I am not your average normal person. I do odd things in class, make sick jokes with my band members and friends. I am just me. I have a couple of favorite sayings that help to describe me, what I think,and what I find funny....It's funny how an icon can sum it all up...anyway, I'm adding a corner on my profile filled with these; feel free to check it out. (Bottom Left Corner.) I am random most times and serious the next. I just love to laugh. So if you like to make people laugh, send me something funny and I'll laugh. If I like it I'll message you back about it. If you wanna talk or be my friend send me some messages and talk. Now on to stuff.......
Facts about me....
*I am in band!!
*I love my band director!
*I love my drum majors! Riley and Steph!!
*I play the flute and piccolo!!! I love them both (Piccolo is starting to win though!!!)
*I want to learn to play a new instrument....maybe Oboe, Sax, bass flute, and alto flute....Yeah....
*I am smart.
*I believe people don't have the right to hate other people. Only things.
*I am random!!! YAY!!!! RAWR!!!!
*I enjoy talking to myself. It's fun!!!
*I consider the voices in my head to be family!!! Haha.......you think I'm joking....Haha
*I talk about unimportant things and things that randomly pop in my head
*I love to laugh!!!!! Hahahaahhahhahaha..........ha.......SEE?
*I love bragging that I have a gay best friend.....Her name is Riley
!!!! I heart you Riley !!!!
*I love all my friends
*I love my family
-Even though they can be stupid and crazy
*I love the Moon.
*The Moon the god in my religon....I still need a name for it....
*So instead of OMG. I say OMM.......OH MY MOON (Or something I got from one of my favorite books)....... Great Moon.
*I enjoy good books..........Yes Twilight is on the list.( If you wish to know this list let me know. I'll be happy to share smile )
*I love animals ('Speccally cats and dogs and ferrets...they're funny!!)
*I love random messages and comments.
*I love funny icons.
*I love to role play
*I love my band....no matter how nuts they are!!!!
*I think band is cool even though others don't!!
*I love peanut butter.
*I love the internet.
*I need electronics to live
*I love my bed.
*I love to sleep late
*I love the dark
*I enjoy jokes
*I really enjoy dirty jokes.
*I love the color orange.
*I write poetry and sometimes stories.
*I like school.........YES, I'M CRAZY!!!
*I'm crazy.
*I like palying U.B. Funkeys.
*I love GH3!!
*I like to dance randomly
*I love to freak people out.
*I am an art lover.....Ibrahim Idirs is a great artist!!!!
*I like saying stupid things.
*I adopted Freshmen.
*I love to ramble on about useless stuff.....(OBVIOUSLY!!!!!)

^I don't like people who are fake
^I HATE the sun and bright light.
^I don't like teachers who think they are superior just because they are adults and have graduated college.
^It bothers me when people chose to be ignorant
^I hate when people act dumb because they are afraid of being intelligent.
^I don't like people who hate band people just becuase they are in band
^I don't like it when people dis my band
^I don't like anyone who has a problem with who I am......
^I don't like people who abuse others.....AT ALL!!!! (Wrestling around is not abuse...if it's playing around.)
^I don't like people who push thier religon on others. ( I have my own thx.)
^I think myspace is stupid.....everyone says to get one, well, everyone has one and I'm not like everyone else. So Ha!!!
^I don't like people who hate Gay people....
^I don't like people who say they're gay or use gay as a fashion trend...
^I don't like people who can't think for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!
^I don't like people who hate people.....(look at my fact list and you'll get it)
^I don't like people who pretend to listen to me.
^I don't like poeple who lie to me for no good reason. (There will never be a good reason............Stop handing out B.S.)
^I don't like people who listen to me, but show me they obviously don't care by not remembering what I said.
^I don't like people who make fun of people because they're different.........(If you do that then shouldn't the world make fun of you for being different???)