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agrolegend Report | 05/27/2019 11:01 am
maybe, im more or less a marvel fan, but i am always interested in a roleplay, i do rp as nightwing
Spiderrific Report | 05/06/2019 10:40 pm
(Gaia isn't lively as it once was. Also, I do Booster Gold from DC comics, too. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. )
Mockery Hamato Report | 05/02/2019 11:27 am
Mockery Hamato
Hey if you ever wanna talk off gaia, you can add me on discord. Mockery Hamato#9826
Spiderrific Report | 05/01/2019 5:18 pm
Hello, Batman.
Just A Tad Bit Insane Report | 04/27/2019 6:31 am
Just A Tad Bit Insane
( Why hello there Batsy ol pal. You're going to make me tear up if I had a heart, a family? Always wanted one. Yes I'll join a new rp family)
Mockery Hamato Report | 04/22/2019 8:15 pm
Mockery Hamato
{its cool. I am excited to show off the profile. I have most of the avi redone as well, but i cant find a decent black hair style for her}
Mockery Hamato Report | 04/22/2019 8:52 am
Mockery Hamato
(Hey im still working on kittens bio)
Dysfunctional Harley Report | 04/22/2019 5:07 am
Dysfunctional Harley
( To be honest, I don't come across too many Bat's. When I do it's only a side hustle (rp). I would deff be down to join your group ( guild) of rps. heart )
Mockery Hamato Report | 04/20/2019 2:18 pm
Mockery Hamato
She smirked hearing his reply. "True, though i would be able to get it quicker if i had my motorcycle still." She had one, but it was mostly likely still sitting at the bottom of the harbor from their last job together and he had to grab her off of it before she went over the edge when the breaks weren't working. "Look if i can make it sooner than that or find them at one of the usual spots with my tracker, you will be patched into my comm yet, and can hear it for yourself then go after the crazy man, if you can just wait long enough." She was already working on tracking said C.I. and prayed that she would find them at one of their usual haunts. After running for a good twenty minutes in every which direction following them, she quickly stopped. "Score" smirked when her tracker pinged. "Found them. It seems they are one block from me. I am going to speak with them, and yes im putting you on silent so they cant hear you, deal with it." Said doing so. She was sassy and bitchy at times, but it was needed. "I swear Emma if you screw me over on this" mumbled softly as she made it to the bar where Emma worked and jumped down into the alleyway beside the bar.
Dysfunctional Harley Report | 04/20/2019 6:28 am
Dysfunctional Harley
"Hiya Batsy" emotion_kiss



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