Hey There You Beautiful Charming adorable and friendly People of the world I am a Beautiful and Lovely Charming and Dearing beautiful Celestial Mira Gargoyle or Know as a Nightwind Mira Gargoyle and a Angelic Being Daughter and a Mistress of the Shadows and A Very Rare Breed of Holy Angelic Gargoyle and a Shadow Gargoyle Blend a bit and a Rare Orgin side of Maroon Gargoyle who had to be very much protected from the evil of the sauns and a very endearing an Special Mana Heir to her Niece Vivian Phoenix fire and a Dragon Goddess of shadows and Now is a Mana Goddess and a Dragon Mana Goddess and a Goddess of Life and a Goddess of wisdom like anthana and a Goddess of Roses and a Goddess of all fairies and a Mira Dutchess and a Shadow Dutchess and a Dragon Queen and Dragon Countess and a Shadow Maiden of the Shadow ways and Now the First female Ethereal in the ways of the shadowness and darkness a Bit and a Rare Kind of Nightwind mistress and a Shadow angel and a Golden angel and a celestial queen and a Divine Mistress of the Light Ways Dragon Mage and a Legendary Dragon sage a bit and all and a Golden Wolf Bat Demoness like inuyasha and his brother sess and their Matter and she is also a very rare Vampiress Dragoness and a Young female demoness and a nice one too to people and there nature and there spirit and Maybe a Demon Princess a bit who knows she is a Very Special Female Gargoyle she was Under the Care and Love of Vivian Phoenix fire Brought Xander Phoenix fire for Most of Her endearing and young Gargoyle Hatchling child hood and raised her like her like his own Daughter My Lovely and enchanted Name is of the Most royal Line and a royal status and Beautiful Name of Maroon Rosemarie Phoenix fire. Also know as Lady Countess or Lady Vampiress Countess or Lady Dragoness Maroon Rosemarie Phoenix fire

Yes I know your Thinking why is she a Celestial Mira gargoyle or a Nightwind mira Gargoyle and a Angelic being and a Shadow Being as well as a Mistress of the shadows and a and a Mira Mistress and a Mistress of the light and the Mystical ways of the Magical energys around her body and all and a Very regal and Nature of a very fine Royal princess and regal noble and a Very Rare Orgin power to destory all evil chaos and all and she is also a Dragon goddess of the Shadows and a Vampiress Dragoness cause of Being bitten by a Vampire Dragon and a Dragon Princess and Maybe a Shadow Princess (who knows cause her mother never told her a bit) and with bits of Shadow Lycan and Vampiress and Were Pyre and Dragoprye and all as well her true Mother Angelica Annemarie Phoenix fire was a Mira woman Gargoyle she is a Shadow Princess and a Goddess of Time and space and she is angelic being and Has time and shadow and angelic Power and she also work with the Demon Hunter Dante Her Father is a Celestial Being and a Nightwind breed of gargoyle He also Had a Dark evil Assassin side which he had extraction for a good daughter and a celestial knight By the Name of Hudson Phoenix fire. but unfortunate that was Pasted to her so she Had the evil Black winged female Gargoyle remove from herself to keep herself pure and Not Being a Tainted one and being as sweet as possible to the kindness of her soul and heart and to keep the scarred trait that are part of her kind and her spirit as gentle as a soft kind lamb and sweet goatling and Must be keep very Pure and relax for the time of her transtion and her deepest truth of the Gargoyle lady Maroon and What she is the new truth of the relation she has with her family and her study spells and the world around her and to be the special goddess of the world inbetween land and sea and the parts of Peace and Non Chaotic life style is hers to control and is anti chaotic in her style and grace and Happiness while she lives around her beloved family and friends and Her Pokemon and Her Bakuguans and Her Duel Monsters and Her New Beyblade spirits and all who love her and Beleve in her top gold and her Powers.

and Keep Her Trait true to her Nature and of her Order and balance and to be true with all the Nature Creatures she hung out with and was Taught to be in tune with Nature By the Kind Forest Elves that taught her how to cook all delicious food and Make Herbal remedies and things and Potions while with them and to be in tune with all of the Nature around her and in tune with her spirit as well. And the surrounding world of Nature and light they Taught her meaning of the worlds value and timing to her true destiny and heart and believing and the Delicious world of elf cooking and Potion Brewing and the Herbal ways of the medicine and life bringing into the world she was in tune with and the special ways and Taught and to bring her inner kindess and light out of her to be in touch with the nature around her and all that is to be and to bear in mine and Her Tranquility is part of the life and being cycle of her nature and Natural trueness and all the Hold dear and True in her Nature of Order and Peace and a Non Chaotic Nature and the feeling of True Happiness and order and Light and Balance of the world and the Peace and good food of the world and the Nature of the Harmony of the balance of the spirits and the energy of the Mana and the mystical feeling that is part of her world

The is also Half of The Luna Mana spirit in Maroon linking her to special things that only Luna would know of with her and the abilities of the healing ways and of the glow she does a bit and she is grateful to be Part of the Natural element order as well as the true Heavenly body she is and to become and so forth. And when her day comes she will shine like a beaked of hope and love to the entire world and all. And she is a very special daughter of the light and the hope off all shimmering and sparkling light fairies and the day of the right. And the true love and nature of the peace of the light and the soul that is with the young Luna Mana spirit holder in her she is transforming to what a true been is and all in her heart and soul a bit and Sparkle the true lights of heaven and earth to be safe from the evil sauns who want nothing but to destroy her Heritage and spirit and all of what she truly is to be a Dark and Chaotic Warrior of Evil and Destruction and Having the Heartless run over you as well is not what need in the world and all

The Evil and destructive powers of the evil chaos and all to enslave the world and ruin it with the pure evil and the nightmares of the world is at stake and the Pure souls of the world can not take the evil of the Blood Thirsty savage sauns to rule the world and the lands the gates must remain close for it to stay good and kind and all that is very true and kind to the realms of the world and the hope and the Nature of the things to be true and Caring for the world and the time that has happen to all this beautiful and peaceful world we lived in

Just Like Tammabukku the creator of that World Ninnturu lord of all dragon assemble at Noble Ebebu dragons (good dragons) and the foul Salmu dragons together (Evil Dragons). these dragons were hunted for centuries by the humans so the lord of all dragon made this world for them but the ungrateful salmu dragons took the four symbol gems of earth wind and ice and fire away and it was there task to restore peace and Harmony to the world

There are very Special dragons in the world that are link with the young and sweet Maroon as she grows older in the world there are a star dust dragon and a black rose dragon and a arch fiend dragon and a ancient fairy dragon and a black wing dragon these dragon belong to 5 signer of the crimson dragon holders people who are battling earth bond immortals and the dark signers and all.

Maroon is a special girl with her own special hybrid of a dragon signer dragon a bit a half blue eye and red eye mix one to help her. And a special mark of her owns of the signer a twin ravas singer mark and all and the dragon by her is the twinravas dragon a bit as well. Now due to sector security they mark her with a tracking mark for entering new domino city and all she woke up in the satellite with amnesia and all and her dueling skills are reaching a peak and all that is becoming of her and she is also mark by the crimson dragon now and the way she is to be and all she has created many types of dueling decks and has many duel disk and duel runner parts to aid her and has made good friends and some enemies and all

Also due to a evil mad scientist of the past the kidnapped her and implanted a dino dna called a raptor into her she cant be put under stress and will change to a raptor a bit and also don't feed her raw foods or the change will happen and she is a bit like marluxia a bit due to the raptor dna in her and she has to keep stress free or the Raptor of His Wife maroon will come out to play and feed on you. And maybe even hunt you down and all thanks to the evil science people of the time in her young life and ruin the young childhood by those evil nasty experimentation on her to make her into a killer dino hunter that is so carnivorous and unfriendly to people and they also feed her human flesh and blood bleak and Believe Me it is no fun when your wife turn to a dino and has to feed on things

And Also the Bad Vampires who Tainted her soul and spirit to hosted a Vampire queen spirit to make her into there new queen and to live with them she was not to get too angry or she would become it and be very evil and drink alot of blood. she can not become it and destory the world and make it into a very evil place to live and all

She is a very sweet and lovable friend type of hybrid Gargoyle/dragon and she loves everyone a lot with all her Kind spirted Nature and Heart and will love everyone she is in with contact and nature of heart and soul and she is least trusting of the Evil Blood Thirsty Tainted Hearten Saun Family though due to how she was treated and all she was Put through a Miserable ness Pain Training and endurance a bit she wanted nothing to do with that and they were also forcing her to fuse her powers as one force. due to that training and the misery she was put on her Locked away her Innocent and Bonding spirited within her chained up and she was so alone and low self esteem too she wanted to focus upon her true Nature and powers and she doesn't want a Broken heart or she'll begin to fade into a Mere shadow of herself and she is also very fearful of a black widow beetle which can acidic her blood and possible kill her and with a nightshade claymore if it puncher her hand she can Cause her a Nasty Mutation into a zombie she is also a under the Wesker's Virus for now until cure soon of weskers virus. She is also a grand Pokemon Trainer and contest coquarnator and champion of the contests she has been she traveled the Kanto johto and hoen regain and shinnion regain unvoa regain .

Now she can Turn into a cold Ice dragon at will and can turning into a Very Beautiful Silver plump top head and Blue eye and gold with a rainbow tail Bird Called a Angel Bird she is the Most special and young female to get to know and she loves presents and gift of things given to her by love ones

and due to the Golden and orange elder dragon bestowing a special dragon gemstone mark gives her the ability to turn to a very pretty and dazzling gemstone dragon who beautiful gemstone skin is very valuable and pretty looking

Also Never ever try to do much teeing of to the vampiress side of maroon or it will trigger a very nasty change to a vampire queen the way to fix it with her is to used Luna’s Moon to pure it and to keep it kind hearted and sweet. And loving and true to maroon nature a bit and all unless you want to invoked the Wrath of The Vampire Queen and all

Here Favorite kinds of Yummy and delicious foods of Course are : Were Longara Meat Dishes and Luna Longara Meat Dishes and Now Sol Longara a new type of Meaty dish for her taste Bud Wilda beast and antelope and of course delicious Deer Meat and some other yummy Meats as well and Human Base Dishes and Mira Dishes and Celestial Dishes and Demon Dishes (for Her Demon Side) and Dragon Dishes (for Her Dragons side) and anything that is super garlic taste and for Her Angelic Sides and she is Proud of Her roots she has and Dino side dishes a bit and Her Werewolf side and her Vampiress side of course too and a Aquatic side and all and Her Birdy and goddess sides and demi goddess sides as well

Ice pops are another liking of hers she enjoys the fruity taste of the ice pops or very sweet and tropical pops or Very Creamy and Chocolate or Strawberry or Bloody as her Vampire side may want and some very Rare Frozen Meat Flavored Pops may come in mind due to were wolf and dragon sides a bit but nothing with salt in it and real tasty fruits to eat like bananas and peaches and apples and grapes and watermelons or celestial melons or a hybrid tomato melon course of a tomatoes and watermelon. And delicious Dark chocolate dipped blood filled pops and some sweet Lemon and spiced iced pops and some Mango and passion fruit pops and Some Delicious Marinated Beef and Steak gravy pops and some new Pomerade fruit a little sweet and sour blend fruit. And some honey dip chicken and Pepsi Mango delight. Sweet Honey and Delicious Honey Cakes and Grilled Smoked salmon and Grilled Rainbow trout of course. Squid fried soba and almond jelly and Delicious Other fruit and vegetables to eat. and a good old fashion spicy chilly a bit and delicious groumade foods and she loves some spicy meatballs and a delicious fresh green garden spinach salad with a delicious lemon and oil and vinegar and garlic and pepper blend dressing for her anemic a Very Rare Delicious salad she make sometimes with butter crunch lettuce and curly tango lettuce and red tomatoes and peppers and golden saturate onions and sweet cashews and drizzled with vampire blood dressing and she loves to enjoy some delicious sweet bloody filled dumpling sprinkled with a deep rich dark chocolate powdering on top of it Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken with Herb roasted Potatoes on the side of it and she loves the Taste if Delicious golden Buttery rich noodles blended with Herbs and garlic and a bit of Cajun pepper and she Loves delicious Tomato and Meatball pasta with a hint of spicy stuff and oregano and warm buttery Garlic Beard and a special Princess Bride drink cocktail a mixture of blood and tropical punch a bit she also love Bloody Vampire Style sloppy Joe burgers mix with a special blend of spices and herbs and she love delicious Sweet Mangos dipped in a Honey and chocolate and coated with nuts and all and delicious Blood center chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting a pool of candy blood in the center of the layers and a ripe starwberry in the middle of it she loves the Sweet Tasty of chocolate Maple lolly pops and of course sugar Strawberry blood lolly pops and Dark chocolate blood lolly pops and a rich delicious chocolate blood pudding she makes and all and she love chocolate frude blood ripple ice cream as well as Wolf Berry Chocolate ice cream with nuts in it as well and Wolf Berry Fudge Ripple as well she loves rich and deep and savory Spiced blend and Herb Roasted Meat Sandwich heavy on the meat gravy on a delicious hoggie sandwich bread mix with well balanace spices and cheese and a Delicious Bloody Cheese sandwich with lettuce tomatoes and pickales and sweet neillie deer blood and sub hoggie sauce on it on fresh baked hoggie bread she loves sweet delicious Honey and Nut Dipped Doughnuts wholes and a verifications of different foods and meals to enjoy and she loves butter shrimp and dipping sauce a bit and she loves sweet Honey rice balls and very Tasty Vegetable noodle soup with salted crackers and all and a Delicious Blood spiced Olive Meat loaf very delicious on two slices of rich whole seasoned wheat bead with delicious lettuce and tomatoe on it and very sweet Apples she found in her journays one is a golden honey suckle apple a very sweet and honey tasting apple that is good for her special apple cookies and apple pies and cakes and delicious golden Marsala apple very good for making Delicious pies and cider and a blood apple a little tart and sweet but good and her special hybrid apple a sweet blood apple a crossed bread of all three apple see great for sweet blood apple cider and warm ciders. she also loves grilled buttery lobsters and she loves delicious warm toasty french cinnamion bread with warm honey on it and she loves grilled and spiced Were longara steaks on a long hoggie bread with meat gravy on it and fresh cheese on it and tomatoes and delicious Were longara Lasagna with delicious cheese and red tomato sauce and all and blood Lasagna a delicious rare noodles and cheese and blood tomato sauce and vegatables mix in and meat delicious Hickory smoked bacon and delicious eggs and with toast with honey and butter and delicious glass of fresh oj and she love with a passion delicious golden mackerel with spice and butter on it on a herbal long hoggie bread with fresh butter sweet lettuce and xander delicious cream lemon sauce on it delicious Honey Nut toasted seed Crunchy Bar and a delicious very sweet Ripe delicious Angel Golden Honey Baked apples with berry pie and delicious Warm lemon and garlic dressing on top of delicious sweet butter crunch lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber and pine nuts and delicious sweet slice berries salad and delicious Zesty Were Longara and Garlic and herb meatloaf with a red delicious tomato sauce on it and delicious yummy grilled buttery lobster on a slice of toast with fresh lemon zesty on it and she loves delicious blood strawberry jelly on a slice of rich toasted honey lemon bread honey lemon bread delicious Herb Tomato blood Meatloaf on toast sandwich Chocolate cherry blood balls and Spicy cinnamon balls and delicious sweet Blood and Chocolate sundae with delicious melted strawberry sauce on it and whip cream and nuts and delicious Vanilla coconut mango delicious delight cake and Spiced Berry blood chocolate dream cake and Spicy blood sauce hot dogs with onions and sauerkraut on a fresh hot dog bun and beef hot dogs and Blood Doughnuts and delicious Garlic and Herb Baked Rolls and Very sweet delicious cakes with tiny cherry roses and sweet cherry chocolate cover roses in a box and sweet and spicy truffle candy and also rich werelongara dogs on a fresh soft golden hot dog roll with a very rich and delicious creamy garlic cheese sauce and rich Meaty spiced sauce on it and sautate vemlion onions on it and delicous slice sweet and garlic pickales and tomatoes on it she also love delicious vegatable sautated garlic butter noodles in a deep bowl with a side order of sweet and spicy dumpling soup in a bowl

and delicious bean and french fries with a light dusting of salt and pepper and blood ketchup on it with a delicious grilled hot dog on a soft bun with relish and ketchup and she loved deep grilled and maranated steak with steamed carrots and broccail and some cooked french fries and she loves delicious fresh shrimp with a delicious cocktail sauce without horse radish Spicy Meat ball sub sandwich and delicious grilled Marantied steak with chive and herb gravy Strawberry and Custard Cream pudding bowl with whipcream on top and a fresh strawberry on it and delicious crispy spicy golden fries with a spicy sauce on top of it and a delicious light dipped chocolate custard filled ice cream bon bons and a delicious mint julible cake Spicy Tuna Sushi roll and Greman Brakwarst sausage on a hot dog roll Eel sushi roll Yakisoba with shimp and a lemon wedge and vegatables and a very delicious sauce

She loves deep chocolate fudge cake with a bit of blood on top of chocolate frosting and a chocolate rose in the center of it and Mango sunrise cake and Mango papaya sunset cake. and very delicious firey roasted spiced chicken breast with a delicious side of garlic butter noodles and with fresh spinach and butter on it and delicious cheese were longara burgers with lettuce and tomatoes and pickles on it and secret sauce on them on a seaseme bun if you please and all she also loves were longara ravioli with thick tomatoe sauce and some sprinkled garlic on it and oregano. loves sauté Rainbow trout with delicious sauté garlic on it and fresh tomatoe slices and lettuce slices and a bit of fresh bread and she loves delicious fresh made roasted meat log with a thick delicious grave mix with spices and with vegetables on the side of it and she loves soft boiled eggs with a bit of salt and pepper on it and she loves fruit and chocolate swirl pops to put in her mouth and enjoy and she loves delicious Strawberry Royal blood cream cake with a fresh strawberry on it Strawberry & Blood syrup on delicious fluffy Pancakes and a side of slice oranges and strawberries she love Banana Blood fudge ice cream cones and a delicious Cherry Fudge brownies and she loves chocolate blood soda pops and She loves Rassaberry swirled blood chocolate peanut sundaes and delicious cooked Butter Pasta with a hint of garlic and rosemary and all and delicious Frosty Angelic dream berry Ice Pops a delicoous very sweet and exotic and dreamy flavered ice pop a Fire Spiced Ice Pop and delicious warm and tempting tasted of flavering from a delicious spicy dream hot berry juice and a mixture of very sweet rim rum berries and delicious fruit juices mix together as one and delicious Barbaque Spiced Chicken legs with a side of golden french fries and delicious spiced sauce on the fries and a delicious Rum berry cake with sweet spice sauce on it and slice candy apple on top of it and she loves Sweet Spiced Apples to nibble on as a snack and Sweet Spiced apple pie with a golden brown crust and she like sweet baked ham with pineapples and sweet spiced sauce on it and all and she loves Sweet and Spicy blood Sausages on delicious baked Hoggie bread with special secert spiced blood sauce on it and delicious vanilla honey seed and nut baked muffins and delicious Sweet Maple Honey Barbaque Ribs with a side dish of a delicious wild lemon and herb rice with a side dish of Butter on top of a baked potato and delicious Honey Nut soft ice cream on a sugar honey cone and blood rassabery soft served ice cream on a nut and chocolate filled cone Delicious deep golden buttery crispy corn dog with a hint of spice and ketchup and she loves delicious grilled tuna steak with a delicious lemon herb butter sauce with a side of green salad and noodles delicious Honey Orange bread with toasted peanutbutter and rassaberry jelly and a glass of delicious milk with it and she loves deep rich Spicy sauce coated cheese burgers with lettuce and tomatoes a bit and pickles and rich long and delicious super hoggie sandwich fresh long gaint bread with fresh iceburg lettuce and tomatoes and cheese and meatloaf and spice sauce and mustard on it and cucumber and banana peppers and she loves Banana Foster surprise cake a bit

also she loves to try very and and exotic and spicy foods from all over the world and to attend partys and all to try food like delicious Sweet Peanut butter and Honey filled cookies and very delcious spice honey baked chicken with a side of spicy potatoes cooked and fried and butter spiced noodles and delicious coconut lemon surprise cake with lemon slices on top and coco lemon frosting and delicious Fruit sauce cove lobster tails and lobstar cakes and delicious spiced fried lobsters with a white coconut sauce and delicious fruit spiced cake with a white coconut vanilla frosting on top with chopped peanuts and shredded cocoanut and chocolate shavings on top and delicious fruit tropical cookies and she loves delicious sea food pasta with hints of garlic and spice a bit and she loves lemon spiced bread and a delicious lemon cream suprise cake and a delicious yummy Delicious Spiced apple cider slightly warm of course and she loves a stuffed season turkey with stuffing in it and a side of baby potatoes buttery and spinch buttery and roasted carrots and stuffing and a delicious glass of tall cherrytastic fruit punch and she loves strawberry fizzy bubble blood soda and all

as her Taste develops and grows and changes she loves to try very new food to suit her needs and taste buds

She is very found of all the food she eats and enjoys in the world she lives in and does with her taste journey a bit she loves delicious deep fried dumpling a bit with a delicious vegetable or meat in them and delicious Lobster sauce pasta with lobster in it and She loves Spiced Chocolate Brownies with little nuts in it and Very Tasty Sweet Tropical drinks like a Mango Guava drink that you drink by the pool side and all and She Loves Peanut Fudge Candy nuts and chocolate mix together and all and she love deep Spice Blood Candy with a hint of nutmeg in it and Chocolate blood fudge Candy she loves hickory smoked lemon and herb Trout with a side order of deep buttery and delicious lemon and herb noodles with a touch of lemon zing and fish oil on it and delicious honey peanut butter golden puffs with rich chocolate frosting on it and Spicy blood and sugar cotton candy and Fruity cotton candy as well and dark chocolate dipped blood pops a bit and she loves fairy fruit fizzy pop soda when it a special time of the year and all for her Delicious golden sauce drizzeled on a delicious yum yum fish and with carrots and broccoil and potatoes and delicious sweet Honey toast with golden butter and sweet berry spiced jam and Very delicious Vampire Spaghetti sauce with whole wheat pasta and delicious Warm Garlic bread and a glass of Vintage blood in a tall glass a bit of a good year. and she loves very delicious warm spiced soup with a side of delicious buttery bread rolls and celery sticks with honey or peanut butter on it she loves Honey butter pound cake with sweet berries on top of it and a touch of spiced sauce on top of it too she loves sweet potato fries and with cheese on them a bit and she Loves pizza Bites a small bagel with sauce and cheese on it and Spicy were longara Blood ribs a bit and she loves delicious Buttery Squash with noodles mix in and delicious cooked up spiced trout with a side of delicious buttery mash potatoes and a side of sweet babie carrots and some sweet peas some fresh Baked Garlic Butter rolls Strawberry and lemon burst lolly pops and delicious strawberry blood filly deep chocolate lolly pop and delicious spice ham sandwich with spice honey golden mustard and lettuce on white bread and delicious chocolate and blood filled pops with a coating of sweet honey dust on the chocolate a bit

Also she loves very delicious exotic stuff to enjoy for her diet as well as the traditional foods she eats and enjoys she loves delicious pineapple cream filled chocolate dip ice cream pops with a slight drizzling of ripe mango's and shaved coconut on it and she loves rich Spicy exotic fish grilled with ripe mangoes and pineapple and top with a delicious herb sauce and a delicious Tropical Pineapple and nut and coconut ice cream cone and she loves the Taste of deep golden puffs filled with a delicious Mango Peach cream with a delicious glazed of honey on them and she loves sweet and Spicy Tropical Breeze Delight a sweet drink of mango and passion fruit with cinnamon spice and some fresh slices of mango and passion fruit and some papaya juice in it with some soda mix in it and she Loves a lovely Tropical Breeze Punch and that with a umbellia and silce pineapple on it and all Delicious Tropical fruit sauce cover on mai mai fish and with a side of delicious roasted potatoes and carrots and sherred coconut on on pina colodas a bit Delicious Herb and Creamy Butter Vegetable noodles and delicious Smokey Delicious Trout with fresh delicious Buttery spinach an fresh noodles with butter she loves coconut ice cream with sweet mango sauce on it and cashews and delicious papaya in the ice cream and she loves cooked lobster cakes and a delicious whole spiced garlic loaf bread with delicious speared chive and onion and she loves meat and blood filled pot pies with vegatables in it and a golden baked crust

she loves deep tropical banana spiced ice cream with a papaya sauce on it and slices of kiwi and in a ice cream parfait glass and she loves deep tropical jam on fresh fruity toast with a slices of bananas and papaya next to it and a delicious Banana chocolate nut cookies with vanilla frosting on top and sprinkles on it she also loves buttery sauce cove tuna with a side of delicious garlic roasted mashed potatoes and steamed spinach and with some raw crunchy carrot slices a bit Spiced Banana chips with a fruit yougert sauce and delicious freeze dried papaya slices Spiced Tropical fruit roll up and she loved savory spiced meat ball sandwich on a hoggie roll and she loves chocolate vanilla cookies and Tropical banana bread grilled broccoli with cheese and delicious Lobster butter sauce noodles with mushrooms and she loves delicious cream carrot cake and delicious spiced cake Lemon Butter Cream puffs and delicious spice chilly dogs

Like a very sweet delicious dragon berry cream filled cake with a delicious spiced berry frosting with dragon berry on top around and delicious Carmel whip in the center of it and a delicious special spaghetti pasta with a delicious rich creamy tomato sauce with lobsters and shrimp and some sweet and spicy golden butternut squash soup and some yummy spiced up Delicious golden Turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes and a curry delicious mustard on it and sprinkled with a hint of garlic butter salt also she does enjoy a very rare delicious sweet fruity sauce on her delicious grilled chicken rib sandwich on toasted hoagie bread and a delicious side of spiced macaroni and she loves golden honey pears and delicious golden honey pears pies and some delicious spiced Blend Jams on delicious spiced cakes and a delicious Blood sausage and onion and peppers hero with slice American cheese a bit on it and she loves sweet honey berry peanuts sponge cake with maple frosting and she loves delicious sweet Carmel and chocolate sautéed apples with a dusting of sweet powder sugar a bit and delicious poached Halibut fish with a delicious lemon garlic herb sauce and with a side dish of very good steamed broccoli with butter on it she does eat cooked calms once in a while but nothing raw at all cause of the things she knows of calms and she loves Herb and lemon Spaghetti with some fresh delicious chicken in it as well and for a sweet topper she make for her vampiress side and all a rich delicious chocolate and banana ice cream with long banana on the side on it with a delicious cherry and spice blood ice cream sauce on it with chocolate bats and cherries on it and a Very delicious special blood chocolate cheese cake with dark chocolate sauce and whipped cearm on top of it and she loves deep fried lemon herb chicken sandwich and a tall glass of root chocolate blood beer a special root beer for vampires and vampires and she love blood swirl fudge ice cream the most for the vampire Also she loves Making Very Special deep rich fudge brownies and all with a sweet and spicy blood filled center she makes she calls them delicious sweet and dark and bloody filled Brownies she nibbles on these when a craving starts with her and are very delicious and all and she loves Strawberry blood sugar ice pops and delicious Blood & Chocolate Fudge Bars as well and of Course Marinated delicious Smokey Meat Cream Pops and Blood Fruit roll ups and delicious Sweet Blood Coffee with delicious sweet cream in it and a bit of nutmag and all Spiced Ice Cream on a honey waffle cone and delicious Beef Steak with gravy on it and very Tasty buttery Mash Potatoes with fresh garlic mix in it and herbs and Roasted butter nut squash and tasty peas and she loves golden brown and crispy fries with a bit of salt and pepper and ketchup with a bit of cheese delicious sweet Maple brown sugar waffles with vanilla syrup and rich strawberry cream cheese ice cream on top of it and she loved deep spiced cheese sauce on a delicious Grilled were longara steak and two slices of tomatoes on it and a side order of golden french fries with delicious gravy and cheese on it and she loves rich and hearty Steak stew with fresh vegatables and dumplings

and she loves were longara meat sauce with pasta and a lot of other yummy s as well as honey dumplings and some Calamari rice Vivian favorite food she also enjoys some delicious spiced chicken rice and some delicious vegetable rice with mix herbs in it and she loved delicious bloody spicy Chicken and Vegetable rice and Delicious Garlic Were longara and Vegetable and spiced Blended Rice and Delicious special noodle side dishes as well like delicious golden chicken and mushroom and herb noodles and delicious Vegetable spiced noodles with broth and some Aztec spice hot chocolate very delicious and when your in town of course or a cold winter night. And she also Has some new foods now to eat scrambled eggs and strawberry filled French toast and sausage and drink sweet cherry tea and shadow pumpkin spiced latte and sometimes a delicious plate of buttery noodles with a bit of garlic and lemon mix in with lobster meat and a Tasty glass of wine a bit and she loves a delicious butter Garlic and Shrimp Pasta as well as a delicious deep chicken and chicken pasta sauce pasta. And spicy noodles with chicken chunks in it and a delicious Greek style salad with the olives in it and a fine rich glass of chocolate blood milk and delicious frost fish and berry pop once in a while that a fish juice pop and some delicious Vampire tomato blended blood Pasta with thick chunks of delicious Rare delicious golden venison meat in it (meaning deer meat) and she also like to eat a Very delicious special blend chilly that meat with vegetables and 4 kinds of meats sirloin beef and delicious pork and chicken and deer mix with tons of delicious herbs and spices and chilly paste and spices and all and a delicious spicy blood chilly mix with beef and blood and tomatoes and spices and with a plate of good rice on the bottom of it and delicious Crunchy carrot sticks with delicious creamy italion dressing and some delicious rich and tasty young scallops in a garlic sauce and tasty muscles in tomato sauce and she loves Ravioli filled with meat or seafood or cheese in it and all

And also she loves delicious Curry a bit there chicken curry and beef curry and lamb curry and now blood deer meat curry (special of denichina for maroon) and regular curry and vegetables curry a bit too and she loves the taste of a very special soup she make for herself that is a Mixture of fresh pure vegetables and spices and with tender noodles and meat as well and a very special curry Pasta which she makes with chunks of were longara and beef chunks and a creamy curry sauce and vegetables mix in she also loves some Japanese style dishes a bit as well which are delicious red kidney bean soup in a bowl and some delicious sweet dumplings a bit and a cup of delicious green tea a bit and all too enjoy a bit and she loves delicious soft delicious spiced custard pudding and some delicious yummy soft boiled eggs sprinkled with some salt and pepper and very delicious Steamed and garlic flavered crab meat with a side of dipping sauce and some delicious spiced crackers with it and all and she loves chocolate berry cookies with sprinkles on them and blood spiced chocolate berry cookies chicken spiced noodle pasta and delicious garlic and blood butter bread and very rich delicious butter crisp lettuce and tomato and cucumber with a drizzling of rich creamy garlic spiced dressing on it and curtons on it and deep toasted sea salted hickory blood peanuts in a bowl and delicious butter baked pretizals and delicious deep blood and spiced berry pops and delicious blue leg carb surprise with a rich deep lemon sauce to dip it in

Now she acquired a Brand new side of her called a shadow lycan and it diet is very diet:

She must eat a Cooked Lycan meat pie made of were longara meat and Naga deer meat mix with spices and lycan treats and wolf berry pie and wolfen tea and a wolf berry chocolate cake and wolf berry cookies and wolf berry tea and a delicious marinated deer and were longara puffs and a delicious deluxe wolf berry and chocolate ice cream with banana slices and wolf berries on top of it and delicious spiced lycan sandwich marinated werelongara meat and on a toasted bread with delicious fresh lettuce and tomatoes and herbal sauce on it and delicious golden roasted chicken stuffed with a rich filling of a sausage and herb blend stuffing and She loves delicious Spicy Shadow Naga Noodle Soup and all with fresh delicious baked Honey Herb rolls and Delicious Wolf Berry Ice Cream on a Suger cone and Delicious Wolf Berry Spiced Herbal Tea and Cold Wolf Berry Ice Tea and Marinated Shadow naga Steak sandwich with cheese and lettuce and golden onions on a delicious fresh bread and she loves wolf berry juice and wolf berry sherbet and wolf berry pie and Marinated Spiced Shadow Naga deer sandwich with fresh butter crunch lettuce and red ripe tomatoes and a hint of sweet honey spiced mustard on it and thin slices of crunchy deli style garlic pickles on it and wolf berrie cream filled cakes and delicious wolf berry surprise cookies and wolf berry spiced cream pops Wolf Berry Custard and wolf Berry Delight surprise and sweet wolf berry cream pop and delicious Maranatied chicken spice tarts

She loves the delicious shadow Longara style stew and delicious yummy shadow longara spaghetti with a rich and tangy sauce with it and she loves special blended egg nog with wolf berries and special spice mix in it and all

Due to being bitten in egg state by a Vampire dragon and having a blood drain in her egg state on her back she has long vampire dragon fang mark holes on her back but she is still alive and well a bite and Made into a very rare of Vampiress dragoness gargoyle and a able to go in sunlight and bask in the warm glow of the sun and all the life to live:

She has a Mixture of animal like blood and fruit juice mix and chocolate and blood mixes as well as her normal diet of food and need to gown and be strong and healthy. And some very special Vampires tea to drink a Mixture of fresh delicious lemon and herbs and calamine flowers and delicious blood and a touch of honey and a Very special secert Vampire Pizza recipe she does to curvived those craving she used a Very special deer blood from a rare Deer called a Nagarala and mixes alot of different herbs and spices and tomato balance into the sauce and put delicious mozzerellia cheese on it and sprinkles with a very special power to hold her craving for a bit and delicious spiced blood chicken with noodles on the side and a Very delicious chocolate blood cherry cobbler pie with extra whip cream with more blood drizzling on it and chocolate drizzlings and a delicious cheese blood cake with extra blood on top of it.

and she loves bloody and spicey coated fired chicken drumsticks with a side order of spiced fires dripping in blood sauce and cheese with it and a delicious cold frosty rich blood of deer and mix with a delicious pepsi in it and a few cold ice cubes a bit and a straw to drink it down a bit and delicious cheese blood poppers that have a spicy coating on it and delicious blood glazed buffalo ribs with a side order of delicious green spinach salad with lemon mustard dressing on it

also she has a dragon side which is a meat eater and other things she need meat to keep it alive and all the need to survive a bit and all for the longest time of her life span and the way to keep them happy and all the best meal for her to enjoy for the dragon side is a very special dragon spiced style pizza a delicious hot pepper tomato sauce with sliced mozzarella and delicious slices of beef and werelongara meat and coated with garlic and chilly sauce and a delicious spaghetti and with a rich deep meat sauce gravy and delicious rich beef chunks in it and a glass of delicious sweet dragon spice ice tea a bit and all and of Course she will eat some fresh delicious golden deep friend lemon and garlic chicken with a side of delicious Meat gravy and cheese french fries and a tall glass of delicious Mango and Dragon berry and Dragon fruit smoothie and a side of Delicious Very Spicy Hot Dragon Flame spiced Potato chips and she Loves deep spicy Dragon berry jam on Spiced Cake with a hint of whip cream on it

For the velosoraptor side of her she eats cooked up food for it she does very special food for it

She does a slow cooked and roasted and heavy gravy roast with a side of rich meat fortified noodles and more gravy on it and a Meat craver sandwich with tones of different meats on it and she loves the taste of very spicy deep berry dumplings with some delicious ginger sauce and she loves rich deep Garlic Butter herb Pasta noodles with a side order of a delicious rich antelope steak marinated in herbs and spices and all she also loves sweet Chocolate honey filled dumplings as well

And she also loves the delicious taste of some very special fruits in her life like a very rare sweet delicious ruby watermelon and a delicious sweet delight banana grown on special islands and delicious and sweet Honey tango mangos and a bit of sweet cherries of heavens Spiced Apples and delicious sweet Angel spiced blend apples and some sweet spiced tangy berries with a hint of sweetness to it as well and a very rare and delicious Vampire blood sweet melon that is a very rich melon for vampires and golden sweet pears as well and delicious spiced berries and sweet delicious honey cream berries and a delicious ripe golden papaya and She loves some sweet and Spicy Delicious Puffy Berries that grown deep in the woods a bit and all

Some delicious vegetables she eats too that are in the wild and very delicious she ate cooked of course wild onions and delicious wild greens and some turnips a bit all cooked with butter and herbs of course and wild carrots and a very rare delicious golden eye potato and mushrooms made into a sauce of course and and she Enjoys wild Herb and Onion deep roasted filled puffs with a delicious wild garlic sauce on it and all and a wild salad made of fresh herbs and wild vegetables she will find in the woods and all and eat some delicious eggs with a hint of wild garlic and sage and all

Her Least Favorite foods of Course are: Brussels sprouts, Lima Beans, and Of Course Liver and Swiss cheese and Limburger cheese. And Horseradish sauce she will only take very little in her shrimp cocktails and any white sauces and raw food Bleak and white sauces

She also enjoys Cooking up a storm and Making very Delicious and wholesome foods to eat. She can make a ravishing werelonga ribs and a delicious Meaty and fruity soup and Veggie bread or grilled vegetable sandwich or a toasted sandwich. She also likes ice mocha swirl coffees and hot cups of smooth coffee when she wants a hot drink to enjoy. And also dragon berry cookies and a new dragon Berry cola. And Blood and cola a new favor due to the vampiress side and Chocolate blood cookies as well and She loves Sweet Spiced Blood Iced Tea a special cold tea for vampiress and vampires and delicious sweet Dragon berry Tea and delicious sweet honey lemon tea and delicious sweet spiced and honey tea a bit as well as delicious cold smoothie and delicious fruit smoothies and frosty cold sodas and milk shakes

She also Has a Few side Business on Hand she is a Master Chocolatir a Person who makes delicious yummy chocolates and truffles and she also has a coffee business called coffee rush and her rival is the dreaded evil smokestack coffee company. and she also work with the fast pace of Turbo Pizza and Turbo sub and Turbo Fiesta and also a Great winery maker and a Top Chief as well trying to make great food and a Silver Buckle Horse ranch were she is a great rider and comepeator for buckles and ribbions to win and get new horses for her ranch and alland all and Now she been given her own land deed to expand her own growing kingdom and she shares some of the Mira Kingdom and the Sapphire Kingdom with her friend Kara. And now when the Light of the celestial moon shined on her it awoken the celestial gargoyle priestess side of her and she is also a Mira Temple Priestess as well for Mira Temple. And she is also a very special vampiress of the heart and soul to the vampire kings who meet her and feed her a bit of delicious blood heart filled chocolates and some delicious meats and all for her to enjoy a bit and all during her struggling times of the vampires and her time of a Were wolf plight and a in the way she was raised and all

She also has weapons that she carrying with her are Two Celestial Phoenix Blades a Bright Red Blade with a Black and Sliver Hilt with a very rare eclipse ruby in it. And a black with a gold and silver orb on the top called a Shadow mage staff and she has a Great great great something grandfather named Morpheus Dameon Phoenix fire. A celestial Mage Warrior a Purebred of power. and Great Great Great Uncle A Mira Mage Name Fredrick and Her Great Great Great Grandmother Belinda and a Shadow Sage Protector Name atria’s who protected her during the great shadow/Mira wars she is learning slowly about herself and her traits and her Manners of the things and she learn of a Great great great grandma of the Past who was killed by the Blood thirsty Saun Family and she was a great person of the Mana ways and nature of the world and her Great Great Aunt who was a Shell holder of the ancient times and space and all who has vanished the sauns from mira long ago and told the phoenix clan only used mana and mira and not used chaos or it will destroy the world nature and all

She also in her Young Life owned a Very beautiful deep rich golden staff with deep Phoenix diamonds on it and beautiful ivory white wings on the top with a golden claw on it holding a glowing deep sparkling Dragon spirit flame gemstone on it and sometimes wore very special robes that are deep red with golden coloring on it and with a golden dragon on the back and wore golden bracelets with a dragon spirit flame gemstone and golden boots and a Golden Tiara with silver dragon wings holding a dragon spirit flame gemstone on it and she Held a book with her at times a beautiful golden braid end book with a deep red ruby cover and with a golden dragon on it with a dragon star immortal gemstone this housed the legond of the gemstone and the tale it holds deeply and all will be told in the future of it will be told to the next generation of people and all

Also while Maroon was a young Teen Age gargoyle and walking in the Markets of the Villages and squares and all she wore a very beautiful deep pink dress with a golden belt and a golden buckle with a deep black shadow gemstone in it and she wore sheer stocking and beautiful deep pink shoes heel and wore a black cape with a hold on it she was looking around and saw in a old curro shop and deep black dragon staue with red phoenix like wings on it wearing a golden colar around it neck and a deep silver center holding what appears to be a deep sparkling glowing fire type of jewel on it and had deep rich sapphire blue eyes but the front of it mouth appeared to look like a beak and all holding what appears to be a small deep Black wand with a golden half moon on it covered it silver moon diamonds and holding a shadow moon diamond on it and in the Back of the store was a old golden frame Painting of a young Female gargoyle with long deep glowing blazing red hair wearing a golden trimed black priestiess hat with a few red phoenix feather in the front holding a beautiful deep divine shadow fire gemstone in the front and has very deep blue eyes and with black lipstick and wearing a golden necklace with a beautiful golden pendant with a glowing deep phoenix gemstone and wearing a black dress and sheer stocking on and black shoes and holding a golden staff with red phoenix feathers on it and a glowing deep orb on the top swirling with phoenix fire and shadow magic in it also in the curro shop there were many type of books and scrolls in the shop and some types of potions so Maroon pick out two scrolls with black dragons on them with a golden handles and glowing scrolls on them and took a long deep black book with golden bidding and silver dust on it with a Half golden moon with a deep black dragon with red phoenix like wings on it wearing a golden colar around it neck and a deep silver center holding what appears to be a deep sparkling glowing fire type of jewel on it and had deep rich sapphire blue eyes but the front of it mouth appeared to look like a beak and all holding what appears to be a small deep Black wand with a golden half moon on it covered it silver moon diamonds and holding a shadow moon diamond on it and she also picked out a Beautiful deep blue book with a golden dragon on it holding a white gem and with light blue trimming she went to the potion racks and brought two vails of red healing potions and two vial of antidote and one strange deep emerlad color bottle with a beautiful deep golden stopper on it with a green dragon on top of it and two beautiful emerlad wings on it and all. she pay the man for the objects she wanted and contuine on her way

One Day while she was Younger and very Beautiful in her young age she took a Trip up to the mountains by her self and Traveled to dragon spirit Mountain peak and look around and began to study things and all while on the trip there she saw a few things there on the right side of the mountain was a Very beautiful deep golden and orange dragon statue which was holding in it forehead a shimmering deep orange red jewel gemstone which was called the Inferno spirit dragon Ruby a very rare and powerful ruby and she also saw on the Left side a Beautiful golden Tablet on the mountain side which holds the Very shimmering and glowing rich deep Blue gemstone called the Dragon Star Immortal gemstone in it and She began to read and study the tablet with all of her heart and soul into in and wrote notes in her little note book and all then when she return the next year to study it more.

She saw the gemstone was stolen and all and a Demon with deep black wings and a Crimson red body and wearing a brown cloth on the lower Half took and flew away with when to the evil Chaos Peak Mountains and all with the gemstone she watch it fly there and knew a evil aura of chaos was blooming and all that was around the mountains that day and went home not even thinking about what happen and all in the time

Many Moon have Past snice the time she left the mountains a bit she has been studying with the watchful eyes of the forest elves and learning so much of potion making and brewing and making elf potions and medicanes and learning to cook and make delicious food to eat and growing in wisdom and knowleage.

The Only Thing Maroon doesn't Like is Being rushed in Her Training Habits she likes to learn at her own Pace and speed with things and being treated very harsh and nasty like by the people who try to help her in her training and been mad a miserable and sobbing girl the Sauns of the evil training and pain training were responsible for that and Maroon loves every one who is pleasant to her and her needs and with nurturing and loving care she will become her true self in no time and Become the worlds greatest holy healer the world will every know. and Having the right training will help her become who she is to be to become a very well balance mana and shadow warrior of the years

she will be wearing long shimmering white robes know as angel robes and around her neck will be a golden necklace with a crucifix cross and a angel ring and a golden separator with emeralds. And the blessing and Blessed with the sacred and holy knowledge of an angel and holy healing powers. And the divine powers too of it as well as the true soul of the angel and the Mejestitic grace and Noble Heart of a angel and a she is really sweet like a purring kitty and tame and gentle to the soul and eyes of those she loves around her

Also long ago Many centuries ago when she was a legacy side of her she was with golden wolf ears and long very beautiful shimmering firey ruby red hair with deep glowing emerlad green eyes around her neck she wore a long golden like fangs and red feather on it with a sparkling gemstone in the front that color is pink rose red this item amplificed the golden wolf bat demons strength and powers a bit she also wore very beautiful silk fine robes that were crimsion red with a design on it back of two golden moona and a white diamond moonlight dragon on it back also on her back wear two large golden bat wings she wore crimsion red shoes with a design of the golden moons and a white diamond moonlight dragon too also on her back she had a golden handle with a golden hand guard with a demon blood star gem on it and a thin razor sharp black blade to it she also had a side sword on her as well as a wooden staff that made of a very ancient oak with 5 golden and 5 red feathers on it with golden bells and 6 pearls on it with a head of a wolf bone on it and gemstones in it eyes and a silk bag full of very specal flame bite Marable ball that exsplode when thrown and a silk purple bag full of very deep pink sleep powder.

She was Imprision in a large deep purple crystal that filled with a haze and she started to lose the strength and form and memories of her legacy and was trapped in the crystal but a Very beautiful and Powerful socercress free her and took her to her palace to recover her strength a bit and deep composser but before all that she did a seal on a chaos gate and had a underground wolf bat demon lair:

the Demon Lair was a Very Beautiful lair on the outside it was made of very special Stones that wear place around in a good manner and had a very beautiful large lair doors made of very beautiful oak with a design of a golden wolf bat demon on it and very special lock which only a golden and demon fire gem key could open up and in the back was a very beautiful garden with tall growning vines which bloom demon fire spit flowers on them and in front of that a very beautiful glowing deep blue fox statue made of a very rare gem called blue mist night gem it had wings on it back also there was a summoning area there a large well full of beautiful glowing and sparkling moon light crystal gemstone inside of a silver white well with golden gemstones and white moon heart diamonds and all and there was a large golden wolf head with deep beautiful sacared fire gem eyes and large bat wings behind it also large beautiful golden stands with rubys on either side of the well which glisten and shine a glistening moonlight white fire to it and the circle wear she stood was golden with a silver star with 4 moon symbols on the end she also had her Parnter summoning staff near it as well a long deep rich oak staff with beautiful silver feathers on it and 4 moon pearls and 4 moon Diamonds on it and a very large moon light orb on the top of it and a large bag full of very special blend Dragon Chow for it it was meat flavor with aormica spices and seasoning mix with it for her her Name was Moon Misita the white Diamond Moonlight dragon was her very special summon Partner cause she used the power of sacared moonlight heal and divine moon blessing to help maroon with her battles and all. Her other Parnters are a Fuzzy golden Bat she is called golden fire rubeskia cause she spits fire from her mouth and Her other Parnter is a golden and black wolf whos she name Marakbara and she also had a very large white bird name white lord those are her animal like parnters and all.

the inside of her lair there wear a Few Soft painting on the wall of the golden wolf bat demon basking in a soft golden moon light and *eatting a large well roasted and deep Maranited in delicious demon flame spiced and spicy sauce leg* the other was a Painting of a golden wolf bat demon sitting under a tree with a few swords and polishing them and also with a large cup of steamed vegatables and meat in a spicy sauce by her. in the center of the whole lair was a large golden wolf with a large silver base full of a very sacared glowing flame and it eyes with star gem eyes also there was a small quinite little kitchen wear she cooked her meals and prepared them and the kitchen had a old cast iron stove and a beautiful porsalin sink to wash the dishes in and oak shelfs and large spice rack and a small herb garden in the kitchen of the lair for making the grub as well and a large dinning area with a very rich long oak polished tabe with a soft table colth with a large silver vase filled with sparkling demon aura roses from the garden and beautidul very rich oak polished chairs with cussions on it and a large Teak Cabanet filled with very rich imported dishes with golden wolf bat demons on it also there was a training area wear she goes to train in it deep blow the top lair it in lv 6 of the lair. on lv 4 of the lair is maroon bedroom wear she sleep in the night and study day and night for her wolf bat demon magic to be right. the bedroom was with a very beautiful golden wolf head and golden bat wing head board with craving on it and very soft silk matterious and contor sheets and very beautiful comfortere and pillows and throw pillows in it and a Very beautiful rich Teak Book case in the Bed room filled with all kinds of special books and tombs and some on Animals and Birds and some of Demons and some of angels in the book shelf she also had some rich beautiful gemstones in them in a white soft yak skin bag these gems shone with a very beautiful essenses to them they were blue water gems and red fire gems together in that bag also she had a display case in her room with a sword and a necklace that the black and silver wolf snake wing demon gave her to protect her when she was injury by a hunter and too her to her lair in the swamps and mend her back to good health and all

the living room area was also on this floor of her lair it across from the kitchen a bit in the living room there wear large teak wood frame couches with soft lovely pink cushions and back on it with golden foxes design on it and a few throw pillows on the couch and a large pine coffee table with crystal glass top with a small golden pot with a lovely plant that was shimmering emerlad green leaves on it and was filled with beautiful pink flowers in it and there were larger pots filled with tall fern plants in it also there were more hanging painting on the wall in this room on the left wall there was a Painting of the golden wolf bat demon in a beautiful golden robe with a flower on the back of it and she was wearing pretty sandles and it was a beautiful sping day too the tree wear just bearing flowers too and soft lovely grass and it was sitting under the treat with a silver goblet full of a very deep red fruit juice with spiced mixes in it and a delicious sweet taste and of course yummy golden cake mixes with 5 kinds of spices and a very sweet cream topping with chocolate leaves and strawberry. also there was a very beautiful lake to the left of the tree with a rock in the center of the lake.

the painting on the right wall was different then the one on the left side in show a Painting of three young Beautiful elf maidan holding a young like baby wrapped in a golden blanket and in front of a old Palace made of gold and with a rich flower garden and the golden wolf bat demon in the background hidden in a bush of course and a golden stuff deer head on a silver plate above a rich red stone fire place also there is a beautiful silver bottom and crystal glass display case full of very beautiful rare items like a very small beautiful silver base knife with a few golden feather on it and a moon ivory cressent on it and long beautiful polished white blade with golden moons on it and runes on the blade also she had a very rare deep golden handle with rich red gemstone on it and white pearls and a long silver blade on it and she keep in there a golden trimmed with a beautiful wolf eye gemstone in it also next to it she keep a large golden wolf statue with brimming sapphire eyes with it

She is a made of shadows and shadow mage magic and can cast a spells of shadows

She used also a Mage of the shadows and with a lot of black and silver items

She is learning of new traits and things of her past she did not know before and that fact that an ancient dragon queen magic may be in her soul passed to the chosen one by the one herself.

She has much longer celestial pink hair and is wearing a beautiful purple and black dragon queen gown and dragon queen cape and shoes and owns a weapon called the dragon queen blade. And a beautiful ruby colored whip as well

Maroon does not want a broken heart or a lost of good friends to her as she develops more and more she is learning the truth about who she is truly and the ways of her heart and one friend will either learn the truth or be zap by the kingdom of hearts doors. And that wont be pretty she beats and she want to stay whole and sold for her lifes and Nature to come and shine and bless her life with goodness and laugher

All the pieces of her life and history and being put back together into a huge and big pot and being simmer together. And maroons just learn of a even worst side to her if too much angry is brought out of her and is being made sold and whole again in her life and she will remain that way for a whole year abd so forth.

And she is also a very special person taught by the forest elves and the night elves and she learn a lot from them and she is love by those who care for her and all
For More Details on Maroon Rosemarie Phoenix fire go:
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