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Gender: Female

Location: Oregon

Birthday: 12/26

Occupation: Lab Technician



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- Zilithion - Report | 12/17/2017 10:17 pm
- Zilithion -
Hey hun, just thought I would drop you a quick line. Not sure if you still play but wanted to say that I was thinking of you.
Kiara-kins Report | 03/24/2017 10:40 pm
Bdjdiwijwjsj. Kittiessssssssss. Thank you! ;-;
BabyKagomeGirl Report | 12/26/2014 9:31 am
Happy birthday!
Literatic Report | 08/28/2014 10:41 am
Just a heads up: that zombie game I was talking about that I play on the xbox is in the Steam Microsoft Sale this weekend for PC.
It's at £3.74 for the full game (around $5?) and $5 for the two DLC's. It's for PC, not console, but it's the same game and I would highly recommend if you're interested. ^^
- Zilithion - Report | 08/19/2014 5:46 pm
- Zilithion -
Literatic Report | 08/14/2014 3:22 pm
Bah, sorry for not getting around to replying yet. Been super busy. sweatdrop
I added you as a friend cause it seemed weird we weren't already!
Will get around to replying tomorrow, hooray! 3nodding
Crowe Gale Report | 07/16/2014 5:55 am
Crowe Gale
Thanks for buying.
Vaeli Eveinia Crow Report | 07/15/2014 1:03 pm
Vaeli Eveinia Crow
Aww, thank you for the bday gift Wolf!! emotion_hug heart
Would of said it earlier buuuut internet went out. xD
silversire Report | 07/07/2014 9:30 am
Wow, thank you so very much for your generosity. Best of luck with the new silver avatar creation.
m-diggity Report | 06/20/2014 8:34 pm
thankyou for buying heart


I buy and sell whatever floats my boat.
Please do not pm me asking for free items... My answer will be "No."
If you want to haggle that is fine but understand that I am trying to make money here.
And thank you for shopping here!


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