I have suffered with the condition since I have been little, but I didn't know I had the condition. At first the tourettes started with a cough. That is why it was so hard to diagnose, and why I was made fun of. Doctors believed I had a condition called whooping cough. They tried to treat it with antibiotics, but I just kept coughing. Teachers would say that I was just putting it on because I coughed too hard even though I had statements. Somewhere along the lines the doctors began to call it a tic cough. We didn't think anything of it for a long time.

Some time after that, I'm not sure how, the doctors finally diagnosed me. However, the tics had changed. They sounded like a hiccup, but they were very different from hiccups. They felt like they came from the same place, and hurt if I tried to suppress them. I have been given medications for my condition, but none of them have worked. Although I can say I'm at peace with my condition except for the few that don't understand it.

I used to get comments like, why don't you do it all the time, your faking it, and so on. Since I have been out of school I have not had a lot of comments made like that, but some people still persist not to be in the loop of awareness. My goal this month is to make people aware. Hopefully people will understand, and start accepting people with the condition.

If you want to know more about the disorder please go here.