*Note: what you're about to read below is from me way back when...yes it's cringe-worthy but leaving it there for the memories of youth sweatdrop

ELLOS!!!!!!!!!! <3
whateva way you has stumbled onto meh profi,
you shall naos be cursed by reading my about meh >:3
muahahahahahahaha O<

name: lily <3
age: i'm old enough to drink, how bout dat wink
gender: female
likes: awesome people (like lilly), drawing, nature(ish), famileh, and other stuff O<
dislikes: bishes, @$$#0135, annoying stuck-up people, ....you get the point D;
pixel-likes: donations, uber-nice people, gifties! <3, and other stuff ;D
pixel-dislikes: same as rl dislikes D;

meh BFF(for life) is lilly (FANTASY- M i N T -) <-----yes, that tis her username ;D
LILLEH ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ish like sissies! >.<
and yes.......she would LOVEEEEEEEE DONATIONS!!!!!!! (lilly: or i'll kill you)

mah sissies are....<3
pixel: Commandant Alex
real life/pixel: FANTASY- M i N T - (cause she pwns ;D)

lilleh typed:
BUT LILLY IS BETTER. (lily typed: no she isn't -_-)
just kidding. <3
um, lilly helped lily with making a cheap avatar. :'D or kind of cheap avatar because lily already had the super expensive stuff. <3
soooo, if you need help making a cheap avvie, seek MISSTUR LILLY (FANTASY- M i N T -). the words in the parenthesis.
NOW PHEAR MEEE. i mean the lil(l)erss. >DD
have a nice day~! :333

<3333; lily and lilly!

Current Quest: 1mil

RECEIVED ARTSIES! <3 (in journal)

I hope that you can donate to my dream avatar. heart

Help me get this avi!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 471,252 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Moonstone Borealis
Simple Pink Skirt
Cherry Blossom
Neutral Striped Legwarmers
Dashing Gentleman Pink Tourmaline Tie
Rose And Pink Reversible Bracelets
That 70s White Shirt
Demonic Anklets
Pink Strapless Bra
Flashion Rose
Crimson Red Pimpin' Cane
Green Triangles Clown Makeup (low)
Those Black 90s Gloves
Green Galoshes
Neo Punk Sock
Black Leather Belt
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Vest
Sakura Blossom Hairpin
October Birthstone Crown
Sacred Leaf

After that avi, I would like to finish these:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 2,261,324 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fallen Wish
Nartian Rock 3rd Gen.
Noel's Gift 5th Gen.
Satin Hairbow
Elegant Snowy Cravat
Gold Hoop Earrings
Doll Ears
Elegant Pearl Strand Bracelet
Silver Bracelet
Jenny's Innocent Clamshell Purse
Thick Pink Winter Socks
Iced Sugarplum Puff Sleeves
Daisy's Sunny Gloves
Decorative Daisy
Soothing Blue Nurse Uniform
Yellow Spacey Body Suit Leggings
Mint Frilled hat
Benkei's Vest Cream
SuperStar Orange Tint Shades
Shell Collection
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Mint Buttercream Rose
Candy Pink Sweet Lace Bloomers
Angelic Manner
Jenny Doll

heart ~Donators~ heart
BabiPookie- heart
Exploding Fruit Cups- heart , 700gold
Iolanthe Choiseul- heart
Karma_Stirke-mecha form, heart-shaped box of sweets, enchanted book 2nd gen., zOMG rumble box, CHYAKU NORISU SCARF!!!! <------TOTALLY LUV HER! heart
kayeekay15- heart
Laquia- heart
Inexcusably KiWi- heart
Panic Like Kitty-Chan- heart
EmO_016- heart
Naruto9tail9- heart , grace of aphrodite
I Dysfunktional I- heart
Angelic Sanity- heart
l-l-l-ash-l-l-l - heart
Quacky_Attacky- heart
iRomeighla-trash,bugs,mall guitar
A Shadows Lost Soul-Wedding Doves and Rings
Logan_Hellraiser-Jack's 2k7 Headphones
Castration Barbie-1k, flowers
Vampire-obsessed-Molly --liquid hot sandals, moss longsleeve baggy shirt, crossed sports bra
Charliefailedmath-100 gold
sinonyx-4,700 gold, Holy Gauntlets <----------------luv her NOW! >.<
Darre-cloud, green corrallus egg 2nd gen., 8k <--------luv her! heart
s p i i f f e h - d a n g o-5k
Lunar of the Sea-gold mountain spaded tie
AdamsAngel269-summer top, starter shorts, teal prom dress, jenny open toe shoes, Barph, angel imp plulshie, devil imp plushie
Nurse Pandapple-spirited 2k7 scarf
hXc-Marshmellow---190 gold
bubblewafflecake-37.6k, Enchanted Strings, DEMONIC ANKLETS! <---------donate to her! biggrin
riselka-red heart balloon
[Skarekrow] --doll ears, bunches of random stuff XD
Rosie_xO-blue inks
xxUnforgottenNinjaxx-1,845 gold
Altru Mind-tiny pixie wings
dementedkat-25k, COCO KITTY PLUSHIE <--------praise and luv her until the ends of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile heart
nina nailo-let it snow <----------bow down to her! smile
Commandant Alex(sissy rukia :])-biancamella 6th gen., 1k, cuttlefish, White Bun-Bun Plushie, 2 Thank You Letters for December 2008, zOMG! Ribbon, Pink Sweetheart Teddy <------------huggle/glomp/donate to her! smile
Misstres death-random stuff xd
Ahhthecrazyness- 500 gold
Love_Less162- 4.5k
Ayakes- 500 gold
The American Soldier- 1k
rogarn7(mama :])- Yokai's Treasure, Pora Ice 4th gen. >.<
IICARRIONII- cuttlefish! :]
richelley- cuttlefish!, magical girl :]
Insanity-Exe : GO Phones, tangled lights, ORLY? Hat, Experiment gen. ? <--------tackle him now! XD
Kiya_Sanaki_Hanami : 5k! <3
Alex on Mars: Black Strapless Bra
emo-guy3: Light Purple Leg Warmers
drummingpanda: Stealth UtraViolet Pants
i M i S T Y i : Suspenders
Emergency Sugar Rush: Berry Tavern Wench's Bustier, Black Single Loop Tied Belt, Red Class Sock, Labu Necklace, Black Pleated Tennis Skirt, Charred Tundra Boots <--------------totally glomp her! <3
Mimuss: Blue Strapless Bra, Soft Blue Underpants
Le Toxique: 1.2k
II vivi II: cuttlephones, 1k
Roman Mercy: 11k! <------u rock the town! XD
Shiny Plastic Guns: 4.2k :]
KawaiiXGore: Holy $#17 (1st gen.), Angel Imp Plushie, 3k <------luv him! <3
Lollipop Dino: 10k <-------she rocks like hell, bby! :]
DeathstaIker: 1k, Tuga the Narwhal Plush, and other stuff :]
realtygirlforever: several bolt deodorants :]
HELLO x KAFFY: 7k :]
The Olm: 2k :]
Pg-chan: lotsa stuff XD, Gray Torque Top, Sunflower, Bouncy Antennae
Diabolical Diamonds: 15k! x3
Delinquent Sins: lotsa stuff XD
dramaqueen06: Plate of Cookies and Milk XD
-Beloved Abbadon-: 30k, Thank You Letter for June 2009 <----------- O: amazing
Wildflower of Doom: 8k :]
Ariel Liastri: 1k
Catfrog28: stuff XD
H A R U - H A V O C: Midsummer Swirl <--------praise this person! O:
x-C r a z i e: stuff x3
Candied Rick: lots of pretty good stuff <-----give this man a hand! :]
CookieMonsters Go RAWR: 1k, and more stuff! <3 <----luvly....plain luvly
Vulpachu: 10k O: ah-mazing
iGenericUsername: stuff, 200g
Valdas Vis: August Birthstone Crown
Colon Condom: 1k
Milfoil Souichiro: stuffers!, 100g
Yan mi: 500g
Demonic Bag of Chips: stuff XD
MaiyaSantia: White Prom Dress
Inverse Rainbows: 1.5k
dbiz7persona: Lovely Genie Embroidered Vest
Hayato Sakashi: stuff XDDDDD
demondave11: stuff :]
Blakaize: 500g :]
fai_rox_my_sox: vest, bangle
Celyndria: 1k
II vivi II: stuff :]
eNeNwhY: 1k :]
Nerpin: rainbow and cry mood bubbles :]
LOVEstatic: stuff to sell x3
DS43: 10k! O:
The Pirate Kuei: 10k! O:
Xx Fallen Nightmare xX: 10k! O:
silverhawkangel: DEMONIC PENDANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i give you my soul <3333333)
Aeoneh: stuff XD
AnonymouslyBetter: 10k! O:
Ipidus Sapien: 2k, doves ;D
Z-chan269: 500g and hairpins ;D
xX_Amateratsu_Ure_Xx: 2.5k and carrot
Dixie H: Gold and Black Gentleman's Cane
(anonymous): Plasma Gear
WhiteXTC: random stuffers 8D
Evelyn Dashwind: 5k, Gentlemen's Warehouse Flirty Suit, books
Empress Endwater: LOTS of free stuff....THANKS SO MUCHO!!!!!!!!! <3
PKUD3AD: stuff 8D
u n c r e a m e d: Starmony ilu <3
xXxisayhixXx: clown makeup and reversible bracelets <3
whee You guys rock! whee


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Above the Rainy Clouds :]

Above the Rainy Clouds :]

I am the rain-maker above the clouds....when i cry, it rains....when i am happy, it shines. Keep it from raining by making me happy with donations...or else you will be thunder-struck! &amp;) This is who i am....this is how i live....


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