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Report | 04/17/2012 11:21 pm


LOL! it's always something right!
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Report | 04/17/2012 8:50 pm


Heyya Wolfy...long time eh blaugh How ya been
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Report | 07/04/2011 10:18 am


rofl!!! Smacks them! they pass out!
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Report | 02/23/2011 1:13 pm


Woahhh, Jenna! Hi, Im probably right down the street from you right now!
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Report | 09/26/2009 8:56 pm


random hello
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Report | 08/14/2009 8:24 pm


OMIGAWDZ Jenna's online.
Hello! mrgreen
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Report | 07/13/2009 12:06 pm


True, but sometimes there are those creeks that go down the mountain side ^_^ I used to catch awesome salamanders there mrgreen

Well maybe we could get the money somehow... And yeah, he actually warned us over the phone not to stay with her. I don't think the scratch on his cheek was from Laura, he told me it was from one of his kids. Let's hope so. But she's been doing really crazy crap lately... She kicks holes through the doors with her feet. Like seriously.
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Report | 07/12/2009 12:19 pm


I can hike. As long as there are creeks, salamanders, crayfish, toads, lizards, and other little creatures along those lines on the trail mrgreen

Yeah I think I heard about that Cabin. I think. I hope we can get it... I can't blame your dad for not wanting to stay with Laura, I don't want to either. Uncle Bob actually warned us not to. She's been really bad lately.
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Report | 07/11/2009 9:17 pm


Well I hope you're there a little, because it's just not camping without you there! Even though you don't come catch things in the creeks with me anymore crying But that's alright, as long as you're there mrgreen I'm hoping we'll get two cabins though, because I don't want to be stuck with Aunt Psycho...

Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it ^_^
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Report | 07/10/2009 12:26 pm


Lol yeah my dad's not much for planning things in advanced... Me and him both lol. We're kinda the, "let's go and figure things out on the way" ahaha xD Anyway thank you very much =) I'm going to take pictures so when I see you next I'll have to show you...
WHICH WOULD BE CAMPING. Are you going?? :O

Those sound good, even though I still don't know exactly what scones are lol xD
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Report | 07/10/2009 8:36 am


lol well it's not scary for me! I'm just really excited with a reasonable amount of nervousness XD And naw, I don't think my mom's coming. Chances are it's just gonna be me and my dad, but we're not sure yet. And really we're not sure where we'd be staying either... We're gonna get there around three in the morning, so we're hoping we can find a hotel then O_O

SCONE. Sconeee. Ska-own. It's a fun word mrgreen
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Report | 07/09/2009 4:17 pm


You're quite welcome ^_^

Oh gosh, I could imagine how horrible that could be... Might be what happens to my dad next week when I go see Ari ;D lol it's gonna be soo awkward, but soo worth it at the same time... Anyway, when have you had an experience like that?

I like the chocolate chip ones though xD And wait, what is this "scone" of which you speak? O_o
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Report | 07/09/2009 11:11 am


They were cool ^_^ I remember I saw you actually drawing some of those pictures ;D

lol I'm never a social center... I'm kinda like, the "welcomed third-wheel" in a way haha, and that's kinda how I like it xD

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Report | 07/08/2009 7:47 pm


I enjoying using that expression, alright? It's so much easier than actually typing out, "oh my God" lol

Yes, I looked at the stuff ^_^

I'm pretty much myself, I think O_o I have no idea if I am or not, but the fact that I'm not paying attention most likely means that i pretty much am lol.

I like Tim Hortons biggrin
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Report | 07/07/2009 8:23 pm


Omg I still haven't looked at your stuff in the arenas O_o I have no brains sometimes, seriously.

And lol I had a feeling you were still into Perfect World XD But omg jobs! What have you looked into so far? ^_^
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Report | 07/07/2009 8:16 pm


Hello Jenna =)
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Report | 07/02/2009 1:17 pm


Yup, two different ones. One of them is called Coffee Culture, and the other is Spot Coffee. Spot Coffee is the BESTEST.

And I know the advice, I just like my music sad
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Report | 07/01/2009 8:17 am


Very hyper, very bored. Me and my friend just went to two different coffee places, and even though caffine actually makes me sleepy, it's starting to have an effect on me O_o
Perfect World looks awesome, but I really can't put it on my computer sad Honestly I would if I could because I like how pretty it is *-*
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Report | 06/30/2009 9:12 pm


Hi biggrin
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Report | 06/20/2009 8:52 pm


He tells me about it all the time... Every time we go over to see Grammy and him and he has us bake something with him, he always tells us stories about it lol!

I wasn't either until I tried this one biggrin
I mean come on, tell me you don't think this main character is cool? GO VINCENT VALENTINE!
User Image That would be Vincent.

Anyway I dunno... Unfortunately I just don't feel like getting hooked on any online games (other than gaia) at the moment sad
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