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I love Winx Club (obviosly), but I also love Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles, Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and so many other Japanese anime. Im a bit of a wierd, dorky, nut, but that's why my friends love me. I have many close friends and we even give nicknames to each other based on charicters from various shows. For the two girls I usualy hang with, we use names from Fushigi Yugi. Im Miaka, and the others are Nuriko, and Chiriko. As for the other group I usualy talk with , Im Angel, and the other three girls are Cool Cat & Bunny Boo, Pretty Princes, and Skittles. Sometimes we take diffrent names, just to see who we think the other person would be in other anime's, but we usualy use the Bratz names. I love all my girlz, and as far as I know, they love me.
Lately Ive been wrighting my on continuation of Cardcaptor Sakura. Ive got a few diffrent seasons writen, but I need to make filler episodes. Basicaly, Syaoron moves back to Japan, he and Sakura are now an item, and Sakura meets new friends, new enemies, and gains new powers aswell. Oh, and something happens in the second season that alows Syaoran to use the cards again. I wrote this and I still scream when I think of some of the stuff in it. I'll be taking a break from video making so I can type up the main story and put it on my personal website, so if you are interested, all my girls think it's good so far, and so do the YouTube users who have commented on it, so try checking it out at sometime buy clicking on the link below. Or you can search for me on Deviant Art.


I have a new Cardcaptor Sakura based fan fic that I am working on. Here is an exerpt from the first chapter.


Our story begins early in the morning as the sun rises over a small town home. Inside what could be recognized as a girl's room, a ten year old girl slept. This girl had short, light brown hair, and looked very pretty. The alarm clock on the head of the girl's bed went off, and the girl reached over to turn it off before crawling back into bed. Just as she had done this, the door to her room opened and a man walked in and sat on the girl's bed while trying to wake her. The man had short brown hair and deep brown eyes, which had a gentle feel about them.

"Hanna. Time to get up."

"Five more minutes."

"Come on Hanna, you've got school today."

"Can't I just stay home today? Please Dad?"

"Sorry Hanna, but not even birthday girls get to stay home from school"

Hanna sat up and opened her eyes to reveal the same deep brown eyes her father had. As her dad left the room, a young boy who looked to be about five ran in to Hanna's room. The boy looked like Hanna's father, except his eyes were emerald green.

"Come on monster dad said get up."

"Seiru! I told you not call me that!"

Hanna threw her pillow at Seiru, who could only be her younger brother. Now Hanna was too awake to fall back asleep, so she decided to get up and get ready for school.

Hanna ran downstairs to find her father and brother sitting at the kitchen table. Behind the counter was a very pretty woman with the same short, light brown hair as Hanna, and the same emerald green eyes as Seiru. She also looked to be with child.

"Good morning Hanna."

"Morning Mom."

"Happy birthday sweetie."

"Thanks Mom."

Hanna sat down at the table with her father and brother as her mother served the pancakes she had just made. She walked over to her husband and kissed him, while Hanna and Seiru groaned in disgust.

"Morning Syaoran."

"Morning Sakura."


For more of this new story titled Cardcaptor Hanna, you can check it out on my Deviant Art site http://winxc1ub.deviantart.com or look for Cardcaptor Hanna(or Cardcaptor Chronicles) in the Gaia fanfiction forums.



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Dire tifa
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