Hullo there everybody! You can call me Ravyn! It's not my real name, but it'll do for now. n_n

I'm looking for friendly friends, so if you wanna be my friend, just send me a friend request and tell me a little bit about yourself!

If you have any advice for me about Gaia, please feel free to pm me so I can learn as much as I can! If you're fun and friendly, maybe we could be friends!! ;D

Right now, I want to try to create a new profile with pictures of my favorite animes and manga series! I'm having trouble- I've never been good with computers. Help, please? >w<

As for manga and anime, I've already read/am reading or am watching: Naruto, Bleach, Fruits Basket, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Air Gear, Claymore, Hellsing, Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Beauty Pop, Shaman King, Host Club, Vampire Knight, MeruPuri: Marchen Prince, Yu yu Hakusho, FLCL (FuriKuri), Punch!, Sand Chronicles, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, The Tarot Cafe, Demon Diary, Othello, Pretear, Petshop of Horrors, Princess Ai, Godchild, Absolute Boyfriend, Fushigi Yugi, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden, Anima, PhD. Phantasy Degree, D.N. Angel, Chobits, Zombiepowder, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vampire Kisses, Inuyasha, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin, Alice 19th, Imadoki!, Cyborg 009, Yotsubato!, Digi Charat...and I can't think of any others right now...XP

I'm planning on reading/ check out: Yurara, Love*Com, Nana, High School Debut, Lament of the Lamb, Black Sun Sliver Moon, Night of the Beasts, Cantarella, The Gentleman's Alliance, Full Moon, Backstage Prince, Escaflowne, Trinity Blood, Paradise Kiss, Prince of Tennis, and a bajillion other ones that I can't remember...

Okey-dokey! So first of all, if you've actually read all the way down to here, I must congratulate you~!! ...I also apologize for the massive amount of useless information about me that your brain is now trying to process. Anyays, I just wanted to say that as a Bleach fan, I have fallen in love with Tite Kubo's sayings at the beginning of each volume. Therefore, I have decided to include these wonderful sayings in my profile! biggrin I will keep adding these when I have time, so don't worry if I'm missing some!! (And feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to have these sayings in the original format, but I forget some of them!! T.T)

"We fear that which we cannot see..."
-Volume 1, The Death and the Strawberry

"People have hope because they cannot see Death standing behind them"
-Volume 2, Goodbye Parakeet, Goodnight my Sister

"If I were rain, that joins the sky and earth that otherwise never touch, could I join two hearts as well?"
-Volume 3, Memories in the Rain

"We are drawn to each other like drops of water, like the planets we repulse each other
like magnets
like the colors of our skin"
-Volume 4, Quincy Archer Hates You

"I can't protect you without holding a sword.
I can't embrace you while holding a sword"
-Volume 5, Right Arm of the Giant

"Yes, there is no Fate for us
Only those who are swallowed by
Ignorance and fear and miss a step
Fall into the rapid river called Fate"
-Volume 6, The Death Trilogy Overture

"We should not shed tears
That is a surrender of the body to the heart
It is only proof
That we are beings that do not know
What to do with our hearts"
-Volume 7, The Broken Coda

"If it rusts, it can never be trusted
If its owner fails to control it, it will cut him
Yes, pride is
Like a blade"
-Volume 8, The Blade and Me

"Oh all of us dream
that we are flying the skies
with our eyes open"
-Volume 9, Fourteen Days for Conspiracy

"We reach out with our hands
Brush away the clouds and pierce the sky
To grab the moon and Mars
But we still can't reach the truth"
-Volume 10, Tattoo on the Sky

"Light a fire that cannot be reached
so that I do not have to see that star
so that I do not slit this throat"
-Volume 11, A Star and a Stray Dog

"We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful
because we stop our feet at the cliff's edge,
unable to step out into the sky
like that fearless flower"
-Volume 12, Flower on the Precipice

"Every time we set aside our pride
We take a step closer to the beast
Every time we kill an emotion
We take a step away from the beast"
-Volume 13, The Undead

"Creak, creak, tower of purgatory
Piercing the world like light
Sway, sway, tower of spine
Will it be us of the sky that falls?"
-Volume 14, White Tower Rocks

"I just keep practicing
saying goodbye to you"
-Volume 15, Beginning of the Death of Tommorow

"The mane of the sun pouring down
Erases the footprints on thin ice
Do not fear deception
The world already lies atop deception"
-Volume 16, Night of Wijnruit

"Red like blood
White like bone
Red like solitude
White like silence
Red like the senses of a beast
White like the heart of a god
Red like molten hatred
White like chilling cries of pain
Red like the shadows that feed on the night
Like a sigh piercing the moon
It shines white and scatters red"
-Volume 17, Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior

"Your shadow, quietly
Like a vagrant poison needle,
Stitches my footsteps

Your radience, lithely
Like lightning striking a water tower,
Cuts down the source of my life"
-Volume 18

"No, nothing can change my world"
-Volume 19

"Those who do not know what love is
Liken it to beauty

Those who claim to know what it is
Liken it to ugliness"
-Volume 20

"Everything in this world
Exists to wear you down"
-Volume 21

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Avi art from the wonderful Lady Zoe~!! My first ever- and I loves her forever for it!! 4laugh



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cool avi

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thanks for sending over 9000 comments over the summer....

My gaia comment of the year, never to login again for at least 4 months... XP

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Your profile is amazing!!!!! It's sooo beautiful!!! Wow!!! =D

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you can give me 5k?

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I know how hard school can be. ;.; Good luck and I hope things can calm down for you. xD

South Park is just a stupid show. -.- I wouldn't base my opinions for anything off of that.

Oh yes. My original pick is always the one that levels up the most. xD My Blaziken (which I named Chikky xD) is my only level 100 pokemon right now. I ADORE exp. share. xD Without it, my team would be terrible.

There are cheats that can do things like that, although some could also destroy your game, too.

xD Yeah. There are new pokemon games in the works, too. Pokemon Platinum. >.< I want it. xD

I've never given any blood before. My dad does it sometimes, and he's asked me if I wanted to, but I've always said no.

I don't think the Shugo Chara anime is in the States yet. I don't know about the manga. They probably are shojo, I don't think the cuteness of them is for boys. xD Double Arts, huh? I'll look it up. User Image

I do, too. xD I love to swim under water. >.< It makes me feel cool. xD

xD I've crashed into the wall before, too. Especially when I'm just floating around on my back. xD

I think a frog's eye has a sort of cross to it, like a + sign. I could be imagining things, though. xD

You can't eat pears and plums?

Aww. ;.; I've seen luxury hotel tree houses on the travel channel. o.O I would love to go stay in one of those sometime.

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It worked there. o.O I wonder if certain profiles have just become glitchy to certain things.

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I thought I remembered. xD My profile says it was the 20th, though. xD

I hate when the sequel is just some ploy to profit from the name of the movie. -.- I really hope the most recent Mummy movie that's coming out isn't just a way to get some profit from those hopefuls who enjoyed the first The Mummy and The Mummy Returns movies.

No you haven't, and yes I have. xD I really want to buy the series. It seems like it would be good.

I hate when they try to control what you read. I don't usually like the books that are on any sort of lists. -.- I really love the "March Upcountry", "March to the Sea", and "March to the Stars" trilogy. >.< It's a fantasy military-ish series and it has an unofficial fourth book to finish the series off. >.< I love it.

xD The monsters are what attract me to the series, too. xD

Serious drawing as in I actually try to make my drawings look better, rather than just being plain doodles only made when I was bored. xD

I don't know. I've seen the wink emote not work. User Image

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I made it Jan. '07. xD I think around the 3rd or 4th.

That's how a lot of sequels come about. xD

xD That sounds boring.

It is anime, it's just little kid targeted anime, I still like Digimon, though. xD

I just got into drawing seriously once I graduated from school.


Gaia's comment system is just having a huge amount of glitches right now. a lot of the links I've been trying to show people, haven't been working.
Katie Breaton

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Katie Breaton

-Stab, stab, stab.-


-Covered in blood-

[No, don't press the + key. Just press ALT 0172 in order.]


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