⊰Basic Character Information:

[[»]True Name: Winter Blooms
Rose Court Former The Yellow Rose.
[»]Warrior Class: White Sage / Green Mage


[»]Appeared Age: 16
[»]Actual Age: 300 Years Old
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Sexuality: Straight
[»]Zodiac: Virgo
[»]Place of Birth: The Wood
[»]Race: Elf
[»]Height: 5’1
[»]Weight: 145
[»]Build: Voluptuous
[»]Skin Color: Tan
[»]Natural Eye Color: Ashy Blue.
[»]Natural Hair Color: White
[»]Hair Length: Long
[»]Hair Style: Ponytail, front braids on bangs.
[»]Defining Facial Features: Tattoo of Yggdrasil on forehead.
[»]Dominant Hand: Left

[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Timid
[»] Kawaii
[»] Caring
[»] Playful
[»] Trusting

[→] Likes:
[»] Flowers
[»] Bunnies
[»] Fluffy things
[»] Colorful socks

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Conflict
[»] War
[»] The color "Grey"

[→] Quotes:
"Hope is all we need to be definitely worth something some day!"

[→]Brief Biography:
Winter was once apart of the Rose Court. As the Yellow Rose. But due to her insensitivity to Leadership her court crumbled. As of now she wanders the ruins of the great land of Fuka. Looking for her Brother as of turn of events it was revealed she was from a royal bloodline of Elves. As she search’s for answers of who she really is & where her brother has gone. She found herself meeting a Elf perhaps her next chapter is about to begin.

White Sage Abilities :
Curage: "Mighty breeze, heal from the sky! " [Heals a large amount of damages]
Rebirth of Valhalla : “From the ash’s of war, bring forth the noble man’s score. Open the gates and change the effects of discord! Yam eht eiryklav ginrb uoy eomh! “ [Brings back a fallen comrade]
Regen: "Share lives with all things in nature.."
[Causes cells to enhance to heal wounds quicker]
Protect "Shining light, shield from all directions! " [Barrier againest Phyical attacks]
Shell "Enduring light, shield from roaring magic! "[Barrier againest Magical attacks]
Wall: "Ancient light, rise and revive! " [Fusion between Protect & Shell]
Esuna: "Heavenly wind, carry us to fountain of power! " [Curse Poisens & Hex's ]
Holy: "Bright light, shine down on bloody impurity! " [ Winter's Ultimate Attack, Celestial Beam will erase anything it touches her purity is amplified via the Yggdrasil Staff. ]

[Disclaimer : Winter can ONLY bring back dead RPC’ ONLY UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!
1. The fallen warrior must have a CONFIRM death.
2.The fallen warrior body must be INTACT.
3. The fallen warrior CANNOT be dead longer then a YEAR.
4. The spell will not be able to reverse any prior scars or diseases.
5. When you are revived you will be dependent on your own powers.
6. This spell CANNOT bring back any fallen gods or goddess- djinns or anything that is not mortal.
7. This Gift Winter possesses is extremely costly to her. The effects of this spell will render her powerless for at least a week.
8. The returning RPC will be weaken at first returning back to the realm of the living but will regain there power from before. But as a price a black curse mark will appear on there back. The mark will take on a marking resembling Yggdrasil if the vessel of the rebirth does not listen to the terms of use, Winter can easily revert the spell thus turning the user into a willow tree.
9. If Winter is killed by battle ALL vessels will revert to trees.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLANT MAGIC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[Disclaimer Winter, Powers are based off of her emotions!]

Root Bomb!
Winter summons roots from the ground that ensnare the target. The roots have a timer (180 seconds) that only stops when Winter is defeated. If the timer reaches zero, an enormous explosion ensues.

Tree Fist Attack!
Winter summons a massive fists from a tree to punch her target. She can also create multiple, smaller tree fists to pummel their target as well

Vine Whips!
Winter summons large flowers from the ground which, upon opening, sprout long, thick vines that are launched towards the target and used to restrain them, The spell can also be used in conjunction with Flytrap, as the vines can be used to drag the ensnared target into the carnivorous plant for consumption.

Fly Trap!
Winter summons a plant with massive "petals", with a row of rounded teeth on their inner sides and massive spikes on their outer ones. This proceeds to attack the target by closing its petals on them. The flytrap then proceeds to close, penetrating and beginning to devour the target.

Watchful Flower!
Winter can sprout flowers from the ground, which, when blooms, reveals an eye, allowing her to spy on their intended target.

Seed Pummel!
Winter uses her slingshot and shoots seeds on the ground, which then grow into large vines with fists, pummeling the opponent into the ground.

Acid Spores!
Spores enter the battlefield via Winters mouth / flower heads she summons as they multiply and double. They begun to cover the area a moldy acid will begin to decay all objects they touch. Distinegration will happen will happen even if breath in. Attacking the vital organs of the victims.

Razor Leafs!
Leafs can be sent at her targets like ninja stars.


Staff Of Yggdrasil: A staff shaped and casted by the Viera the staff appears Golden in the light yet it is brown as it was made by a root by the universal tree. Infused with Mana from the tree, which enhances Winter's magical abilities.

Slingshot: A basic slingshot used to launch acorns & seeds.


Acorns & her current weapons.