real name:Crystal McHotness
age:14(dats my fake age im actually 16 yrs old XD)
grade:8 grade(middle skool)(actually im not in middle skool! XD im in high skool im jus pretendin 2 b in middle skool im in da 10th grade high skool)
im from los angeles
fave color:black,blue
fave music:rock punck metal music(any kind juss as long as its METAL!!!!!!)
has a kool iphone 4g
hobby:loves playin video games,hangin out wit my totally LAME(but popular)Bffs,spends most time textin and listenin 2 music,skateboards
fave song:Aly & AJ-Potential Breakup Song & Chemicals React(only fave song dat isnt punck rock metal)
fave flower:a flower dat is super dark and has a lot of thorns(a metallic black rose or dead thorny plant XDhehe)