Stuff About Me

Hi! ^-^
Welcome to my Pagie!
It's Nice to have you come by.
Okies here's a little info about me:
My name is : Chee Yang
Pic of Me:
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My Nicknames are: Chi Chi, Kenji, Kimchi, and Chickie
Oh and my guy nick name my friend gave me was: Richie * I like to spell it like that *
I was born on: December 11, 1991.
I was born in: Sacramento, California.
My hometown is: Sacramento (still living in the same place ahahaha)
Some things I like: music, playing music, making up my own music, draw, watch dramas, play sports, etc.
My favorite music is: mostly music with beat, piano, guitar, etc. (iono)
My Dream Guy(lol): (TaeYang) (mine)
I like: fun people(my friends), having fun, talking I hate: arguing with people over little things, I don't like negative people, etc. Okies I'm done for now with writing, I'm kind of lazy.

I'll update later <{'-')>Peace! *Scroll down to see TaeYang a.k.a SOL*
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