Profile completely revamped since August 5, 2008.

NAME: My full name is Anne Bucko. People who I've known for a long time call me Anne, but I go by the name Anna. I don't really have any nicknames, other than ANNA, my name in strictly capital letters.

BIOGRAPHY: A proud Pole born and grown up in New Britain, Connecticut's miniature Poland/Puerto Rico. I've always been rather awkward when interacting with other people. This has led me to be switched around schools often, causing friends to be lost in the transition. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to be moved again when I actually WANT to, after having estranged most of my friends at the beginning of this summer.

AGE: As of 8/5/08, 15.

HEIGHT: I haven't measured myself in ages, but I like to think I'm 5'7 to '9.

WEIGHT: I haven't weighed myself in ages, but I know I'm a twig. I have barely any muscle OR fat, except around my belly area.

BODY TYPE: I'm a fatty twig, since I spend most of my time indoors playing videogames. Since I have a high metabolism, I eat a lot.

FACE TYPE: I have kind of a roundish face I guess. I don't know. I think my face is part of the reason why I look so weird in hellholes like schools.


EYES: A mixture of brown and jade green.

HAIR: Dark brown hair that I like to keep short. Guy short.

CLOTHING STYLE: Scrawny "skater-punk" "post-Goth" music nerd kind, I guess. Usually I wear some large, dark or military coloured loose-fitting sarcastic tshirt with some dark or military coloured loose-fitting cargo pants. I LOVE CARGOS. I LOVE THEM.

SPEAKING STYLE: I ramble. A lot. I go off on tangents. A lot. Sometimes almost literally.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: I'm the weird nerdy kid who shoves her art under people's noses. Never been any definition of normal for as long as I remember. So, as you can guess, I've never had very many true friends. Just sympathetic people who take me under their wing. I hate these kinds of people.

CAREER: I like to think that a person's career begins in kindergarten, but for me, this is apparently even earlier. Since I was a little kid, I always liked drawing. Now I'm actually considering going into 3D and the comics business for my career.


- I can be extremely loyal to specific people. But these specific people are very few.
- I'm not easily affected by silly social teenager crap. Maybe that's why I can pull off a 54-year-old man so well.
- I can work pretty hard if I'm up to it.
- Despite being unsympathetic at times, I can understand people very well. That's because they're all the same to me.

- Can obsess about specific people to the point of being creepy. These obsessions are not necessarily crushes. I've had two full-on crushes on cute guys in the course of my life, and I know for sure that Alex Lifeson is not a celebrity crush. I admire him in the imperfect role model kind of way.
- Sometimes can be quite unsympathetic. Either that, or I just don't care about my former friends' love problems.
- I'm an egotistical a*****e.
- I'm a lazy kid with almost no form of social life whatsoever. The chances are high that I'll grow up to be that weird old witch with many cats, Rush blaring out the windows, and a flying car designed to look exactly like a 70's Buick model.

Things I know about myself that I'm not comfortable about other people knowing, or the very parts of myself that I am afraid of.

Drawing, playing piano, making up bullshit, drumming with fingers, listening to music, watching movies, playing videogames

Innate talent for drawing, story-planning, and 3D design.


Rants and other s**t.

If I ever have to write something out for no particular reason, here it is. WARNING: May have long descriptions of cosmology, biology or evolution.



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The Butter

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The Butter

cool avi

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Hello there! I'm here to introduce you to a great concept: Creativity Freedom, also known as freedom of creativity. Which means, I can do whatever I want to build my artistic creation; like settling a doubt on the gender of a person so physically horrible, the most common prejudgement would be to believe "he as to be a male", to produce both the surprise and doubt about if "he" could actually be a "she" and how would it be he or she decided to radically change his or her look. Since after all, how do you know Dr. Frankenstein didn't just passed Igor's brain to the body of a hot babe? In the world ruled by my freaking freedom of creativity, it may happen. So there, you are welcome, it's my pleasure to help you.
Doktor Faust

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Doktor Faust

Just being helpful.

Doktor Faust

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Doktor Faust

I don't see that word count progressing.

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Random ahoy.
Dr Magical Mystery

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Dr Magical Mystery

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You just didn't ask the right question is all.
My mind is like a twisted alternate dimension of acid trip orgies or crap like that. Or that's what everyone says at least.
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Dr Magical Mystery

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Dr Magical Mystery

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Paul: Cute baby face.
John: Distinct chin.
That's how I tell the difference.

1st question, no. No matter which Beatle it was, I wouldn't. No reason really. Just no.

2nd question, still no. My only reaction would be eek
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Dr Magical Mystery

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Dr Magical Mystery

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It all depends on which Beatle it is, love.
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Dr Magical Mystery

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Dr Magical Mystery

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Oh you should meet my twelve year old friend stare

I'm only crazy about the Beatles is all.
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Dr Magical Mystery

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Dr Magical Mystery

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I think anamalistic costumes are HAWT and SEXAH.

Who doesn't ******** love those suits?!
(I'm a 13 btw. I have a twisted mind is all)
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Because I am hard, you will not like me, but the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard, but I am fair.