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♥ // The basics.

» Name: Wretched Wren
» Age: 23
» Location: United States
» Appearance: 5'2", dark brown eyes, black hair
» Birthday: September 17
» Status: I can't stop playing AC:NL and Pokemon Y.
» Religion: Hindu
» Hopes to be: Still working on that: Possibly an editor or teacher.

♥ // The top five favorites.

» Animals: Snake, tiger, raven, rabbit, and dolphins
» Foods: Fried chicken, pizza, apples, carrots, and Chicken Curry...etc.
» Colors: Blue, purple, brown, orange, lime green
» Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles DeLint, Aldus Huxley, J.K. Rowling and Lewis Carroll
» Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman Begins, Mulan, Treasure Planet, and The Corpse Bride
» Books: Harry Potter, Riddle of the Wren, Harp of the Grey Rose, Catch-22 and Coraline
» Bands: Evanescence, Paramore, Scars on Broadway, Nightwish, and Apocalyptica

Thanks tidemoon for this amazing head doodle:
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Art done by Icel:: Thanks!
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Oh and thank you JillSier for the Spring Groom: c:
Thank you Velguarder, for your awesome giveaway, I am forever grateful. 1 mil. Wow.
» I am currently petless, but I did have a bird named Blinky Sebastian. He was awesome. True dat.
» If you love to make others laugh, I will most likely like you.
» I'm a sarcastic b*****d and hate text talk.
» I love history. I also love the math I am currently in. :'D
» I've been singing since the 9th grade and love it.
» I really really want to get a piercing other than my ears.
» I'm proud of my religion and who I am as a person.
» I'm a westerner. :'D I reside on the west coast of the US.
» I can be kind and very helpful when people I care about are in trouble.
» I am very open minded and don't like to judge people.
» I'm very interested in many things that broaden my knowledge. o.o
» I'm obsessed with very good writing and art.


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Welcome to my mind, I am only opening a door for you to come into and read my thoughts written in text. It's only natural that you make yourself at home. &33


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Demon Cin Report | 03/07/2014 1:44 pm
XD yeah it's not important that's one of the reasons I'm not working hard to get money online.

Yeah, it's been fine here just got fired because some b***h didn't like me...
Eh whatever, the girls they replaced me with, they are HORRIBLE workers..
Demon Cin Report | 03/05/2014 11:53 am
I now have 3.477m wooo!..

I've been, eh, so so. I had a job and lost it already. XD it sucks.
I know. Gaia has been super lame as of late.
Demon Cin Report | 02/18/2014 9:53 am
Awe, I don't get gifts anymore. Lol last profile I was hoping for pay, but ended up doing it for free.
Demon Cin Report | 02/18/2014 7:56 am
My friend was asking about donating to me again. So maybe I have that going for me.
Demon Cin Report | 02/18/2014 7:49 am
Pretty much dead stop.. x.x... I have no income at this moment... and no time unless it was coding a profile.. but I have no orders... my friend said his friends like the profile I made him, so that's uhh, a possibility on the back burner.
Demon Cin Report | 02/17/2014 11:41 am
Wrenny, I love you. Hahaha. heart
Demon Cin Report | 02/16/2014 6:51 pm
V-day sucked.
To be entirely honest I've been rather depressed my friend hasn't been spending like.. actual time with me.
He just wants to play games QQ..
Demon Cin Report | 02/12/2014 7:22 am
No fun, I ate too much chocolate last night and that gave me a tummy ache! C:
Not really hungry this morning =w= but I gotta eat breakfast and dinner how will I ever manage?! Ahhhhhh!
Lol, but no I'm bored QQ and I miss my Wrenny-kins~ <3
Demon Cin Report | 02/11/2014 11:12 am
Awe, what's been going on with you hunny bun? owo..
Demon Cin Report | 02/09/2014 4:10 pm
Humid.. warm...
Nah, moving wasn't the stressful part, my family pushed me too far...
And ik I haven't been online the past couple of days. So no money here either.


-I like signs and art-
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