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overwaifu Report | 02/15/2018 8:22 pm
Gay like I'll be hella affectionate/openly appreciative to my friends. I THINK IM STILL FUN

LMAOOOO SAMEEEEE. Been checking the site once every evening since you replied
NOOO HAH i just got into discord recently cause of the games i've been playing
plus it doesn't slow down my laptop/phone when I'm on it 24/7 so I moved over
YAY but if i notice you're never on, i'll redownload skype to bug u
I added you! Mine is kumomi#4573

I mean... you could pass out s**t-faced in Japan and nobody would bother you.
Happy discount chocolate day after valentines, grab some cheap chocolates and get diabetes :*
overwaifu Report | 02/12/2018 9:43 pm
u were meant to log in, uglie dramallama
overwaifu Report | 02/12/2018 9:39 pm
In the last two years, I've gotten extremely gay. Get used to it.
I STILL WANNA TALK TO YOU but I literally never get on here anymore and tf who still uses skype.
Do you have discord? Or something that isn't dead.. or do I really gotta commit and bring back my skype app on my phone to deal w/ u (I will if I have to).

Happy 1 year closer to legal drinking, it's a friendly reminder that you're gonna die soon. heart
OFC you're like the only friend I've made on Gaia that hasn't died to the point I cannot reach them outside of this lul.
Glad I wasn't too late :3c

Life has been rough but I'm still good.
You are my penpal, my uglie boi. JAPAN HAS BEDS TOO TF. I do like sleeping on the floor tho tbh.
overwaifu Report | 02/02/2018 6:52 pm
I FINALLY CAME BACK TO CHECK UP ON THIS CRAP PLACE lowkey miss you cause i got no friends LMAO hope youre good ugly
overwaifu Report | 12/08/2016 1:57 am
I magically came around and saw that you didn't die like the scrub you are.
I lightweight hoped you'd come back. You can't be dead without my permission first. :^/
overwaifu Report | 12/07/2016 8:12 pm
I hope life has been kicking your butt. emotion_bigheart
overwaifu Report | 05/10/2016 9:43 pm
Hell yeah I'd support you like that.
I'll even be the pole for you, fam.

Let me stick to my nursing life, I love the smell of latex and urine.
If I quit, you can take care of me, right?
overwaifu Report | 05/07/2016 9:51 pm
Ooooh, daddy sacrifice me.

Yah hunny, I'd come see you spread that cheeks and find out why you got an A in that class. I'll support you in the same ways you would support me.
DAMN RIGHT YOU GOT THE FACE FOR IT. Look at that beak and your dark, hollow eyes. It's screaming 'take me'.

Nah don't drop out, you can do both. That's how much confidence I have in you, fam.
overwaifu Report | 05/07/2016 12:21 pm
Cam girls make soooo much omg. That and pole dancer has crossed my mind, tbh. rofl
You should be a pole dancer.
overwaifu Report | 05/06/2016 11:29 pm
oh you were serious. LOL. sure, teach me kouhai.
whenever you're free, i support the little bean that is my pimp daddy. emotion_c8



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