade as she leaped over, coming down and the two fought, both with incredible speed. When the smoke cleared the men couldn't believe their speed or that he was able to keep up with her.

"Long time no see." He said and she smirked.

"Like wise." she said as they fought before leaping back from each other, watching the other. She looked at the moon and grinned before looking to him again. "We'll fight another night." She said giving a mocking bow before turning and racing away, leaping up onto the roof and took her leave, cherry blossom leaves swirled around her body and she was gone when they blew away. He smirked putting his blade away.

"Till next time." He said simply, a smile still on his face, having enjoyed their short spar, looking forwards to another spar with her.