Name: Tori, Lili, or Wolf

Age: 15

DOB: August 25

POB: SanBernadino, California

Height: 5' 6"ish

Weight: somewhere between noral and fat!

Hair Color: Brownish Blonde aka dishwater blonde

Hair Style: A little below my shoulders now

Eyecolor: Blue

Hobby: Singing, Drawing, Reading, ect.

Job: Babysitting, house sitter, dog walker, animal washer, and student oh and full time girlfriend!

Star sign ~ Virgo

Zodiac animal ~ Monkey

Current obsession ~ My love and wolves

Stuff done when bored ~ draw, listening to music, read, look for something to do.

Favorite color ~ Blue! black and red!

Favorite animal ~ Wolf

Favorite videogame ~ Final Fantasy and Dance Dance Revolution! ^^

Favorite tv show ~ I don't know. . .

Favorite anime ~ Fullmoon O Sagashite and Black Cat

Favorite manga ~ Absolute Boyfriend and Free Collars Kingdom

Favorite gift I've gotten ~ A wolf necklace from my love!^^

Favorite foods ~ ramen, snow cones, and Strawberries!!!!<3

Favorite flavor ~ Strawberry!

Favoritest person~ My love ReikuGotH

Quotes by me or friends!~

"Don't shake me! I'm not shake and bake chicken!" ~Me

"I smell like sunscreen and fish!" ~Sam

"Someone play with me! . . .Not that way you perverts!!!" ~Emi(i think it was emi. . .)

"That was intentional! I mean unintentional! Barg!!!" ~Skrat

Nami: "Look on the bright side! XD"
Me: "Where?! *looks around* I don't see any bright side. Stupid light bulbs always going out!"

that's it so far until i can think of more ^^;;;;


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Suicide IS the only way out~

why doesn't anyone ever read my journals?! Cause they don't care! XD




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random friend comment!! ^^
Silence Zealous

Report | 07/23/2008 3:55 pm

Silence Zealous

did you leave gaia already!?

or are you still here?

if so,i hope you don't mind me commenting ^_^


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try this out. send this to 10 profiles and press f5 and get 10,000 gold.
Fading Existence

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Fading Existence

Hello, hope you don't mind random comments like these User Image
Jamiel Claire

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Jamiel Claire

care to <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">visit/buy in my shop?

click here!
</span>User Image

hello...I have read your Post about leaving gaia...

is it true?(don't leave gaia, please crying )

thanks for <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">visiting/buying!</span>
Reiku Alche

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Reiku Alche

Reiku Alche

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Reiku Alche

Hey love, just dropping in to say I love you ^^

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ok I won't ^ ^' and thank you you are invited ^ ^
Reiku Alche

Report | 01/06/2008 3:03 pm

Reiku Alche

I know you do ^^ I'll try to get to bed earlier tonight, okay? Well, I guess that's a no-brainer since we have school again tomorrow x.x I dun want the break to end DDDX
Reiku Alche

Report | 01/02/2008 11:08 pm

Reiku Alche

I'm happy to know that. Sorry for being up past my bedtime tonight, by the way. I have some very important work to get done on here =3 I'll be sure to go to bed earlier tomorrow night, I promise! ^^ I love you too.



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