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i apologise for my graphic intense profile! but that's the way i like it.... i am a j-rock whore.

my name is winnie. not win and not winifred. so don't call me that.

Win-nie [win-nee]
1. pleasant, easily excitable, eccentric, kooky, shy, friendly individual of the XX chromosome variety.
2. black haired, brown eyed, approx. 165cm tall, 16 year old, asian, female.
3. daughter, friend, grandchild, cousin, niece.
4. complete and utter NARUTARD

current loves: mitch hewer, sora, keyblades, guys with pretty voices that play the piano or acoustic guitar, pretty harmonies awww..., final fantasy X, auron-everyone likes auron =], gordon ramsay lol

i love anime and at the moment i have an extremely unhealthy obsession with kakashi hatake from naruto and any narutoXyakuza pics. trust me ninjas suits guns=hot. i recently started collecting kokeshi dolls and i have an impressive number of two dolls.. i like cute, collectable things and pretty much anything with bows and polka dots. i recently started yr 11 and i am scared out of my ******** brains, all this future talk is terrifying. im reasonably sure that when i "grow up" i want to become an animator but sincerely doubt that im any good. if that doesnt work out i have a back up plan of opening a shop with friends [provided they still want to at the time] that sells anime, manga, cosplay costumes and other cute little things. heres hoping i dont ******** it up. the place id like to visit most is japan and im hoping to go there after year 12 with friends as a reward for finishing high school. i love my computer and would go crazy without. my new years resolutions are to put more effort into school, learn how to use photoshop and to generally be a better person.

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