Hello, welcome to my profile, I decided to change the information on this part of my profile because, well it no longer really fits me, I wrote it about a year ago

My name I won't tell, because I dont really like my name, but if you ask me I might consider ;] I am fifteen years old, and I live in my own little world. The country is a secret too since I do not like where I live and hope to get out of here as soon as possible.

My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Sonata Arctica, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Smile Empty Soul, Staind, Atreyu, Firewind, Disturbed, The Offspring, and many many more.
My music styles vary from Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal, basically most types of Metal, Post-hardcore, Emo styles, Rock, Hardrock, Indie, and well, again many many more xd

Im a bit of a weird girl, and tend to do things that noone ever expects of me, while I dont live up to what people |do| expect of me. You can label me all you want, but you'll never get it right, if you look purely at my clothing style I could be a combination of: Metal, Emo, Skater, Sweet lolita, Ballerina, I like the moulinrouge kind of stuff from time to time, and well, many more

I am a very diverse person in my clothing style as well as my personality and interests. I read a lot, more then should be healthy, I might be intellectually gifted (Research is being done) and Im probably a little (a lot) obsessive-compulsive

I write poetry, and I photograph, from time to time I may post things on here but if you want to see more of my poetry go to www.angel-hellion.deviantart.com. For my photography you'll just have to ask for it wink

Also, I am still in search of a new username so if anyone would like to help me in that I would love you till the very end of time, criteria are:

First of all I want it to sound cool (Yes I know that sounds lame but it's true xD) I want one name that I can stick by because I hate having different names for everything
Second, I dont want anything with Angel in it
Third, preferably latin or greek, Id like it to have an actual meaning
Fourth if it is some sort of Greek, Roman, Scandinavian god/goddess/mythical beast it would be even more perfect

That'll be it for now, if I think of anything else I'll put it in here, the donation part below is still part of my old profile but Im too lazy to change it

Greetings Wolf Angel Hell (for now)

A million thanks to these people biggrin heart
PinkSatinPillow for my lovely violin case heart
A_Silent_Hate for my lovely partition top heart
PinkSationPillow for my awesome necklace heart
Xx---THE_WARRIOR---xX for my Lovely rose heart
Crimson_lies for the majestic Imperial queen heart
X_oSummer Kiss for my cute and lovely Fox Ears heart
Crimson_lies for my wonderful Music Mood Bubble heart

I love you guys!!! thanks soo much biggrin


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Report | 08/18/2013 12:33 pm


thankyou for the gift wolf angel hell, i dont mind if remove for your list of friends
happy brithday
Roxas In Twilight Town

Report | 08/19/2010 11:15 am

Roxas In Twilight Town

Have a great happy b-day!

Report | 03/08/2010 12:51 am


it's nice to see you again wolfie^^ how have you been? I've missed you sad
haha college I'm soo excited It'll be full of opportunities. I'm going to another city to study see so it's gonna be a challenge

O.O what?? that's terrible... sad what's it called and what causes it?
haha thank you it's kottan bell I'm strangely attracted to the item very much
sexy angelsunshine

Report | 10/27/2009 3:40 pm

sexy angelsunshine

hey add me igt the yellow tatoo i luv ur name

Report | 10/18/2009 10:21 am


Thanks for selling. Cute avi.^^

Report | 10/18/2009 12:18 am


|~I've been well^^ We're the graduating batch this year so it just means we have to think about college and stuff and it's so tiring sad how about you, how are you? where have you been? tired? why? what's wrong?

hehe thank you^^ It's not quite done yet though(most of the kottans have just been overlapped wink )~|

Roxas In Twilight Town

Report | 10/17/2009 8:19 pm

Roxas In Twilight Town

Hey, its no problem at all! XP
Rasha is alone

Report | 10/17/2009 11:36 am

Rasha is alone

lol, it's okay. I don't mind. ^^

and gaia today me. =3 if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have even known. and I hope you had a good day.

Report | 10/17/2009 11:26 am


THANK YOU! biggrin
That's always a pluz! ^.^
OOH, hey!
I gots an idea! X3

Report | 10/17/2009 11:16 am


Right on, right on! wink
Would you like to be my friend? biggrin
Perks of being my friend:
* I promise not to ever EVER eat your babies ^.^
* I won't steal your boyfriend away! biggrin
And that's all I got right now ^_-


But the lights came crashing down
And the shadow fell upon
The beginning of the end
Was never to be written

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Help is more than appreciated ^_^