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Judging someone doesn't define who they are. It defines who you are.

Hey Gaians! So, some information about myself:
For one, I'm older than I look. 21 to be exact. Haha. I'm a Capricorn, in Ravenclaw, and an ENFP. Being the person I am, I do my best to help people as much as possible. I AM VERY FRIENDLY. So I add people I see I have a lot in common with, or am interested in talking to. I'm really bad at starting conversations online, though I'm the opposite in person. I'm a self-taught musician, lyricist, choreographer, mangaka (an anime comic artist,) learning multilingual, writer, and photographer. I am a very inspired person. I love to cosplay, go to conventions, play videogames, pet cats, and listen to Asian bands. Music and God are my life. I attend a lot of music events and concerts. I'm doing everything within my potential to begin an inspired generation who will become the inspiration for others. I am who I am and that will never change. I respect unique people. I admire all the people out there who aren't afraid to be themselves. They're the new future.

-I was one of the very last people to hang out with, and be the last merch girl for Christina Grimmie. Unfortunately, she tragically passed away the day after. My heart has never felt so lonely. Please Subscribe to her Youtube and check out her videos and music. It would mean the world to me. Rest in peace girl. I'll see you again soon in no time. I/

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Attention!: A few people have asked me for signs in the past, but I do not do them unless I offer to do them myself. Also, I'm in a relationship. So please respect that. I'm just here for friends and fun c:

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~Love isn't about finding the perfect person. It's about finding the imperfect person, perfect.~

"Live, Love, Be, Believe." ~Cruxshadows

Collecting any and all unwanted bugs, inks, and charms! c:
My Questing Thread is Here <3

P.S. You're amazing and beautiful, inside and out. Always remember that! heart

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