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mhmm <3
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born in australia,
parents got divorced when i was younger.
dad moved to the states.
i lived with him for a few years, then moved back with my mum.
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Vintage Gore

i was born in australia.
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i dunno if I am.
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ehhh .__.
i dunno.
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LOL. i've streaked in public as well.

and i dont know why a church, but i guess it just happened like that.
i dont remember much xD
and i smoked weed in a bathroom at school then went to class.
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and anytime! (:

nicee! ha.

and not wanting to go to work ever again.

and umm.
sex in a church.


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okay good!
any other questions, just feel free to ask c:

and not much actually.
GD and music
heart cool

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not all chemical acne treatments work,
they can try something natural,
i personally feel that's best.

what can really work is St. Ives apricot scrub,
and green tea scrub.
those products are oil free, so they work great.
they're not expensive either.
you can find them at any drugstore, or even at a grocery store.

I use those, and my skin is always clear.
they also don't irritate the skin either.

did that help?