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Oh Gakupo, why you so sexy? >///3///<

Wolf Princess of the Moon

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Current Obsession: Corvo Attano

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Looking for a Wishlist?

****My Wishlist is quite large and I wanted to organize it. Plus, I'm worried if I add too much, it'll restart itself like my last wishlist I had before this one. XP So, For a more organized wishlist, Go HERE. ****

About Me

I'm Wolfie/Wolftart/Mom. biggrin
I am a female.
I live in Southern California. biggrin
My real name is Michelle but just refer to me as Wolfie.
First name basis is for special people. 3nodding
I'm 24~! emotion_c8
I'm forever alone. <3
I Like Me Some Boys.

I'm an odd person. I'm very shy in person, but on here you'll never even believe me that I'm shy. XD I'm like a whole different person. :3 I don't like to use chat speak, I find writing out my words to be just fine, but if I'm in a rush, it may slip. I SUCK at RPing so don't ask. XD I'm a terrible speller so expect to see words misspelled. The only thing that is saving me from overloading you with misspelled words is Chrome giving me the little red squiggle under the words and letting me correct it. XD I like to lurk the GCD, and post occasionally in my quest thread ((see my sig)). I like to enter the Runway contests and am slightly active and lurk at the same time in the Runway Forum. I'm a very odd person and like to change my avie every 5 days. So if you plan on drawing my avie, you best save it if it's gonna take you longer then 5 days. XDD I never wear the same avie twice. If I do, I add to it or change it slightly. I fangirl over so many anime boys and many of the boys here on Gaia. Maybe we can fangirl over some of the same. *cough*Loyal*cough*

I've got a Facebook, so if I know you enough and love you enough ((Basically, "Are we friends?" is what you should be asking yourself)),
I'll give it to you, just PM me. :3
If you pm me and I don't know you, go away. D:<

I've got a Youtube account, Kyofanclub. Watch me play games and post weird stuff. ouo
I've got a Tumblr, Kyofanclub. I post random things and reblog random things, just a heads up.
I play Guild Wars 2, server is Ehmry Bay. PM me if ya wanna go explorin'! :3 I love to help others!
I also have a Steam account. I probably won't add you unless I know you so don't bother adding me. That one is kinda the same rule as my Facebook.

Only way you can really get to know me is by talking to me. biggrin Look around my profile and read/look at some stuff to learn a part of me. :3 Now, look at my very large wishlist and see if you have any of those items! if you do... wanna give it to me because you love me? :3 I also LOVE Avie art! Draw my current avie and I'll love you forever! If I really like it a lot, it might get put up on my profile with some of my favorites. <3 I am an Art Whore so if you see me, feel free to draw me and just pm me the art. biggrin I'll tip for any art I receive. :3 Just be sure you save my avie as I try to change my avie every 5 days. wink Bonus points if you draw me with Ringmaster Loyal. emotion_dowant emotion_bigheart

Doki Doki Literature Club - Your Reality

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Odd Cinderella Report | 01/23/2018 7:31 pm
Lol. Pokemon Gijinka are my favorite avatars to design. emotion_yatta
Odd Cinderella Report | 01/23/2018 7:26 pm
Luxray, right?
Irken Mar Report | 01/14/2018 10:52 am
Thank you for your purchase
sewshe Report | 10/03/2017 12:35 pm
I know that feeling! i think i waited years for a couple items to have listings lmao
Im glad you finally got it though! its destiny~ xp
sewshe Report | 10/02/2017 2:25 am
Gratz on your collection! :3
Haruchoo Report | 05/31/2017 12:10 am
Thank goodness, that notice was so annoying. :p

Also, not sure what to do about this surprisingly generous donation I got from a "leaving" user. Haven't touched anything and put everything they gave in storage. I have this feeling that I shouldn't touch any of it in case it's "tainted" and it's actually just a hacker covering their tracks. Don't want to be implicated in anything. Wondering what I should do...
Haruchoo Report | 05/30/2017 11:50 pm
I see you have/had that annoying site notice too. :p
It's finally gone for me; did yours fix itself yet?
TheDarkSnowflake Report | 05/22/2017 10:37 am
.:❄тнαηк уσυ ƒσя уσυя ρυя¢нαѕє❄:.

gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_angelright
Haruchoo Report | 05/18/2017 3:18 pm
True, no matter what I probably would've ended up tweaking it still.

Also, I had a decent start with this one, but the top 5 is pulling way ahead now. Don't think my entry can catch up anymore. :p
Haruchoo Report | 05/18/2017 1:30 am
Thanks! c:
Though I just found the perfect item to go in the head area, but it's too late now. I really should work on entries earlier. Dx

And definitely. Being in the front page at least means that you could've won had you gotten a bit luckier, since it is partly chance that your avi shows up for the voters, especially the ones that only vote on a few entries.


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1995 - January 5, 2013, R.I.P. Princess Jasmine, my beloved pet and friend.

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Wolf Princess of the Moon
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