My name is Preston. Frying-pansexual.
I am a lady in love with androgyny, dressing like
a young prince and a pretty princess in gossamer gowns.
I live in a suburb a stone's throw from the ocean and the woods.
The supernatural world enthralls me.
I love:
-Building monuments out of mushrooms and sticks in the woods for the fairies
-Wading ankle deep into the ocean and smelling the brine
-Conversing with baby crows nesting in my backyard
-Falling asleep in grassy fields soaked in honeyed sunlight
-Watching the warmth from my lung leak into the Winter fed air
-Daydreaming about giants, hobbits, elves, Skyrim, Middle Earth and everywhere I can find
-Roleplaying about almost anything with friends and strangers
-Learning about the past
-Walking in the steps of others
-Experimenting in the kitchen (with failure and success always being options)
-Immersing myself in Tamriel and becoming a mage, a thief, an assassin, a Dragonborn, a warrior, a hero or a villain depending on my mood
-Reading about young women with bows, arrows and the love of her sister
-Researching lore about everything