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Birthday: 9/18

I'm getting better at the programming style that gaia uses... slowly. I might not have the skill to make my profile look the best, but I'm happy with it.

If you clicked on my profile you probably did it by accident, but hey, here's some facts about me anyways. Owo

I like to draw. I do it a lot. The background image of this profile was drawn by me. I've opened shops on Gaia once or twice in the past, but these days I generally draw only when I need gold because I don't have as much time as I used to.... So please don't beg me- I really would draw for anyone if I could!

I enjoy writing. I don't do it as much as I draw, but I do roleplay, and I have dabbled in a bit of fanfiction. I'm pretty imaginative and easy to work with- as long as you're willing to work with me maturely, I will do the same for you.

I also love video games. I play them a lot, and some of my favorites include Fire Emblem- seen in the background- Final Fantasy, and Zelda.... Though there's tons more. Not surprising is that I'm majoring in video game design in one of the best gaming schools in the U.S.

The downside to that is that I'm pretty obsessed with grades. I've been on the dean's list every semester and that's a lot of pressure. XD

I also like yoga, hanging out with friends, going to see movies- you name it.

...But despite being busy all the time, if you need anything or just want to talk, feel free to do so! I'm very sensitive and overly kind, and go out of my generally to help people whenever I can... And I'm also a worrywart, so I'll definitely worry about you if I think something's wrong!

...Not sure what else to write... So have a great rest of your day~

'Nuff said!

Currently Questing~

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I'm slowly getting there.... It's for this tektek avi.
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Total Value: 2,219,560 Gold
After Exclusions: 2,128,900 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Brown Single Loop Tied Belt
The Lusty Scoundrel
Starcrossed Lovers' Tragedy
Scar Of Duelist
Scar of the Warrior
Icarus' Fall
Shell Collection
Hand Wraps
Ghastly Instruments
Radioactive Apocaripped Coat
Maroon GetaGRIP Headband


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heart Thank you for buying from my store!
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Pleased to see you once more, Bahamut.

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thanks for buying!!!

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Hello fellow High Voltage guildee! This is just a friendly notice letting you know there's some roleplays that could use your unique brand of awesome. If you're interested, just click *here. Have a good day! ^_^
Lost in Fiction

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Lost in Fiction

nice avie yum_puddi

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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!

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Thank you for buying from my shop.


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Sitori Tenshi

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Sitori Tenshi

Aww your so sweet. I see a great friendship with you coming on! heart heart
Sitori Tenshi

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Sitori Tenshi

FF8 is my favorite too. I've played it through so many times I couldn't count.. for some reason it's always held a very special place in my heart too <3

and thanks for liking my profile


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